23 Office Green Walls That Will Inspire You (Pictures Included!)

If you own an office and want to make everyone in the work environment happier, vertical gardening in the form of a green wall can be just what you're looking for.

23 Office Green Walls That Will Inspire You (Pictures Included!)Having plants in the office is a proven way to have lots of positive effects. Besides beautifying our workspace, they reduce stress, increase energy efficiency and reducing air conditioning costs by naturally cooling the air. Office plants also clean the air of toxins which decreases employee absences and minimize noise.

In fact, evidence suggests that plants increase productivity! There are many ways to bring plants into the workplace, but a recent design phenomenon is the living green wall. And it makes financial sense too - after all, office space can be extremely expensive, so saving on floor space is essential.

Living green walls are wonderful when used on either interior and exterior spaces. They enhance any room or area where they grow and are more than just plants. They are works of living art. Below are twenty-three examples of living green walls used in an office environment to inspire you as you plan what will work best in your office workspace.


Installing a living green wall in a stairwell is a wonderful way to warm up what is commonly a forgotten space decoratively in an office. Adding a large plant portrait to a wall on the stairwell will give energy to your treks up and down the stairs.

"Go big or Go home!" was the motto when this wall was designed. Enhance your interoffice travels even more by installing an entire wall garden! Your employees will feel like they are strolling through a delightful garden, instead of rushing place to place, thus reducing their stress levels and increasing their sense of well-being.

If you have a large open space, like this office, adding greenery to the walls can help to muffle the echoing of voices and footsteps that are common in an office like this. The plants will also keep the air fresh as they remove toxins and create oxygen.


Entryways and Guest Areas

The entryways and guest lounge areas of large office spaces are perfect places for living walls. A carefully designed green wall like the one below sets your visitors at ease while they wait.

This vibrant green wall is an impressive statement when guests first enter your building. Incorporating a presentation such as this into the initial design of your office entryway creates a modern vibe that sends a certain message to potential clients.

An expanse of greenery that welcomes people as they approach your facility is an excellent investment. You can almost hear the breeze rustling in the long grasses on this wall.

Another interesting way to incorporate plants is a wall covered in individual planters that are all the same. Replicate this structure along an entry wall for a creative visual effect.

This waiting area creates a sense of peacefulness with its plant covered walls and raised bed filled with greenery. Potential clients will feel refreshed after their wait.

If you aren't sold on an entire wall of plants, you can always try a smaller space. Using plants that bloom is a great way to add sunny color to an otherwise bland area. It is an unexpected addition to a break room. Flowering plants have been proven to  increase employee mood and productivity.

Offices and Conference Rooms

Replace the stale, boring print art that is normally used to decorate conference rooms with a gorgeous wall of plants. It will change the mood of your meetings from boring affairs. It will also help to keep people engaged and energized during your important group conversations.

Adding a wall to a shared workspace will brighten up the room, increase productivity and employee moods. After all, remember that research has shown that people who work in an office with plants have better memory retention and work more effectively.

This conference room is so pretty with its strategically chosen plants that waterfall over their white backdrop. This planting adds serenity to a room where clear thinking is a top priority.

Use a green wall to cover an unsightly column while adding color and vibrancy to the workspace. You could even create patterns using different types of plants or moss to make it more interesting. Or plant each side with a different plant for variety.


This creative use of different color mosses create a naturally designe artwork. By interspersing the living frames with wooden planks adds a woodland feel to this starkly white hallway.

Succulents make wonderful wall hangings because of their shallow root system and minimal water needs. There is such a diverse variety of plants that it is easy to make them into living 'paintings'. In the picture below you can see how the small lighter green succulents form the outline for the focal plants, creating a stunning visual effect.

Want to add an incredible focal point to the workspace? This entire length of the hallway has been transformed into a living green wall. Neon lights are projected onto the green where the colors pop vibrantly.

Moss, succulents and other short plants are not the only ones that can bring life to a bland, boring hallway. If you have the right structure, you can be more creative in you plant choices, while still considering light and water needs.

Texture adds amazing interest to a display, when mixed with different plant types.


There are so many ways that you can use plants on the exterior of you office building, but the most creative by far that I have found is using them to convey a message. Build a wall garden that uses greenery to spell out your company's name or logo, or even just a fun saying.

Covering parts of the walls of your office building strategically can emphasize the lines of the architecture.

Not into subtleties? Cover the entire building in plants! Design a beautiful a pattern with different plant types. Covering a building with this type of planting will increase energy efficiency by naturally cooling the interior.

This next picture another example of how you can use a living green wall to emphasize the styling of a building and even convey a sense of the type of business and its commitment to being environmentally friendly.

The grand finale example is this massive office green wall. The plants create a flowing river of green that pours down the side of this structure. It is a showstopper, even in the twilight hours.


Beautify Your Office Space

As you can see from the inspirational photos above, there are multitudes of ways to incorporate a green wall into your office. Install simple framed works of living art, or create and entire wall planting to improve employee happiness and productivity, while increasing energy efficiency and just improving the overall environment.

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