30 Moss Garden Ideas That Will Inspire You (Both Indoor and Outdoor)

30 Moss Garden Ideas That Will Inspire You (Both Indoor and Outdoor)Going to the woods to just gaze at infinite trees and ground covered in lush, vibrant green moss is one of the most wonderful feelings. But what if you can create your own miniature forest with moss?

Moss is a tiny green plant which doesn’t consist of any true roots. It also doesn’t produce any blossoms. It thrives in damp habitats and reproduces through the spores that are released by the stalked capsules when its top is falling off. You can easily cultivate this crop on stones and rocks. All you need to do is provide it with its required conditions and some necessary care.

Outdoor Moss Garden Ideas

Creating and maintaining a moss garden is a simple task. It is an excellent moisture-loving plant and with the necessary care and required conditions, it can thrive. Before we move to the garden ideas, let’s learn how to create one in a few simple steps.

Here you can check out the types of moss you can add to your garden.

Selecting the Right Moss

Mosses are divided into two types; acrocarpous and pleurocarpous. Acrocarps do not contain branches, are upright, and form a colony that is heaped up in a round pile. They spread at a relatively slower pace and prevent weeds from sprouting. The species included are fork moss, hair moss, and cushion moss. Pleurocarps contain free branches that are spread out in a chaotic manner. Fern moss, sheet moss, and the gold-tinted carpet moss are included in pleurocarps.

Here are the top 30 online stores for live moss and moss seeds you should check out.

Selecting a Site

Although moss doesn’t absorb its nutrients from the earth, it still requires a firm base to thrive. Therefore, the composition or richness of the soil doesn’t play a very important part in the process but loose gravel and sand aren’t optimum options when it comes to moss growth. Select a site that has heavy to partial shade and also provides moderate sunlight.

Preparing the Soil

There isn’t much you need to do to prepare your soil. Simply get rid of grass and weeds through chemical or mechanical processes to smoothen the area where you want to plant your moss. Doing so will provide you with enough space for water accumulation. You can also introduce some logs, paving stones, showpieces, and rocks to your garden for ornamentation.

Preparing the Mosses

As we have already put enough emphasis on how moss needs moisture to thrive, it is best to plant it during spring or fall when the moisture is at its peak and the warmth is just right. Once you have prepared your ground, place your moss on it and press into the earth for proper contact.

Care and Maintenance Tips

  • Keep separate species of moss apart from each other. While you can water pleurocarps several times a day, acrocarps need relatively much less water i.e. one watering per day.
  • Both mosses can bear moderate foot traffic but extending extreme force is not recommended.

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Following are some mesmerizing outdoor moss garden ideas for you:

1.  Pickle Pavement Moss Garden

Moss Garden Ideas

An abundance of lush moss around set stepping stones creates a mesmerizing look. The stones reduce the amount of foot traffic the plants have to bear. The trees around it provide shade to any passersby.

2. Lime Moss Meadow

Moss Garden Ideas

This gorgeous setting makes for a fresh and breathtaking ambiance. As moss is known to tolerate moderate traffic, this peaceful environment allows you to read a book in all the calmness or just sit, relax, and enjoy nature’s beauty.

3. Crocodile Moss Waterfall

Moss Garden Ideas

Rocks covered in dense moss layers against a backdrop of a waterfall create the perfect view for a swimmer. The tranquil location is perfect for spending some quality time with your loved ones.

4. Rustic Moss Madness

Moss Garden Ideas

Mossy rocks surrounded by plain ones give out rustic vibes. The solitary site is ideal for relaxation and some peace and quiet.

5. Freshwater Island Moss Garden

Moss Garden Ideas

The gorgeous island like scenario is great if you wish to have your own little private picnics. With freshwater and green goodness of moss all around, the serenity will take over you.

6. Focal Point Moss Garden

Moss Garden Ideas

If you aren’t into plentiful foliage, then this is a great outdoor moss garden idea for you. The subtle hints of green give the ideal pop of color that your garden area needs.

7. Home Green Home

This moss garden style lets you showcase the frontal area of your house or café in a stunning manner. The tropical entrance is an eye-catcher.

8. Evergreen Guesthouse Moss Garden


This beautiful moss arrangement around little brick cots is sure to impress your beloved guests. The heavenly location will make heads turn like no other.

9. Moss Welcome Party

Convert your conservatory into this exceptional moss garden. This moss arrangement will turn any dull and boring room into a bright, lively space and give your place the royal touch it deserves.

10. Parakeet Jungle Playground


Convert your backyard into a gorgeous moss playground. Stepping stones help reduce foot-traffic. The central covered area makes for a great space for kids to play board and card games in the shade.

11. Cubic Cobblestone Moss Garden

The unique cubic moss pattern gives a magnificent touch to any moss garden. The little plain areas help you walk with ease while keeping the garden maintained and in a perfect condition.

12. Sunny Bed-Rest Moss Garden


The dense lush moss spread along the borders of the ground provides a marvelous and breathtaking view. The center spot can be used for a little private picnic or you can replace the huge rock with a little furniture to convert it into a peaceful tea area.

13. Undercover Moss House

If you’ve always wished for a secret corner for you and your best friend to spend time in but don’t want to go through the trouble of installing a tree house, then this moss garden idea is just perfect for you.

14. Little Red Brick Hood


Vintage themes are timeless and never go out of style. Cobblestones surrounded by thriving moss complements the house made of red bricks to perfection.

15.  Stepping Stones Moss Garden

This moss garden provides a perfectly balanced amount of sunlight and shade. The steps make for a great exercising track with a twist.

16. Mossy Pathway Garden


Once again, this mossy pathway with cobblestones placed in just the right angle makes for an outstanding passageway. The foliage on both sides enhances the overall appearance of the garden.

17. Moss Lagoon

A small swimming pool surrounded by lush, vibrant greenery is the perfect choice for hot summers. The abundance of foliage provides the necessary shade and the moss creates an amazing cooling effect.

18. Moss Cross Pavement


The gorgeous tent arrangement provides mosses the moderate to the heavy shade they need. Hints of moss between the walking steps make the entrance more impressive and pleasing to the eyes.

19. Baby Moss Garden

If you have limited space to grow your outdoor moss garden then with this stunning arrangement of moss, you can grow other plants that thrive in moderate to full shade. Create your own mini outdoor garden.

20. Our Lady of Moss


If you want a sitting space in your moss garden but don’t want to go with the typical garden furniture, then this cheeky stone ornamentation is the way to go.

21. Chartreuse Moss Cascade

Rather than the same old traditional garden, this little moss structure makes your garden unique and stand-out. The mini fountain completes the look.

Indoor Moss Terrarium Ideas

Create your own miniature garden with an indoor moss terrarium. Before moving to the ideas, let’s discuss how to create one in a few simple steps.

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Choosing a Container

Choose a glass container or any transparent vase that has a wide opening so that you can insert your hand in it and adjust things accordingly. Wash it properly using plain water or dish soap and water. Using containers with lids is not recommended as the closed environment can boost the condensation process and there can be an abundance of algae with time.

Adding Gravels

You can buy gravels at any pet, garden or home improvement store. Create a layer of about an inch or two of gravels inside your glass container. They can soak the excess moisture and help in preventing the roots from rotting.

Adding Activated Carbons

Activated carbons can be purchased at pet and garden stores. For purified water and to get rid of unpleasant smells, add a small layer of activated carbon or charcoal in your container.

Adding Spanish Moss

You can purchase a bag of Spanish moss online. Spray some water on your moss and add a thin layer of it in your container. You can also insert a sheet of landscape fabric or window screen before executing this step to prevent the soil from reaching to the charcoal and gravel layers.

Preparing and Adding the Soil

Buy some cactus potting mix online or from a garden or home improvement store, and add a sufficient amount of activated carbons and water in it. Lay about two to three inches of this mix in the container.

Adding Moss

Lastly, add your moss. You can buy moss and other moisture-loving plants online or from garden stores. Simply add your moss in the container.

Maintenance Tips

Maintaining moss terrariums is quite simple. All you need to do is water your moss once in every two weeks or a month and spritz water every couple of days.

Use the following exquisite indoor moss terrarium ideas to create your own little lush heaven:

1. Mother Nature in a Jar


The little jar with a thriving miniature moss garden in it can be used for ornamentation purposes. The human wooden figure beside it gives it a sassy touch.

2. Miniature Golf Club

If playing golf is something that interests you greatly then this teensy moss golf course is something you’ll love. All you need to do is set up a moss terrarium and purchase little accessories to complete your miniature golf course.

3. Sea Shore Moss Garden


This indoor moss terrarium showcases a mesmerizing and adventurous landscape. It is a perfect piece of art people who love swimming and hiking.

4. Enchantment Spells

This moss terrarium is a perfect handmade craft to gift your loved ones. The waterfall adds to its beauty and the dark shades of moss make the whole mini garden more captivating.

5. Baby Steps Moss Garden


This fascinating terrarium is sure to steal all the attention in a room. With the minute carefully detailing like the little stairs, it’s literally a garden in a jar.

6. Beach House Moss Garden

Own your own little cottage near the sea with this mini moss plant. The tall structure lets you create a beautiful teensy replica of mountains and flowing water.

7. Mini Animal Kingdom


Add little ceramic animals to your moss terrarium to create a mini-kingdom. You can replace the reindeer with any creatures of your choice.

8. Mini Moss Society

If you wish to create a complete look of a huge residential property with a lush garden then these little wooden pieces decorated beautifully with moss are the right choice for you.

9. Enchanted Forest


You don’t need to restrict yourself to moss in your moss terrarium. You can add little trees to your container. Connect the two trees with a small wooden bridge and fill your terrarium with moss for an enchanted forest look.

Give yourself a little push towards creating your own moss garden with the ideas given above. Once you have settled for one, customize your garden the way you like!

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