Pallet Of Flagstone: Cost, Weight, & Sq Ft Coverage?

If you're considering redesigning your yard, flagstones are a suitable installation option. If so, you might be curious about the price, weight, and area that a pallet of flagstone can cover. In order to help you with your project, we did extensive research on this subject.

Flagstone pallets can weigh up to 4000 lbs and range in price from $300 to $1,500. The area covered might range from 200 to 400 square feet, depending on the flagstones' thickness.

We shall delve more into flagstone in this article, focusing on a pallet of it in particular. We'll also talk about the labor costs associated with setting these stones, some factors that affect the pricing, and more. So just continue reading.

Pallet Of Flagstone

Even if you've never heard the term "flagstone," you've undoubtedly seen an instance of it. In case you forgot, flagstones are those flat, frequently rectangular stones used for paving sidewalks, flooring, and roofs. 

Flagstone is also available in a wide variety of styles, all of which differ in appearance. It is a flat stone slab or rock that has been split into layers, as is evident from the surface.

Pallets with natural stone close up. Folded flagstone.


Your yard can be transformed into a more visually appealing space with the help of flagstone. The cost of the stone alone for a whole pallet of flagstone might range from $300 to $1,500. Pricing depends on several factors and one of them is flagstone’s type. Pick out your preferred type of flagstone and install it as soon as possible in your yard.




Installation Area

Cost Per Ton

Cost Per Pallet


comprised of quartz with spherical grains that have been bonded together by silica -beige





-poolside patios $200-$450 $350-$900


a dense blue or grayish version of sandstone -blue




$375-$450 $650-$900

Colorado Red

hard quartzitic sandstone -pink









$200-$400 $350-$800

Crab Orchard

a sedimentary stone that is formed by thin layers -tan 

-blue gray







-pool decks

-wall caps

-stepping stones

$350-$450 $600-$900


sedimentary rock type composed of layers of quartz grains and stones that are adhered together -beige





-pave walkways

$250-$350 $430-$700


shale that has undergone metamorphism to become a fine-grained stone -silver




-wall cladding $560-$580 $980-$1,160


stone formed from transformed rock -silver





-kitchen countertops

-slabs on walkways

$400-$450 $700-$900


Flagstone is often provided per ton and pallet. That is why you should ensure to specify the size or unit of measurement so that you are clear on how much paving you are receiving for your money. Per pallet, the weight typically ranges from 3,500lb to 4000lb (1.75 tons-2 tons).


An average pallet of flagstone will typically cover between 200 and 400 square feet but the amount of square footage you receive varies on the thickness. During shipping, palletizing reduces breakage and makes it simpler to choose pieces for installation.


Size Per Piece

Coverage Per Ton

Coverage Per Pallet

¾" - 1¼"

4 - 12 sq. ft. 

140 - 160 sq. ft. 

245 - 320 sq. ft.

1" to 1¾"

4 - 12 sq. ft.

115 - 125 sq. ft.

201 - 250 sq. ft

1½" to 2¼"

4 - 12 sq. ft.

80 - 90 sq. ft.

140 - 180 sq. ft

1" to 3"

1- 4 sq. ft. 

70 - 140 sq. ft.

122 - 360 sq. ft.

To determine the estimated flagstones needed for your space, you only have to do the following:

  • Select the flagstone thickness first that you wish to use. Then, determine the average coverage of the flagstone you choose per ton.
  • Get the area of the space you want to cover. Just multiply the width by the length of the spot where you put the flagstones.
  • Divide the area of the space you want to cover by the coverage per ton of the flagstones you want to use.

For example, if you chose to install your flagstone with 1 ¼" thick stone, which has an average coverage of 150 sq. per ton. To calculate the number of tons required, multiply the width by the length of the area you want to cover and then divide that by 150.

  • Assuming 30 ft. x  15ft. = 450 sq. ft.
  • 450 sq. ft. 150 sq. ft./ton  = 3 tons or 1.5 pallets

Paver with marble plates

How Much Does The Labor Cost To Install Flagstone?

It might be a tedious procedure just to decide the sort of flagstone to put in your yard, but if you want to transform your space, you obviously cannot stop there. The installation of the flagstone is also required, and it costs between  $15 and $22 per square foot (low-high end) to have it done by experts.

Although it would take a lot of effort, you could install the flagstone yourself. If you're doing the process alone, it can take many days because working with flagstone can be hard. It can already take a lot of your time to simply move the stones.

Hiring experts is the best course of action if you want the installation to be finished in a reasonable length of time. They are also capable of handling more complex constructions like patios and pool decks.

Natural stone, flagstone, pile of stones

Which Variables Affect The Price Of Flagstone?

Flagstone prices are influenced by a wide range of factors, including the following:

Which Variables Affect The Price Of Flagstone. Pallet Of Flagstone Cost, Weight, & Sq Ft Coverage

Flagstone Weight

Particularly if flagstone is sold by the ton, the weight directly affects the price. Keep in mind that flagstone is available in a variety of thicknesses, with some pavers or rocks being 2 inches thick or more. 

Additionally, because different varieties of sandstone vary in density, heavier stones yield less square footage per ton.

Flagstone Type

As mentioned above, the kind of flagstone you select will affect the price of the stone itself, and some varieties, such as those that need sealing, demand additional labor. 

Sandstone, a common flagstone, can be found for as little as $200 per ton, but rarer varieties, such as bluestone or quartzite with distinctive patterns and hues, can cost as much as $550 per ton.

Shipping Distance

Due to the weight of the flagstone, the further it travels, the more you'll pay. Locally quarried stone costs less because it hasn't traveled as far, and you'll also experience fewer issues with the stone's reaction to your climate. 

If you absolutely must have the rare pink-purple quartzite flecked with gold that must travel from the other side of the country, you'll soon rack up additional transportation expenditures.

Accessibility Of The Location

The accessibility of the job site will be evaluated by your contractor, who will account for it in their estimate. 

The cost of labor will rise if the contractors have to move the stone a considerable distance by hand since they can't enter your yard with the appropriate truck or equipment to conduct the lifting for them.

Job Difficulty

Less labor is needed for simple projects (like creating a pathway) that only necessitate leveling the ground and putting the flagstones. 

Remember to include that in your budget if the contractors need to perform additional work, such as digging out and leveling a terrace on a steep incline or removing an existing patio.

Another important consideration is how the material is applied. Installing flagstone stepping stones on already-existing turf will be more expensive than installing a patio with a crushed rock basis.


Given that flagstone is a natural stone, you should account for variation. Because stone can vary so much in color, texture, and shape even when it comes from the same quarry, contractors frequently order 25% more than they anticipate using for a project

Additionally, delicate thin veneer flagstone, which is put on top of a concrete slab, may crack. This is why it's a good idea to have more stones on hand than you think you'll need to ensure that your job is completed on schedule.

flagstone, sandstone landscaping in a country house

How Long Will A Flagstone Patio Last?

If it is placed correctly, a flagstone patio can endure up to 100 years. The flagstones may chip and shatter more quickly if they weren't installed properly. Flagstones must be installed at the proper depth in order for them to last long.

Your flagstone patio will remain in good condition with diligent maintenance. Flagstones tend to be thinner than pavers. Even though it is made of a material that is incredibly strong and resilient, in some cases it could not be enough.

However, flagstones give a lot of customization if you use high-quality materials and properly place them. They also look excellent on patios and pathways but are not the best choice for driveways.

Flagstones' drawback is that they frequently come in bigger pieces (and sometimes different shapes). They are heavier than pavers and will require some effort from you if one of the stones breaks.

Although, the task itself is not too difficult. Simply take the stone out, reattach it, clean the bed, and use mortar.

Is Flagstone Worth The Money?

The answer to that question can vary greatly depending on personal preferences and viewpoints. Flagstone has beautiful color, texture, and design, and because it is a natural stone, it is as distinctive and limitless as nature itself.

The decision is yours. All you need to remember is always choose high-quality materials and, ideally, qualified personnel to work on your project.

Worker is paving a place in the garden. Pallet Of Flagstone Cost, Weight, & Sq Ft Coverage


Palletized flagstones are perfect for ornamental landscaping projects. You can either take the flagstones with you or have them delivered since a full pallet of rock can weigh up to 4000lb. We hope this article helps you estimate the cost of flagstones you need to cover the desired area.

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