My John Deere Mower Makes A Loud Noise When Turning – Why? What To Do?

Mowing noise is inevitable when your lawnmower operates. And you might also be wondering how to reduce the noise it produces. But there is one particular issue gardeners ask-- and that is why a John Deere mower makes a loud noise. After much research, we have determined the answer and how to solve the issue.

Lawnmowers tend to become noisy when internal problems occur. You'll readily know there is an issue if you regularly use your mowers, which means you can differentiate what's normal or not for your equipment. Your John Deere mower might be noisy because of any of the following issues:

  • An issue with a slipping drive belt
  • Using the same old oil
  • Broken muffler or silencer
  • Insufficient oil for the shaft bearing
  • Cutting deck or blades obstruction difficulties
  • Uneven or crooked blades

Any time your John Deere mower makes a noise that doesn't seem normal, you should stop what you're doing and investigate. If you hesitate, you'll end up doing more harm to the device. As also, the volume will build up with time. Read on to learn the possible reasons behind your John Deere lawnmower's loud noise and the best ways to address the issue.

What Are The Reasons Why My John Deere Mower Is Noisy?

A John Deere lawn tractor in River Falls,Wisconsin

We all know lawnmowers are naturally noisy, especially since they have many moving components. The engine of your mower causes vibrations while it runs. And when the body vibrates, you can hear the resulting reverberations.

Although the electric mower is a bit silent compared to the others, it can still be much noisier when not maintained. Moreover, as long as you notice that the noise is too loud, it would be best to inspect the mower to avoid further damage immediately. And below are the possible reasons why your John Deere or other lawnmower brands experience too much noisiness when operating. 

An Issue With A Slipping Drive Belt

Most gardeners and homeowners know that the drive belt is the most prevalent cause of a noisy lawn mower. Using your John Deere lawnmower wears out its drive belt over time. However, you should not worry too much about such an issue as it's an easy fix or replacement.

How To Fix The Mower's Drive Belts?

A lawnmower experiencing this typical problem requires immediate attention. Simply re-establishing the actual form of a drive belt that has become slack or loosened is usually sufficient to restore its proper functioning.

Furthermore, you should precisely align the belt between the notches. If you don't replace a broken part by a certain date, it will eventually fail and cause problems.

You Are Using The Same Old Oil

If you wish your John Deere to function at its peak performance, you should regularly replace the oil. Aside from that, it is advisable only to use fresh oil. Remember that you should never reuse old oil to prevent component damage or wear and tear from occurring.

Additionally, old oil does a poor job of lubricating the engine's moving parts compared to new oil. When the machine isn't working fine and quietly, it makes a lot of noise because the pistons aren't flowing smoothly.

How To Fix Old Oil In Lawnmowers?

Replace the old oil with new oil as the manufacturer's manual requires. To get the most out of your mowing sessions, it would be best to swap out the oil in your John Deere lawnmower at the beginning of each season.

Broken Muffler Or Silencer

A muffler's primary function is to mute the sounds generated by your John Deere mower's output, and it is highly effective at doing so. But noise suppression might not work if there is damage or the muffler moves from where it should be. Since this is the case, your mower will make tremendous noise when in use.

Mufflers with damage, such as fissures or holes in the casing, are ineffective at dampening noise. You won't be able to reinstall it correctly either after uninstalling it.

How To Fix Broken Mower Muffler?

One gardener mowing grass fixing lawn mower engine problem

If your muffler is damaged, you should probably replace it. You don't have to worry too much since the cost is typically reasonable. In addition, the volume will rise even further if you continue to utilize a broken muffler.

Before attempting to replace the muffler, it is highly advisable not to touch the engine yet, especially if you have just finished using the mower. A new muffler is an easy upgrade to make. All you need to do is locate the exhaust pipe, then attach the threaded end of the muffler.

Insufficient Oil For The Shaft Bearings

Lawnmowers rely on the load-bearing capabilities of shaft bearings. If you don't oil this part or you are using old oil, expect your John Deere mower to generate annoying noises.

How To Fix Shaft Bearings Issues In Mowers?

Good thing that this issue is straightforward to fix. All you need to do is remove the cover to your John Deere mower shaft bearings and put oil on it. Doing so will quiet down the too much noise it produces.

Cutting Deck Or Blades Obstruction Difficulties

If something like a stringy rope or line is snagging your mower's blades, know that it is another common explanation for the problem we frequently ignore.

Without free rotation, the blades can't efficiently mow the lawn. The outcome will be a tremendous amount of noise produced by the blades. The noise of your John Deere mower will peak at higher speeds.

How To Fix Mower Blades Obstruction Issues?

A male worker using a ride on lawn mower John Deere X540 in a park.

The first step in fixing the problem is to remove any obstructions from the blades' paths. Stop the blades, and turn off the mower before attempting to clear obstructions! 

And to do that, you just need to get rid of grass, gunk, and dirt from the blade using a brush with firm bristles. The strange noise will stop if you remove those obstructions. Moreover, it would be best to wear safety gloves when doing this step to protect your hands.

Uneven Or Crooked Mower Blades

Spinning curved blades penetrate the housing, creating wear and tear as well as an annoying whirring sound. Examine your John Deere mower's spinning blade as you operate it. Also, it is advisable to pay close attention to the areas where the blades collide.

How To Fix Crooked Mower Blades?

It's simple to remedy this problem by removing the blades. Stop the blades, and turn off the mower. Disassemble the blades from beneath the mower bed.  

Reshape them with a hammer, and then replace them where they were. Be mindful of where the blades attach to the mower as you remove them. Moreover, it would be best to ensure you position them precisely in the mower and make no room for error.

How To Reduce The Noise Of Your John Deere Lawn Mower?

 A John Deere lawn tractor in River Falls,Wisconsin on June 02,2015. Deere and Company is Headquartered in Moline,Illinois., My John Deere Mower Makes A Loud Noise When Turning - Why? What To Do?

Below are the approaches you can perform to lessen the noise you hear from your John Deere lawnmower when it operates.

Wear Protective Earplugs

Long-term exposure to lawnmower's noise levels is harmful to the eardrums. Many are unaware that loud equipment causes hearing loss for a large population. So, wearing protective earplugs every time you operate your mower would be best. It prevents dangerously loud noises from entering your hearing.

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Secure All The Screws

Loose parts cause unnecessary rattling and raise the overall volume of your lawnmower. To begin this method, give the mower a quick inspection and torque any screws you see. To access its insides, you may have to disassemble the casing. Additionally, be sure there are no missing screws.

Use A Mower Engine Silencer

There are two types of engine silencers that you can use for your lawnmower to reduce its noise, and these are:

1. Tuned Dissipative Silencer

A tuned dissipative silencer is your best bet if you want to suppress low and medium-level sounds. This silencer's primary connection is to the mower engine's exhaust, which returns reflected sound waves.

2. Absorptive Silencer

Absorptive silencers are effective in lessening or muffling extremely high-frequency or high-volume noise. The standard construction involves wadding materials that are both porous and rigid. By and large, the intensity of sound waves converts into heat when they travel through the insulators of your lawnmower.

What We Have Learned

John Deere lawn mower in front of modest home

Now that you are finally aware of the possible causes of why your John Deere produces too much noise, you can quickly determine the primary reason the next time you'll experience such an issue. Additionally, keep in mind that you should always inspect your John Deere mower before every use to prevent accidents from happening and producing further mower damage. 


You have made it to the end! We hope this post answers all of your questions about lawnmowers. Please feel free to reach out in the comments if you still have additional questions. And if you wish to continue reading, you can check these posts out!

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