Mowing The Lawn On A Sunday – Is That Ok Or Not?

Finding a lawn care schedule that works for you can sometimes feel daunting. Do you work throughout the week and want to start mowing on Sundays? Is this okay to do if you're in a neighborhood? Well, we've done some digging and have the answers for you. Let's check this out below.

Although you can mow your grass on Sunday, you want to be mindful of those around you.  Typically, people mow their lawns between eight and ten in the morning, which can be bothersome to nearby homes.

However, if you hold off until the early afternoon or don't have any neighbors close enough to be disturbed, you shouldn't run into any complaints. Again, every neighborhood is different.

As we begin, we will cover all things mowing and discuss when the best time to do this is. Whether you have an HOA, a busy workweek, or want to create a routine, we're here to help. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

electric grass mower trimming green lawn, Mowing The Lawn On A Sunday - Is That Ok Or Not?

Is It Okay To Mow On Sunday?

Yes, it is generally fine to mow your lawn on Sunday. Considering that Saturday and Sunday are traditionally weekend days, this should be a good time to clean up your grass.

However, the time in which you decide to mow can be important. For example, many gardeners choose to mow early in the morning, which let's grass heal throughout the day.

That may be great for the greenery in your garden, but not for the neighbors close by. If it is Sunday, we recommend waiting until after 9 AM to turn on any loud equipment to be respectful of others.

Although your property is entirely yours, that doesn't mean you should turn on a lawn mower at 7 AM on the weekend. Furthermore, many communities have an HOA, which provides guidelines for when you can do lawn care.

That could mean no Sunday mowing at all, so make sure to consult with your neighborhood board before forming a maintenance routine.

Mowing or cutting the long grass with a green lawn mower in the summer sun

How Early Is Too Early For Mowing?

When it comes to the earliest you should mow, this depends on where you live. For example, if you have a spacious property that doesn't sit right next to another house, you can mow whenever you prefer.

On the other hand, if your home is directly next to someone else, don't turn on a mower at 7 AM. Even if you're an early bird, that doesn't mean everyone around you is.

As we said, gardeners will typically cut grass between 8 and 10 AM, so that's a reasonable timeframe to fall into. Again, if it's Saturday or Sunday, you may want to hold off until 10 AM or later.

Additionally, you might want to avoid cutting your lawn on Sunday if the people nearby complain, so this can vary. You can always ask your neighbors when the best time for you to start mowing is, which is a nice way to introduce yourself and possibly make a friend.

Your neighborhood may even have a pre-set lawn care schedule, which you have to follow to avoid fines and complaints.

What Is The Best Day To Mow Grass?

pring season sunny lawn mowing in the garden

Technically, there isn't a set day for lawn maintenance. However, many people schedule their gardeners to come at the beginning of the week, so Monday-Wednesday.

Of course, you don't have to always mow right when Monday comes around. This depends on your current routine and whether your grass grows fast or slow.

In general, lawn care should happen before the weekend. As we mentioned above, mowing on a Saturday or Sunday can be annoying to everyone around you, as it is the weekend.

Instead, we think it's best to cut the grass between Monday and Thursday to keep the peace. Additionally, mowing during the workweek gives you more time flexibility.

If it's Monday, chances are your neighbors will be up earlier, which allows you to get started before 10 AM. Compared to Sunday, many people have jobs that run Monday through Thursday or Friday, so that's the perfect time to take care of your garden.

Again, if you work during the week and have no choice, you can mow on Sunday, but try to find another day if your schedule allows.

Why Do People Cut Their Grass So Early?

One of the main reasons people cut their grass so early is that it allows the freshly cut blades to heal. Typically, grass will need to dry and repair itself during peak growing hours (mid-morning through the afternoon).

Professional landscapers tend to mow between 8 and 10 AM, which gives the grass plenty of time to settle before nightfall. Of course, that doesn't mean that you need to follow this exact regimen, but it can be helpful.

Furthermore, cutting your grass during the morning or afternoon is more common than at night. Although the sound of a lawn mower is annoying at 8 or 10 AM, think about how bad hearing one while you're trying to fall asleep can be.

On top of the sound, many communities don't permit night-time mowing, so if you try this, expect a fine or the police to show up.

Remember, you are in a neighborhood with others, so try to be respectful.

Can I Mow My Lawn At Night?

Focused in green dark grass

Yes, it is technically allowed to mow at night in some areas. In general, if you live somewhere without an HOA or community board, your lawn care hours are up to you.

With that said, you still want to consider your neighbors. If it's earlier in the evening, like between five and six, you shouldn't run into any problems.

However, expect complaints if it's after then, like 8 or 9 PM. For the most part, it isn't illegal to operate a lawn mower at night, so from a legal standpoint, you're fine.

That means you aren't breaking any laws by doing so, but you can still get into trouble with the law.

For example, if it's late and you cut the grass, your neighbor may call the police. Although you aren't doing anything illegal, you may get a noise complaint or citation.

You could even face fines, further police involvement, and even a civil lawsuit if this keeps happening. So ideally, try to cut the grass in the daytime when quiet hours aren't in effect.

Is It Better To Mow Grass In The Morning Or Evening?

Between the morning and evening, we recommend mowing earlier in the day. Besides being better for your community's morale, giving your grass time to heal before the sun sets is essential.

When you cut grass, it goes into shock, which can be lessened by sun exposure directly afterward. You also want to let freshly cut grass dry before nightfall, as this will ensure it doesn't discolor.

Furthermore, lawn mowers make excess noise, which isn't good for the later evening. As we said, you could end up facing fines or a lawsuit for a persistent noise disturbance, so try switching to an AM schedule.

You can even try to mow in the later afternoon, between 3 and 5 PM if your schedule is busy. Again, this will depend on where you live, how much property you have, and whether your neighbors are okay or not with the mowing.

Can I Mow My Lawn On A Holiday?

Like mowing on a Sunday, it's also considered a bit rude to mow on a holiday. Generally, turning on loud gardening equipment on a special occasion can dampen the mood.

For example, if it's Christmas, Memorial Day, or any other special time, don't turn on a mower. Even if your grass looks leggy, it can always wait until tomorrow.

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning to a lawn mower blaring at 7 AM. Not only does this ruin the mood, but can also create tension with your neighbors.

It's like cutting your grass late at night: technically legal but very bothersome. However, if you live in the countryside and don't have anyone around, feel free to let loose any time, any day.

Should You Mow If It's Hot Out?

High Summer temperature

No, it's not a great idea to mow if the weather is extreme. Considering your grass needs time to heal after being cut, mowing in high heat can damage it.

Weed Pro claims that mowing during times of drought/high heat can send your lawn into shock. Not only will this cause discolored grass, but could lead to dead patches.

They also recommend waiting until it rains or your grass has been watered to mow. Doing this can help lessen the shock of being cut down, ultimately giving the grass a better look.

How Often Should You Cut Grass?

Although this can be different for everyone, you want to cut the grass every week or two. Depending on the variety and season, grass can grow rather fast.

If it's peak growing season (spring-summer), you may want to mow every seven or so days. Remember, when you cut grass it goes into a brief shock, so doing this too frequently isn't good.

Furthermore, you want to consider how tall/thick your lawn looks. If you prefer a more natural, thick lawn, you don't need to cut it every week.

If you prefer a manicured lawn, that's when every 7-10 days might be necessary.

To Finish Up

electric grass mower trimming green lawn

Whether you have grass growing or want to plant some, it's essential to mow. From what we found, you can technically cut your grass on Sunday, although this isn't always ideal.

If possible, try mowing the lawn Monday-Thursday, between 8 and 10 AM. We also recommend avoiding loud gardening on holidays, as this can be disrespectful to those celebrating.

Regardless, check your community's landscaping guidelines, and don't be afraid to talk to your neighbor about a mowing schedule.

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