15 Large Plant Pots With Drainage Holes

Planters and various containers are an essential component of gardening. Whether it's indoor or outdoor gardening, a planter full of color is a welcoming sight. Large planters provide an exceptionally impressive display. It's important to ensure that your planters have drainage holes to prevent root rot.

Your options are endless for what you can fill planters with, including palm trees, bamboo, canna lily, hibiscus, feather grasses, petunias, and more. Get creative with your large planter combinations. 

House plant next to a window in a beautifully designed interior, 15 Large Plant Pots With Drainage Holes

A large plant pot arrangement to consider is the thriller-filler-spiller combination. In this combination, a thriller plant is something that's upright and bold, the filler plant (or plants) is something that's full of foliage or flowers and complements the thriller, and the spiller is something that gracefully tumbles out of the pot. With this combination, you won't be disappointed. 

Now that you're dreaming of all the ways to fill a large planter, let's discover 15 large plant pots with drainage holes!  

1. Sunnydaze Ceramic Pot

Beauty and durability are the two key characteristics of this large pot. The pot is hand-painted and completed with a gorgeous glazed finish. The diameter of the opening measures 15 inches and it's 12.5 inches tall. It's perfect for the outdoors because it is both UV and frost-resistant. 

There are three 1-inch drainage holes on the bottom of the pot. It has a 2.73-gallon soil capacity. The planter weighs just over 19 pounds, so it's sure to stay in place. 

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2. Set Of 3 Wooden Barrel Planters

There's no lack of size diversity with this set of three wooden barrel planters. You can create an excellent trio of stunning color-filled planters. The half-barrel planters provide a charming rustic feeling to the space.

All three planters are crafted from durable stain-resistant wood with strong metal bands that prevent shrinkage.  The large barrel has an 18-inch diameter, the medium barrel has a 15-inch diameter, and the small barrel has an 11.5-inch diameter. There's a drainage hole on the bottom of each planter.

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3. Tall White Planter

Make an impact on your garden design with this tall white honeycomb-textured planter. It's minimalistic yet intriguing at the same time. The planter is crafted from recyclable plastic and natural stone powder. It measures 20 inches tall and has an opening diameter of 13.8 inches. A built-in drainage tray helps maintain the health of your plants. 

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4. Sonora Resin Wicker Planters

Create even more of a visual impact with a set of these Sonota resin wicker planters. The java-colored resin wicker matches well with a wide variety of locations around the garden. Because of their lightweight construction, these planters are easy to move around.

The planters are finished with a UV-resistant coat to prevent the color from fading. There is a drillable drainage hole on the bottom. Each planter has a 22-inch diameter and measures 20 inches tall. 

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5. Blue Tufted Planter

This blue tufted planter packs a colorful punch. The planter features an oceanic color ombre and a unique, textured pattern. It's crafted from recycled polyresin materials, making it both durable and lightweight. It looks like a ceramic planter, but without the associated weight.

It's coated with a UV-resistant coat to prevent the color from fading. The bottom of the planter has knock-out drainage holes. It has a 14.6-inch diameter and measures 11.3 inches tall. 

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6. Tall Copper Planter

Copper colors catch the light (and attention) like no other. This planter is made from rust-resistant stainless steel and is finished with an antique copper coat. This planter includes two components: an insert with drainage holes and the exterior portion. Because of the insert, it's easy to add weight to the bottom of the planter if needed.

The opening diameter is approximately 15 square inches and its height is 33 inches. This planter is built to last.

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7. Gray Fiberglass Planter

Outfit your garden with this timeless gray fiberglass planter. The minimalistic aesthetic guarantees that it will work in virtually any location. It has a coat of UV-resistant paint so it won't fade. 

The planter's fiberglass construction makes it durable, long-lasting, and lightweight. It measures 32.5 inches tall and has a diameter of 24 inches. There are drainage holes on the bottom.

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8. Set Of 2 Beige Planters

The neutral beige color of these planters helps spotlight their contents. They have subtle elegance with the ribbed pattern that runs horizontally around them. They're made from a polyresin material that's UV-resistant. Their double-walled design insulates the roots well and allows you to fill the walls with sand or gravel to weigh them down.  

Each planter has a 16-inch opening diameter and measures 14 inches tall. A drainage hole can be drilled into the bottom of each planter in the designated location. 

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9. Rustic Metal Urn Pot

Add some rustic chic design to your garden with this rustic metal urn pot. It's crafted from weather-resistant steel that has a unique weathered look from its rust-patina finish.

It has an opening diameter of 15.75 inches and stands 18 inches high. The bottom of the planter features a removable drainage plug. 

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10. Set Of 2 Resin Wicker Pots

The wicker look of these resin pots adds a certain charm to the garden area. The planters have a nice subtle fluted opening. The resin construction makes this set of planters durable and easy to maintain. You won't have to worry about cracking or peeling.

Each planter has an opening diameter of 21 inches and measures 19 inches tall. These planters have an impressive 15-gallon soil capacity. There are optional drainage plugs located on the bottom of each planter. 

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11. Arabella Pot

Complement the contents of your pot with the decorative Arabella pot. Its polyresin construction is designed to resist UV rays as well as cracking from colder temperatures. Its hand-painted finish gives the planter its unique coloring. The double-walled design of this planter insulates the roots and protects them from temperature extremes. 

This planter has a 20-inch opening diameter and measures 17 inches tall. Drainage holes can be added to the bottom of the planter with a drill. There are already designated spots to do so.

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12. Set Of 4 Grey Finish Pots

Do you love the look of concrete planters but not the weight and price tag? Well, you're in luck. These four grey finish pots will do the trick. They're crafted from durable polyresin that looks like your favorite concrete planters. They're lightweight and easy to transport. The finish of the pots makes them UV ray-resistant and able to withstand temperature changes without cracking.

The pots have an opening diameter of 24 inches and measure 19 inches tall. The double-walled construction insulates the roots and makes it possible to weigh the pots down with sand or gravel. Drainage holes can be drilled into the designated spots on the bottom.

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13. Fairfield Patio Planter

The New England design of this square planter adds a beautiful aesthetic to the area where it's placed. It's built to be weather-proof and stand the test of time. It features a UV-resistant top coat to ensure it won't fade in the sunlight. The planter's double-walled design creates a water reservoir. 

This resin square planter has an opening diameter of 20 inches and stands 20 inches tall. Enjoy this planter throughout the changing seasons. 

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14. Ceramic Square Planter

This ceramic square planter brings a touch of artistic beauty with it. The white ceramic has a playful black floral design covering its exterior sides. There is a central drainage hole at the bottom of the planter to promote root health. 

This planter has an opening diameter of nearly 14 inches and stands 19.5 inches tall. If you order more than one, their colors may be slightly different since they're handcrafted.

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15. Resin Whiskey Barrel Planter

Get that well-loved wooden aesthetic with this resin whiskey barrel planter. You won't have to worry about splintering, fading, and shrinkage that's common in wood planters. The details are immaculate—there's a distinct oak woodgrain appearance with antique pewter-looking bands. Resin construction makes this planter UV ray-resistant, fade-resistant, and lightweight. 

Its opening diameter is 20.5 inches and it stands 12.5 inches tall. It has drainage holes on the bottom to ensure plant health.

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Let us know in the comment section below what types of plants you're going to fill your large planter with! Before you go, make sure to check out these other gardening guides:

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