My Echo Edger Won’t Start – Why? What To Do?

Echo Edger is a powerful tool for outdoor jobs that work best in commercial and residential properties. It is durable, lightweight, and easy to use. However, any equipment needs maintenance or won't work the time you need to use it. You probably found this post because your Echo edger won't start. What could be the problem?

These are the possible reasons why your Echo Edger won't start are listed below:

  • Spark Plug Issue
  • Carburetor Restriction
  • Ignition Coil Malfunction

Would you like to learn more about the cause of why the edger is not working? How to solve these problems? We collected and wrote down all the answers from the web. Continue reading to learn more.

Landscaper using edger to edge sidewalk, My Echo Edger Won't Start - Why? What To Do?

Why Won't Your Echo Edger Start?

The engine won't start for three possible reasons: spark plug, restricted carburetor, or the ignition coil malfunctioning.

Spark Plug Issue

Non-working chainsaw spark plug lies on an orange surface

If the spark plug does not ignite the fuel and air in the cylinder. The spark plug ignites the fuel to power up the engine. Without the spark plug, any gasoline-operated machine won't work.

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Here is the procedure for testing the spark plug:

  • Remove the spark plug cover in the edger.
  • Use a socket wrench to unscrew the spark plug.
  • Remove the spark plug and check if there is a crack in the porcelain insulator, a damaged electrode, or a carbon buildup.
  • Put a rag into the hole where you remove the spark plug to prevent particles drop into the combustion chamber.
  • Clean any carbon deposits using an emery board.

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  • Run through the two plug terminals using an emery board to clean any deposits from the surface.
  • The spark plug terminal's gap should be 0.03 inches. Use pliers to adjust the gap if below or above the standard distance.
  • Reattach the boot to the spark plug end and test it. Pull the edger starting cord and touch the spark plug to any engine's metal part. There should be a blue spark when you pull the starting cord.
  • Continue decreasing the gap between terminals if the spark is yellowish or weak.
  • Replace the spark plug if adjusting won't work.

Carburetor Restriction

Vintage rusty engine carburetor on oily and dirty workshop floor

Old fuel residue left in the tank creates a restriction in the carburetor.

  • Always use fresh fuel to fill the tank. Always use a fuel stabilizer to maintain the fuel quality.

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  • Use an ethanol-free pre-mix fuel and oil product for better stability.

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  • Clean the carburetor using a carburetor cleaner to remove the clog.
  • If cleaning won't work, purchase a carburetor repair kit and replace some carburetor components, or you can buy and install a new carburetor.

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Ignition Coil Malfunction

Coil on plug coils, piled, showing 3-prong blade male terminal

The ignition coil sends voltage to the spark plug while the engine is running. If the ignition coil is not working, the edger engine will not start.

You can use an ignition tester to determine if the ignition coil is faulty and if you need a replacement.

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Watch the video to learn how to determine the cause of why the Echo Edger won't start.

Why Echo Edger Starts Then Stalls?

The process of cutting the lawn with cordless grass trimmer edger

There are four reasons why Echo Edger starts and stops working:

Clogged Spark Arrestor

The spark arrestor is like a small screen that keeps sparks submitted by the engine from exiting the muffler.

  • The arrestor can become clogged, making the engine start and stop.
  • Clean the arrestor with a wire brush or buy and replace it with a new one.

Restricted Carburetor

Same reason why the carburetor won't start. If the carburetor has old fuel and is unstable, the edger could start but will hold back.

  • Use fresh fuel and fuel stabilizers to maintain the fuel quality.
  • Clean the carburetor or replace it with a new one if needed.

Clogged Fuel Filter

Old fuel causes a clog in the fuel filter, which may cause the edger to stall. Replace the filter with a new one to solve the issue.

Dirty Air Filter

  • A dirty air filter restricts the air coming through the carburetor.
  • Replace the air filter yearly or if it is too dirty.

Watch the video to learn why Echo Edger starts and stalls.

Why Does Echo Edger Runs Rough?

There are five reasons why the Echo Edger runs roughly. The reasons are mainly the same as why the edger won't start and why it starts and stalls.


It is essential to use fresh fuel to prevent more problems with your Echo Edger. Regular cleaning of the carburetor will also help the engine to function correctly. Replace the carburetor if it is too dirty and impossible to clean.

Fuel Filter

As we mentioned, bad fuel affects the performance of the edger and causes too many issues. Maintaining the fuel stable helps a lot to avoid inconvenience when you need to use the machine. Replace the filter necessary.

Air Filter

A dirty air filter affects the performance of the edger. The carburetor will not receive enough air to function well and run rough. Always clear the air filter or replace it once it is too soiled.

Spark Plug

The spark plug degrades over time due to carbon buildup and weakened electrodes. This could result in the edger running rough. Inspect the spark plug's wear and damage. Use an ignition tester to see if the spark plug is faulty. Replace the spark plug at least once a year.

Spark Arrestor

Clean the arrestor if you see particle buildup on it. If there is a sign of wear and tear, buy and replace it.

Watch the video for more information about why the Echo Edger runs roughly.

Where To Find Serial Number On Echo Edgers?

To find the serial number for the service personnel to assist you if you have trouble with the equipment in the future.

Echo Edger PE-225

Turn off the equipment. You will see the serial number above the fuel tank and below the air filter cover. The serial number is on a black and white or silver sticker on the silver engine block and starts with S or T plus 11 numbers.

Another location where you can see the serial number is engraved on the engine block itself.

Echo Edger 2620S

It has the exact location as PE-225. The serial number sticker, or the engraved one, is on the silver engine block right below the air filter cover. However, the serial number of the 2620S model starts with T or U plus 11 numbers.

What Are The Compatible Echo Edger Blade Replacement?

If your Echo Edger blades are faulty, here are the recommended compatible replacement:

Echo Replacement Edsger Blade

This blade replacement is compatible with PE-200, PE-210, and PE-225. The pack includes one edger blade.

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Echo 69601552632 Edger Prepackaged 3 Packs of 2 Blades

This is the original OEM blade replacement for Echo Edger. It is durable and quality to help extend the equipment's life span. Please refer to the user's manual for compatibility and proper installation.

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Peach Country Edger Blade

The Peach County Edger Blade is compatible with Echo 720237001 and other brands. It is rust-resistant with an oil finish and unsharpened edges. Check with your original equipment if the product is compatible before ordering.

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HandyTek Edger Blades 3-Pack

This blade replacement is compatible with Echo Edger PE-225, PE-260, PE-225, PE-260, PE-311 PE-3100, PE-311 PE-3100, and more. Ensure that the parts match your equipment before placing an order.

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Landscaper using edger to edge sidewalk

You need to take care of the Echo Edger parts, as it is crucial for the machine to work correctly. Regularly replacing the old fuel will also save you from more trouble. We hope we helped you through this post.

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