What Is A Moss Wall? [And How You Can Create One In 5 Easy Steps]

If you have an empty wall in a room of your house and you are dying to spice it up, then you can’t go wrong with a lovely moss wall. Once you have the supplies, constructing a moss wall is an easy and rewarding experience that will result in a colorful background that will last for years to come.

In general, a moss wall is an interior or exterior arrangement placed against a wall and decorated with either preserved or living moss, or a combination of the two. Moss walls can be comprised of one type of moss or several, including mood, sheet, and reindeer moss, among other varieties. Some of these walls include other elements such as dried bark or air plants.

Of course, speaking about a moss wall is one thing, however, to really do the project justice, it is better to show the process through examples and instruction. The following is what you need to do to make your own moss wall.

Modern green living room with moss wall, wooden coffee table and sofa set, What Is a Moss Wall (And You Can Create One in 5 Easy Steps)

Indoor Moss Wall Vs. Outdoor Moss Wall

The first decision that you need to make is where you want to place your moss wall.

Indoor Moss Wall

If you want a moss wall that you can create and then sit back and enjoy without any further maintenance, then you can use preserved moss and dried accessories on a moss wall that will likely be hung indoors.

Preserved moss is obtained by growing and then drying natural moss in an effort to preserve the moss as it was at its most vibrant. The great thing about preserved moss is that you have a lot of varieties and colors to choose from and once it is up, you can watch it thrive for years without any future involvement. You don’t need to water it or have it in direct sunlight.

Best of all, this moss is available in craft stores or online.

There are several types of preserved moss that you can play with. Mood moss is one of the most commonly used mosses. When preserved, it is often green, thick and fluffy with an almost velvety appearance.

Because it is readily available, inexpensive and beautiful on its own, the sky's the limit to what your mood moss wall can look like. Here is a large version:

Mood moss looks great in smaller projects as well.

Another popular moss is sheet moss. You can find this moss on many moss walls due to its flat and adjustable appearance. It is also green in color. Sheet moss is also very pliable and can be modified for your project. Here is a shaggy interpretation:

A vast depiction with numerous color shades:

You can even convert a full wall:

Finally, you can really beautify your art with reindeer moss. In its most natural state, this moss is green with a more opulent look and texture. In many cases, reindeer moss can also be purchased in assorted colors, everything from blue to violet.

There are many design options with reindeer moss. Many choose to go with a natural look.

A gorgeous, darker take.

A preserved art piece.

Here the true variety of reindeer moss is on full display.

Just like with the living moss wall, there are numerous accessories that you can add to a preserved wall that you can also set and forget. Driftwood, sponge mushrooms, dried twigs, dried seed pods, and dried bark can all add elevation and detailed texture to your gorgeous wall.

As previously mentioned, there is little to no maintenance when it comes to most indoor moss walls. The exception may be if you decide to throw in a few living accessories into your preserved wall. If you do choose to add some air plants or Devil’s Ivy, then a light spritz with a spray bottle will do.

Outdoor Moss Wall

If your goal is to have a wall covered in living moss, then you should place it outside. To keep the living moss thriving, you will need to water it, and that can prove difficult if it is hanging vertically inside of your home.

You have many choices of the type of moss you want to grow on your outside wall. Some popular varieties include Prairie sphagnum, Broom forkmoss, Leucobryum moss, and common smooth cap moss, among others.

Prairie sphagnum is a species of peat moss that is usually light green to light brown. Broom forkmoss grows in large green patches, Leucobryum moss can be bright to deep green based on its moisture content, and smooth cap moss is a medium to large moss that is dark green in color.

In addition to the moss, you can also add some other plant accents that give the art a deeper detail and additional bursts of color. Just a few of the living plants that can provide this texture include air plants, a string of hearts, Bromeliads, and Pothos.

Also known by its technical name of Tillandsia, air plants mostly get their name because they get a majority of their nutrients from the air. There are several different varieties to choose from. The string of hearts is a long, hanging plant that can add an extra dimension of texture to your moss wall.

Bromeliads are vibrant flowering plants that grow in multiple colors from pink to orange. Finally, Pothos are leafy plants. A variety that many moss wall builders like is Devil’s Ivy, which can be trained to climb upon the moss.

Like all plants, living moss and applicable accessories will need water to thrive, a consideration that must be part of your decision.

While you can make your outdoor moss wall your own, you can take inspiration from others as well.

This vast canvas adds an extra layer to a backyard.

This moss masterpiece is a living wall.

Bring our outdoor moss wall to another level.

Know the tips on how to get rid of moss!

How to Build Your Moss Wall

Whether you are planning on building an indoor or outdoor moss wall, many of the steps are the same. The only exception during an outdoor moss wall is if it is if you plan to grow moss and accessories, then you must do so. If you already have existing moss, then you can cut and shape the existing plant life how you wish.

If you are sticking with the more traditional, indoor moss wall, then you will follow these general instructions. Note that some tools and materials other than moss will be needed for this project.

What You’ll Need

  • Frame (Pre-made or built to your size specifications)
  • A piece of plywood cut to the shape you want
  • Wood glue or staple gun
  • Floral pins or a hot glue gun with the cartridge
  • The moss pieces you want to display
  • Any additional accessories (living or preserved)

1. Assemble the Frame

Once you have your plywood cut out to the exact shape and size that you want to display your moss wall, you will want to attach it to a frame that will act as the perimeter of your artwork.

If you have a moderately sized piece, then you can use wood glue to put both parts together. If you are working on a larger, more ambitious wall, then you may need to use a staple gun to ensure that the moss wall foundation never falls apart.

2. Add Your Exciting Moss!

Now comes the fun part! Let your creative juices flow and decide which kinds of moss you want to add to your moss wall. You can easily attach your moss with the hot-glue gun. Arrange your lovely landscape any way that you see fit. Combine different elements, colors, and textures, until you design something to your liking.

3. Add Accessories for Detail

If you are looking to add some texture to your piece, then add your accessories. Use your glue-gun or floral pins for this step as well. A bit of reindeer moss always adds that extra color dimension and some dried wood could add some additional framing to the piece.

4. Try the Wiggle Test

Once you have everything settled to your liking, and the glue has dried, try the wiggle test. All this involves is using a finger to gently wiggle your moss and other elements. If they don’t move or can’t be easily pulled off, then you are in good shape to hang your art on the wall. If they move, simply add a bit more glue.

5. Maintain Your Moss Wall

If you have an indoor moss wall with preserved moss and accessories, then you likely won’t need to do much with the exception of replacing any moss that might fall off or lose its luster over time. If you have a living wall or have some living plants included, then you can water them with a spray bottle.

Buy a Moss Wall Decor Panel

You can actually buy moss wall decor panels and get your moss fix right away. 

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A Beautiful Addition to Your Home

That’s all there is to it! A living wall can be a great accent to large rooms or any wall that could use a little extra pizazz. With typically inexpensive components and plenty of online inspiration, it is easy to experience the joy of a moss wall in your own home.

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