Best Long-Handled Garden Shears [12 Shopping Suggestions]

Florist woman working in the garden cutting shrubs with long-handled garden shearsGarden shears are an essential part of any gardener's toolbox. But you need to make sure you're using the right tool for the job. Shears can be for pruning, lopping branches, thinning bonsais, and even cutting branches. They come with different types of blades too, so whether you're using needle-nose shears, an anvil shear, or a bypass pruner, it's important to have the best tool for the task at hand.

Some shears are naturally long-handled, like lopping shears and hedge-trimmers. But some of the smaller shears may also be available in longer handled models. The advantage of longer handles is that they can sometimes make your job easier by providing more leverage and reach. We've looked around and dug up some of the handiest we could find and are going to take a look at why they're so great.

Best Long-Handled Gardening Shears

Long-Handled Pruning Shears

This pair of pruning shears features hardened stainless steel blades with a titanium coating for durability. The titanium makes for less friction and smoother and easier cutting. Sap grooves keep the blades from sticking and channel the sap away so that you don't lose time cleaning your blades on the job. The handles are coated in a shock-absorbing grip and feature long ergonomically-shaped handles.

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Ergonomic Bypass Pruning Shears

This pair of bypass pruning shears have slightly longer handles that are made of aluminum for lightweight comfort. These are a perfect pair for anyone with arthritic hands as they are comfortably padded and ergonomically designed. The blades are made of strong titanium for a durable cutting edge, and it even has a notch at the base to cut round branches up to 22mm in diameter.

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Mechanical Hedge Shears

Lightweight aluminum handles on this pair of hedge pruning shears means you can work for longer in more comfort. Vinyl handles make for hand comfort and the shock-absorbing bumpers help reduce jarring as you cut shrubs back. The steel blades offer long-lasting sharpness for loads of gardening work.

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Professional Telescoping Hedge Shears

This pair of hedge shears features handles that telescope out from 33" all the way fully extended to 46" offering real flexibility in the garden. The aluminum alloy and rubber handles are comfortable in the hand, and the blades are made of extreme carbon steel. Carbon steel stays hard and sharp for ages longer than the average steel. There's a setting to adjust the blade pressure depending on what type of plant you are pruning.

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6" Cutting Blade On Telescoping Shear

These delicate six-inch shears allow the advantage of long-reach handles that get into large or tightly packed bushes. The slightly curved handle and blades allow for the best cutting angle for shrubs and small trees.

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Swiveling Long-Handled Grass Shears

Want to trim alongside your paths and walkways without crawling on your hands and knees. This amazing tool allows you to walk along and give the grass a needed trim without ever bending over. The handles do the work while the long pole keeps the shears at ground level and you at regular height. The blade swivels to get at the unruly grass from every angle. This ia an excellent tool for any gardener.

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Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmer And Grass Shear

This battery-operated cordless hedge trimmer and grass shear comes with a 3-foot extension pole to make life easier. Super easy to switch out blades from hedge trimmer and grass shear and the long pole is a lifesaver for your back. Make gardening chores a joy with this trimmer from Sun Joe.

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Long Reach Cut-N-Hold Pruner

These pruners allow you to get tall with an incredible 46" reach. The cut-n-hold feature allows you to hold onto the branch until you choose to release (so you don't get walloped in the skull by a falling branch). The blades are PTFE-non stick coated for easier cutting and will cut branches up to an incredible half of an inch diameter.

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Razor Sharp Super Long Reach Pruner

This is a strong and light cutter with durable aluminum alloy handles. The sharp jaws are easily activated with a wide giraffe-style handle action. The cutting head rotates which is super convenient if you're working in an area of overcrowded branches. The removable nylon harness eases back tension when you're carting it around for long hours. This is a great tool for your tree-trimming arsenal.

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Heavy Duty Anvil Lopping Shears

Need a pair of strong long-handled anvil shears for those tougher jobs? This pair should be a good match. The handles telescope from 26"-41" giving loads of flexibility and reach. They're made of high carbon steel with a no-friction coating on the blades. The shears have a 2" capacity for cutting which will tackle a big portion of your garden pruning needs. The rubberized handles provide excellent grip and ergonomic comfort.

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Legendary Heavy Duty Edging Shears

These are professional quality and heavy-duty constructed edging blades. Made of drop-forged and hardened blades, these shears should last you a lifetime if taken care of properly. The handles are lacquered hardwood for the ultimate in comfort. The blades have a tensioning setting to set for the cut you need to make.

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Rechargeable Power Pruner With Extension Pole

This battery-operated pruner is an easy option for working on thorny bushes and shrubs where a longer reach is required. It has a pull-back safety trigger which allows you to operate the pruner with ease. The telescopic pole reaches up to 5 1/2 feet. The cutting head rotates to get into all sorts of tight corners.

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