21 Small, Lightweight Planters for Your Vertical Garden

21 Small, Lightweight Planters for Your Vertical GardenIf you want to create a living wall, or just decorate using wall planters, you have to take weight into account. In this post, we've put together a selection of small lightweight planters that can do the job while keeping your wall safe.

Installing a vertical garden is a wonderful way to grow all of the plants you want while maximizing your space. But did you know that it is also an amazing way to add personality and style as well? Below is a stunning selection of lightweight planters to bring pizazz to your vertical garden!

Rivet Rounded Hanging Planter

If you aren’t working with a lot of space but you want to get the most out of your vertical garden, this Rivet brand hanging planter is a great solution. The ceramic construction is sturdy enough to be filled with gravel for adequate drainage, without feeling cumbersome. These planters are very small, but this isn’t a drawback! With these planters in your vertical garden, you can showcase many different blooms in one area.

EWONICE Hanging Basket Planter

These hanging baskets make a beautiful statement anywhere, including as a part of your vertical garden. Unlike other hanging planters, you won’t have to worry about drainage with this EWONICE version. It comes equipped with a drainage plug and a sealed inner bowl. Though they are capable of holding up to 30 pounds of plant life, these rattan-inspired hanging baskets are a perfect fit for vertical gardens that demand a lightweight construction.


Soonow Ceramic Hanging Planters

These beautiful white planters make a great home for succulents and other small plants that do not require much water. Because the backs of the planters are perfectly flat, they can be integrated into any area of your vertical garden! The glossy, white appearance of the hangers will really make the colors of your plant life pop with vivid contrast.

Purzest 6-Piece Geometric Containers

If you want your vertical garden to be truly eye-catching and unique, these geometric plant containers will make a great addition. They do not hang from chains like other hangers but rather from mounting hardware similar to what you would use for your interior walls. This creates a more modern aesthetic composed of vivid matte shades and bold geometric shapes.

Orimina 6-Piece Spherical Terrarium Planters

A terrarium or two (or six) can add a really sharp touch to any surface or indoor garden space. But did you know that you can now harness the unique beauty of a terrarium for your vertical garden? This 6-piece set by Orimina allows you to do exactly that with only a single nail each. You can create any number of stunning visual effects with these hanging terrariums.

ShabbyDecor Rustic Tin Shelves

While there’s certainly something to be said for a more modern-looking vertical garden, you can also make a big statement by taking a rustic approach. These lightweight shelves allow you to invoke the look of a window box, without using any space on or around your windows! Simply hang them in your vertical garden and design their contents as you please – it really is that easy.

TABOR TOOLS Plastic Planter Pot

These colorful, plastic planters offer the beauty of clay without the damage when exposed to the elements, as well as a significantly lighter weight. You can choose your preferred size and color to fit your design needs. One feature that makes these hanging planters stand out among the rest is the built-in drainage tray. Drainage is a big issue that many vertical gardeners run into, but not with these planters by TABOR TOOLS.

Link Solar Hanging Resin Flower Planter

The all-resin construction of this flower planter is surprisingly lightweight, making it a great fit for any vertical garden that could use a bright infusion. The drainage system at the bottom of the planter prevents root rot, a common worry among those who construct vertical gardens. A simple hook is all that’s necessary to install this planter into your vertical garden today.

Mkono 3-Tiered Hanging Planter

One hanging planter is nice, but how about 3 in a beautiful tiered system? This planter by Mkono allows gardeners to showcase different types of plants without making the vertical garden seem too “busy.” This lightweight planter system offers no drainage, but that can be fixed with the addition of some gravel and a bit of soil.

T4U Resin Wall Planter

The two-piece set of resin wall planters from T4U allows you to create symmetry with a dash of elegance within your vertical garden. The high-quality plastic of its construction keeps these planters lightweight, but sturdy enough to withstand weather conditions and support your plants. Unlike many other wall planters, this one comes equipped with a detachable bottom tray to rid the planter of excess water. This helps in the prevention of root rot. As these planters are installed with simple metal hooks, you can install them anywhere in your vertical garden!

A Ting Orange File System

This planter is a great find for someone who wants their vertical garden to be an unexpected place of modernity and creativity. The all-metal planters are durable and sold in sets of 2, so you can create a theme or really accent your vertical garden with them. Who says that you only have to use “designated” planters in your space?

BrylaneHome Rectangular Hanging Planter

If you’re trying to invoke the cozy feeling of cottage living within your vertical garden, these planters provide a great option. With these planters, you have all the flexibility that you would with window boxes! An impressive amount of space lets you accent your vertical garden with anything you could dream of! Though lightweight, these bronze-finished planters hold up to 30 pounds each.

Richoose Hanging Garden Planter

This felt and waterproof cloth planter is completely adjustable, so you never have to use more space than you need. Three different pockets fill this planter so that you may display different plants within them. Because the Richoose planter is waterproof, plants that you worry about drying out will have an extra line of defense against dehydration. Richoose is so confident in this product that it even comes with a 2-year warranty!

ShoppeWatch 7-Piece Self-Watering Hanging Planters

An inner pot contains your plant while an outer, second pot stores water. Between them runs a piece of cotton rope, allowing the outer pot to water the inner one without your regular intervention. This pack from ShoppeWatch comes with 7 of these unique planters and the S-hooks required to hang them. These planters are a smart, modern-looking and easy way to host your plants anywhere on a vertical garden.

Best Pottery Succulent Planters

This unique planter strings together orange, brown, blue and green planters on a single jute rope. The design is great for those who want to veer away from the more modern designs and take a natural approach to the accessories in their vertical gardens. Each of the 4 ceramic planters has a drainage hole to help avoid the water logging of plants.

Worth Self-Watering Hanging Wall Planters

These planters water themselves differently from the ShoppeWatch self-watering planters. Instead of the 2-pot system, the Worth planters utilize an automatic dripping feature that works with most standard American taps. Each wall planter comes with 2 pockets, giving you six places to put your favorite plants when you buy this 3-piece set. They weigh only 3 pounds and are designed to stay strong under duress from the elements. These planters come with a very competitive 3-year warranty.

Cestash Mounted Planter Pot

This elegant-looking planter pot doesn’t involve the use of screws or even hooks, just a simple adhesive that’s geared to fix reliably onto any material. Modern-looking but not entirely bold, this planter provides a classy little home for your tiny plants to live in on your vertical garden. This is a great option for those who want a touch of style or simply don’t want to mess around with hardware.

JustNile Ceramic Oval Wall Planters

This simple but distinctive planter features a hole in the very top, specifically designed for hanging. This makes installing it into your vertical garden a breeze. All you need is a single screw or hook and you’re good to go! These planters are eye-catching and available in white, red or black. Each wall planter is made of ceramic and with a drainage hole at the bottom to prolong the life of your plants.

Ergo Self-Watering Planter Box

A water reservoir built into the planter box seen here can keep your plants thriving for days in your absence, even giving you a visual indicator when the reservoir needs a top-off. This planter is lightweight but surprisingly capable, as it can home 2-3 small plants all at once. For herbs, succulents or flowers, you can create a bold statement through the creative design of your planter box.

Snail Garden Decorative Hanging Wall Planter

These fabric planters provide a warm and cozy aesthetic that many modern planters simply don’t, through the use of patterned fabric and an interlayer that prevents the leakage of soil. It takes only a few minutes to screw the hanging planter into any surface, including the surface of your vertical garden. It fits closely to the surface, so you don’t have to worry about ruining the lines of your garden!

MyGift Miniature Clay Planters

The sleek design of the clay looks effortlessly modern without being blinding white, which can detract from certain vertical garden aesthetics. These 3-inch pots hook up flush against the surface, so there is no unwanted protruding. There is no drainage hole with the MyGift clay planters, but the addition of gravel and some soil can take care of that problem.



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