How To Use Quick Wash On Toro Lawn Mower

Washing your mower using its quick wash will only take you a few minutes. Just follow these steps to have a seamless cleaning method for your mower.

  1. Go to a flat surface, preferably on concrete.
  2. Stop the engine. Make sure that all moving parts have stopped before beginning the cleaning process.
  3. Lower the cutting height to the lowest setting.
  4. Remove the bag from the mower.
  5. Attach your water hose to your quick dry port located on the lower left side of the mower's body. It has a distinctive color blue plastic on it.
  6. Turn on the water.
  7. Turn on the engine of the mower.
  8. Stay behind the handle of the mower and make sure that it stays in place.
  9. Engage the blade. This will help the water circulate through the underside of the mower to clean it. Continue until no more clippings are seen coming out from the machine's underside.
  10. After that, shut off the water and disconnect the water hose.
  11. Lastly, engage the blade of the engine again for a few minutes to dry off the underside.

What do I spray on the bottom of my mower deck to avoid grass from sticking to it?

African-American man spraying and cleaning off a lawnmower with a water hose outside in the summer

There are some non-stick sprays that you can buy in the market and online to prevent grass from sticking to your mower as you mow your lawn. This is one great way to save the hassle of needing to clean your mower, especially if you are in a hurry or need to do other errands. 

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Of course, keeping your mower clean will help it perform in the most optimal and efficient way. It will help prolong its service life and save you from purchasing a new one. 

You can also do these things to avoid mess during mowing as much as possible.

Up-to-date maintenance with your mower

To avoid any unnecessary strain on your mower's engine, make sure that you are up to date with all the required maintenance, such as changing the oil. Making sure the mower doesn't run dry will also help the engine in the long run. Regularly checking if there is any blockage in the air filter will also help.

Avoid mowing wet grass

Grass is stickier when it is wet. So it is best to schedule your mowing when the grass is dry. This will result in fewer clippings on the underside of your mower. You can also cover more ground at a faster pace as you won't have to problem with the build-up of clippings. Lastly, it is easier to clean. 

Regular mowing

Letting your grass grow a foot tall will make it harder for your mower to clip them. This will also result in a thicker amount of grass you would have to clean up. Regularly trimming them once they start to grow will save you more time and energy than having them mowed once every six months. 

WD-40 themselves claim that their product is also a great anti-stick when mowing your lawn. Having a can of WD-40 sprayed on the underside of your deck and blades will not only create a non-stick surface but also prevent rust from forming in your blades.

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Is it OK to hose down a lawn mower?

A black African-American man spraying and cleaning off a lawnmower with a water hose outside in the summer

Hosing down a lawn mower would generally be safe. Although some parts are not water-sealed, a gentle sprinkle of water will not harm your mower. You have to avoid high-pressure water, especially hitting the upper side of the deck where the engine and other parts that are not waterproof are situated. 

Are Toro Lawn Mowers reliable?

Lawn mower in a sunny garden at spring time

In general, Toro Lawn Mowers have an excellent reputation when it comes to lawn mowing equipment. Toro started as a tractor engine building company back in 1914 and began doing lawn care machines in the 40s.

With over a hundred years of experience in the industry, Toro has stood the test of time and has become a hallmark for brands in the lawn care industry. Toro has consistently ranked in the list of the most durable lawn mowers in the market today.

How long will a Toro Lawn Mower last?

With proper care, maintenance, use, and storage, a Toro Lawn Mower could potentially last its owner roughly 20 years of service. Of course, many factors would have to be considered, but if you are a responsible owner, your mower could last longer than expected. 

In review

Gardening Equipment Cleaning the lawn mower outside the garden

Using the quick wash feature in your toro lawn mower is relatively easy. You just need to find a flat paved surface, some water, and a hose, and you're good to go. This feature saves time, effort, and energy when cleaning your Toro Lawn Mower. Since it is easy, it also encourages you to do the cleaning as often as possible to help preserve the longevity of your machine. 

A clean mower will perform better compared to an unmaintained one. You also are at a lower risk of having problems with your mower, especially if you couple it with regular maintenance such as on-time change oil. And lastly, you will have a fun time when cutting glass if your mower does its job effortlessly and effectively. 

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