15 Large Outdoor Storage Boxes (Suggestions and Reviews)

Wondering where to store your favorite gardening tools? An affordable and easy-to-implement solution would be a large storage box. And fortunately, you can shop for some great ones online!

15 Large Outdoor Storage Boxes (Suggestions and Reviews)

While you can certainly store your gardening gear in the garage or shed, there's nothing quite like a large outdoor storage box that you place right where you need it. In this post, we've put together a list of quality storage boxes that are large enough to for storing a hose or other large tools while being just the right size to be placed in your porch.

1. Eden 70 Gal Bench Box by Keter

Available in three colors – grey, beige, and brown – the 70 gal storage box from Eden has a contemporary look that also doubles as a patio bench. It made our list because of all the built-in features the box has such as the durable resin construction and moisture resistance to protect all items inside. The lid can be secured with a padlock of your choice for extra safety and security.

Bonus points because there is enough seating space to comfortably accommodate two adults or total load capacity of 771 pounds. It is designed to function as a seat as well, so it won’t look awkward if you have a seat on it.

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2.  Acacia Wood Slatted Deck Box by Woodlawn

This storage box stands out because of its unique construction, utilizing beautiful acacia wood that has a perfectly natural finishing. If judged purely on its visual value, this storage bench scores high on our list. The manufacturer combines a spacious design with durability in mind, both for the products and the storage box. Clever use of stack and angled slats allow movement for both moisture and air to keep the inside clean.

A convenient mechanism allows you to open and close the lid so help you grab what you want when you need. The storage deck serves as a natural deterrent to bugs, debris, and moisture – making it ideal to store your favorite items. It has storage space for 90 gallons of volume.

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3. Plastic Deck Storage by Keter

This plastic container by Keter may have an uninspiring plastic construction made from polypropylene, but it certainly pulls no punches in terms of durability. Featuring resin plastics for extra longevity, this container has been built like a tank. It also serves as a bench, perfectly accommodating two average sized adults, just make sure to add a cushioned pad for extra comfort.

The resin is resistant to both sun and physical damage and waterproof. It doesn’t have the highest storage capacity, but 90 gal should be fine for most individuals. The lid can be locked in place using a padlock of your choice.

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4. Novel Plastic Deck Storage by Keter

Like the storage box described above, this plastic deck shares many of the same features including the 90 gal storage space, polypropylene resin construction, and is fully resistant against water and UV radiation. The lid is lockable with a padlock of your choice. There is storage space for two adults.

In short, you can’t go wrong with this deck box. It is affordable and gets the job done, even if it falls short in the aesthetics department.

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5. Resin Storage Bench by jnwd

Another storage bench on our list with a plastic build, this product actually manages to pull off a half-decent look that should add quite a bit of flair to your backyard. The plastic texture comes with a slatted design and a mix of neutral colors – grey and white – which should match perfectly with most backyards.

There is seating space for two adults comfortably, just add comfortable padding over it and it will do just fine. The storage space is rated at 90 gal, which is ideal for normal use.

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6. Deck Box Outdoor by Keter

If you’re looking for a deck box ‘starter kit’, this product by Keter should be high on your list because of the free highly durable padlock delivered with no extra cost to you. The storage box is made using polypropylene resin plastic which is unquestionably durable. The slats on the front face of the storage box should look good on your patio too.

This box is water resistant and UV protected, giving you peace of mind. It has a weight capacity of 485 pounds and a storage space of 90 gallons. The grey and dark color palette has an appearance that isn’t half bad either.

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7. Glenwood Plastic Deck Storage by Keter

If you love the look and feel that natural wood provides, this is the box for you. It features a durable resin construction which can take a lot of beating from outdoor elements. Its heavy duty frame has a seating capacity of up to 530 pounds, perfect for two adults.

The lid’s mechanism is very user-friendly and makes it easy to open and close. Built-in ventilation and moisture resistance protect your items from degradation, keeping them safe and dry.

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8. Deck Box by Borneo

The box features a wicker pattern that will look elegant and very luxurious on your patio. Its brown appearance with the rattan texture should blend in well with most gardens thanks to the handsome polypropylene construction. This box naturally resists rusting, denting, and peeling – which is perfect for longevity.

The lid can be secured in place with a standard padlock of your choice.

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9. Plastic Deck Box by Leisurelife

This storage box is most definitely an upgrade over our previous items, offering tons of space and a nice, unique look that should blend in well with most patios. It is fully waterproof, featuring pp material that is durable enough to withstand outdoor elements and ideal for all kinds of weathers.

Its main selling point is the storage space for up to 120 gallons.

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10. Lockable Deck Box by Keter

This deck box scores a lot of points, at least in the design department, although it is not waterproof. Its lid feature a durable open-close mechanism supported on durable hinges. Thanks to the natural wood look and feel, this box will look good with most gardens. It can provide storage space for 120 gal.

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 11. Ugarte 150 Gallon Deck Box

This deck box is one of the most durable storage spaces you can put on your front lawn. It also looks extremely cute thanks to the wicker texture on the front. The box itself is very feature-rich and is designed for all weather situations. It’s most attractive feature by far, is the 150 gal storage space, making it possible for you to pack it up in style!

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12. Plastic Deck Storage by Keter

This storage box is designed for power users in mind who require lots of space to store their items.  It has a storage capacity rated at a whopping 150 gallons, which is a tad bit overkill, but a feature that is more than welcome. The box looks pretty cool thanks to its natural wood paneled finish, complete with a wood texture that feels great.

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13. Heavy Duty Outdoor Box by Costway

As the name suggests, this heavy duty storage box is designed for extremer users who want tons of space to house their items in a convenient location.

The material used for construction is fairly durable and provides fair protection from outdoor elements such as moisture and UV rays. Furthermore, the lid can be secured with a padlock. It can be opened and closed without applying too much stress thanks to the spring hinges.

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14. 230 Gallon Plastic Deck by Keter

Keter took the idea of ‘power users’ to a whole new level with their latest plastic deck model, featuring an enormous size 230 gallons. This provides easy storage space for most items and then some! The storage deck is built using durable resin construction with a faux-wood finish that looks and feels good.

The lockable lid is easy to open and close thanks to the piston mechanism. Although you can take a seat on the box, it is not recommended and the lid may not hold too much weight. The box should protect all your items thanks to being both UV and weather resistant.

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15. Garden Storage Box by Rhomtree

A waterproof storage box that is incredibly rich in features and provides tons of storage space for outdoor use. Despite being so large, the box weighs a mere 30 pounds, which is perfect if you want to transport the box around. The lid is simple enough to open and close, making it easy to store and fetch your items as you need. One of the most important selling features about this box is its 1-year warranty.

The storage box is waterproof and can protect your items from all weather conditions. This is thanks to its sturdy wood design. This product is fairly low maintenance and can be cleaned without damaging the texture.

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