Is Mondo Grass Toxic To Cats Or Dogs?

Adding new plants to your garden can be an intimidating task. This becomes even more stressful if you have pets who may nibble on any new vegetation. Fortunately, there is a lot of information readily available to determine if a specific plant is toxic to animals. In this post, we will look further into mondo grass and how safe it is or isn't for people with cats and/or dogs. 

Mondo grass is not toxic to cats or dogs. This plant will not hurt either type of animal unless eaten in large amounts. However, this is not because the plant contains any toxic chemicals. Mondo grass is an excellent option for garden spaces where animals may be present. 

Though this plant is not listed as being toxic, it can still cause issues if your pet ingests it in large amounts. On the other hand, there may also be a few perks in letting your pet eat small amounts of grass, depending on the type and whether it has any chemical treatments. We will continue to explore information on this topic in the rest of this post. 

Monkey Grass or Dwarf Mondo Grass, Is Mondo Grass Toxic To Cats Or Dogs?

Issues With Mondo Grass For Pets

According to the list of harmful plants on the website of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or the ASPCA, mondo grass is not toxic for dogs or cats.

However, just because the grass itself does not have any harmful toxins does not mean there is a complete absence of potential harm to your pets.

One thing to be aware of is many pesticides, herbicides, and possibly even fertilizers contain many different chemicals. More often than not, these chemicals are not going to be safe for a dog or cat to ingest.

If you use any of these products on your mondo grass, you may need to carefully watch any pets while they are around the grass or research the products to try to find safe, non-toxic alternatives.  

In addition to watching for unsafe chemical use, it is important to watch your cat or dog's behavior after they have been around the mondo grass.

Eating some of it occasionally in small amounts should not cause any issues. But, in large quantities and when eaten often, it may cause stomach issues for your pet. If you notice them vomiting regularly, try to keep them away from the grass. 

Dog in the field of grass

Benefits Of Having Mondo Grass With Pets

Typically, dogs and cats will be more likely to eat softer grasses. Mondo grass has more of a medium texture, making it a little thicker.

This means cats and dogs may leave mondo grass alone completely and will prefer to nibble on other plants they come across instead. However, they will be drawn to thicker, sharper grasses under certain circumstances. 

One reason cats and dogs may seek out sharper grasses is if they are trying to treat internal parasites. Animals can detect when they have health issues like this and will try to rid themselves of such problems.

If you notice your cat or dog is consistently drawn to thicker, sharper plants like mondo grass, consider taking them to the vet to be tested for parasites. 

In addition to potentially catching health issues, having an abundance of grasses will help your pet add nutrients to its diet.

Eating small amounts of grass every so often adds fiber and aids the animal's digestion. Cats and dogs will also seek out grass if they have an upset stomach, as grasses can help settle such issues. 

Mondo grass under the bright sunlight

How Well Does Mondo Grass Do Around Pets?

Now that we know pets cannot be hurt by eating mondo grass, you may wonder if your pets will cause any damage to the mondo grass.

The good news is mondo grass is a very easy plant to take care of once it has become established. This is because it is a very sturdy type of grass and is often used in lawn areas with regular traffic. Cats and dogs stepping on it regularly should not do much damage. 

Though animals may take a few nibbles out of some of the plants, these areas should grow back in no time. Mondo grass grows fairly quickly and is often planted because of how quickly it can spread in an area.

This makes it a lot less likely that a dog or cat will be able to remove enough of it to permanently kill or remove the plant. 

Another worry for people with mondo grass and pets would be the possibility of dogs peeing on it. Some plants can easily die from this due to their sensitivity to water or pH levels.

Luckily, mondo grass is not one of these plants. In fact, one gardener uses mondo grass in her garden specifically meant to withstand dog urine and pet traffic. 

Are Mondo Grass Berries Or Seeds Toxic?

Most of the time, mondo grass consists of grassy blades. In the early spring to late summer months though, the plant will grow small berries that may vary in color.

Since we already know mondo grass itself is nontoxic, you may wonder if the same can be said for these berries. The good news is there is no evidence of mondo grass berries being harmful if consumed. 

In addition to the berries not being toxic, the seeds of mondo grass are also nontoxic. This means that no part of this plant will be problematic for your pets or any animals that may be in your area. Because of this, mondo grass is a great plant option for people who enjoy being surrounded by animals. 

showy flower spikes with dense, violet-purple flowers rise above the leaves in late summer

Mondo Grass And Other Animals

Knowing mondo grass is safe to have with cats and dogs around, it may be worth mentioning how other animals usually interact with this plant.

This grass will commonly attract attention from smaller animals like rabbits and chipmunks. Deer can also eat mondo grass on occasion if they happen to find any in their nearby area. 

The good news is mondo grass is resistant to any damage done by such animals. This is a very tough plant, and it would take quite a bit of damage to affect its health.

So if you notice these creatures coming around and taking a few bites from your mondo grass, rest assured that they will most likely not kill any of it. 

Is Mondo Grass Edible?

Mondo grass is not toxic in any way for people or animals. In fact, some animals may benefit from eating mondo grass. So you may be wondering if there are any benefits for humans or if mondo grass is edible for people. The answer is certain parts of the plant are edible and may have a few perks

The only part of mondo grass that is edible is the roots. Whether or not they taste good is up for debate, however. Some people claim they have a bitter taste, while others have said they are sweet.

Roots are mainly carbohydrates and may not offer much in terms of nutrition. In addition to being edible though, mondo grass is known for medicinal uses. 

After harvesting mondo grassroots in the spring, they can be dried and used to treat a variety of small illnesses and discomforts. Some companies have found ways to extract oils from the roots which can then be given instead of eating dried roots. The most common ailments mondo grassroots can treat include:

  • Anxiety
  • Dry coughs
  • Fevers
  • Insomnia

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Is Mondo Grass A True Grass?

Green leaves plant Mondo Grass Ophiopogon Japonicus garden

Though the name implies mondo grass is a type of grass, this is not the case. It has the name grass due to the long, slender blades that make up the plant.

The fact that people most commonly use it to fill in areas of their lawns and gardens also reinforces the idea of it being grass. However, this plant is a bit harder to define than that. 

Mondo grass is actually a part of the lily family. Some of the characteristics that give it away as such are the structure of the roots and the way the plant leaves clump together when mature.

They also thrive better in shady areas, which is common with certain lily-type plants. Even though most lily plants are toxic, mondo grass is an exception. 

In Closing

Monkey Grass or Dwarf Mondo GrassMonkey Grass or Dwarf Mondo Grass, Is Mondo Grass Toxic To Cats Or Dogs?

Mondo grass is an excellent plant option for people with a cat or dog that may be in contact with the plant. Not only is this plant nontoxic if eaten, but it is resistant to regular pet traffic.

Having animals walk over this plant or dogs that may pee on it will not damage mondo grass at all. This plant is pet friendly and pet resistant in all the best ways. 

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