How To Use A Craftsman Edger [Step By Step Instructions]

Edgers can be used to clean up the boundary between your lawn and the pavement. You might have brought a Craftsman edger and are now wondering how to use the device. Don't worry because we have done the research to provide you with everything you need to know when using a Craftsman edger.

With that said, let's dive right in!

There are multiple Craftsman edgers, such as cordless edgers and electric edgers. Gas edgers can also be wheeled, handheld, or with a 4-cycle gas feature.

Below is a step-by-step guide you can follow when using a Craftsman edger at home:

  1. Assemble the parts. (Only if the product was disassembled.)
  2. Connect to or install a suitable power source.
  3. Position the blades directly across the edge.
  4. Start the motor, then restore or create the edge.
  5. Disconnect the device from the power source after use.
  6. Clean the edger blades.
  7. Disassemble the parts. (Only if the product should be disassembled for storage.)
  8. Store the device in a dry, safe place.

Craftsman edgers can all be used to trim overgrown grass or expanded soil. However, the way to operate each type of edger may differ. Continue reading below as we discuss the method to follow when using each type of Craftsman edger.

Grass flying in the air after being cut by an edger on a sunny winter afternoon, How To Use A Craftsman Edger [Step By Step Instructions]

How Do You Use A Craftsman Edger?

Craftsman edgers utilize blades to cut through tough grass, weeds, or soil that may have extended past the original boundary separating your lawn from the pavement.

Edger kicking grass up in the air as a middle aged man edges the grass on a sunny winter afternoon. San Mateo, California

They have vertically positioned blades that can cut through tough materials when spinning at a high rate.

Since it is only an edger, Craftsman edgers should not be used as a trimmer and edger. Craftsman edgers are only meant for trimming and cleaning out lawn edges. Craftsman edgers should not be used as a substitute for cutting grass.

There are multiple types of Craftsman edges, and while all devices have the same purpose, the process to follow when assembling and operating might vary.

Some Craftsman edges do not need assembly, and some types require gas rather than electricity.


Before using a Craftsman edger, you must assemble the device's parts. Brand new Craftsman edgers come disassembled in the box, so the essential components must be connected to the main motor before it can be used.

Some users prefer to disassemble large tools for more compact storage. Ensure all parts are secured in place before operating the unit.

Connect To A Power Source

After assembly, connect the appropriate power source to your Craftsman edger. There are corded and cordless electric-powered Craftsman edgers.

Install a charged battery in the slot behind the device's handle for cordless edgers.

Make sure that the battery you have is compatible with the type of Craftsman edger you have. For the cordless electric V20 edger, use a 4.0 AH lithium battery.

See a Craftsman V20 battery pack on Amazon.

For corded edgers, connect the plug to an outlet of 120 to 240V, depending on the length of the cord. Refer to the user manual to determine the correct voltage for your specific Craftsman edger.

To operate the motor, gas edgers do not need to be connected to an electrical power source. Fill up the tank with regular unleaded gasoline or any fresh gasoline with an alcohol percentage not exceeding ten percent.

Mix the fuel with 2-cycle oil. Make sure to avoid using diesel fuel or E85 fuels.

Position The Blades

Grass flying in the air after being cut by an edger on a sunny winter afternoon. San Mateo, California

The blades of a Craftsman edger are installed vertically, allowing the device to cut through overgrown grass growing sideways instead of skywards. Sit the blades directly on the line you want to create.

As a reference, you can position the blades on top of the original boundary separating the grass from the pavement.

You can also create a new boundary yourself, which you can do by making a line with spray paint before deepening the new boundary with the edger.

When using Craftsman edgers with shafts, you can position the angle of the blade by sitting the wheel firmly on the ground to use it as an anchor.

The wheel will steady the blade and keep the angle you have set the blade on as long as the wheel is touching the ground.

You can position the blades using the angle adjuster for Craftsman edgers, such as the gas-wheeled and 4-cycle engine edger. For the gas-wheeled edger, the angle adjusted is located behind the blade housing.

The lever beside the wheel bracket can adjust a 4-cycle engine edger's blade position and depth. This changes the wheel located on the other side of the blade housing.

If the wheel is lowered, the blade will become higher. This allows the user to position the blades next to overgrown grass located next to a slope or uneven ground.

The blade will also return when the wheel is returned to its original position.

Start The Motor, Then Edge

Once the blades are positioned in place, you can proceed to start the motor.

When starting handheld Craftsman edgers, pull the trigger on the device's handle or the black handle located at the shaft connected to the motor.

To activate wheeled gas edgers, pull the cord and wait for the motor to begin running.

If your device requires a cold start, press the red button on the gas container three times before pulling the cord. As soon as the motor begins to make a loud noise, it is running.

While the motor is running, begin cutting the edge. Push the device through the line between the grass and the pavement or the new line you marked across the grass. Continue pushing the blades until you have reached your desired outcome.

Disconnect The Power Source

Electric 56V cordless mower, blower, trimmer and edger

After using the edger, disconnect the device from its power source. This will keep you safe by preventing accidental start-ups while putting the device away.

Clean The Blades

Running the blades through grass and soil will accumulate dirt on the blades. Make sure to remove the dirt from the blades before storing the device.

You can use a scrubbing brush or wire wool to clean the dirt off the blades.

If you use the blades on moist soil, dirt can chip on the blades' sides. Remove the ground by using water and soap. Make sure to dry and oil the blades after cleaning.


You can disassemble the handheld Craftsman edgers shaft for more compact storage. The handle and wheels of gas-wheeled edgers can also be removed if you prefer to disassemble the device when storing it.

Store The Device

Store Craftsman edgers in dry, safe areas where children or pets can not reach them. When storing gas edgers, store them vertically to avoid the fuel from leaking.

How Do You Use A Craftsman Manual Edger?

A studio photo of a garden equipment of artificial turf

Craftsman manual edgers are rotary edgers ideal for cleaning up edges along pathways or flowerbeds.

Furthermore, Craftsman edgers and other rotary edgers do not have a motor and do not require any power source before operation. They have self-sharpening serrated blades supported by two wheels attached to a wooden shaft.

To use a Craftsman manual edger, position the blades directly on top of the line you want to restore or create. Hold the wooden shaft with two hands and push the serrated blades against the ground.

Once the blades are positioned, make a continuous push-and-pull motion to dig through the soil until a visible line is created. Keep the wheels firmly on the ground to steady the position of the blades.

Do You Edge Before Or After Mowing Your Lawn?

There is no required process of when you should mow your grass when you are also planning to edge it.

Depending on your preference, you can mow the lawn and clean up the edges afterward. On the other hand, cleaning the edges before mowing the lawn also works.

The method you have of whether mowing then edging or edging then mowing will not affect the growth of your grass.

If you want to know which way is easier to clean, no method is better because they both do the job.

To Wrap Up

There are many types of Craftsman edgers, and the process to follow when operating one might differ from one type to another.

This article discussed a general guide you can follow when operating a Craftsman edger. We also discussed using a manual edger and when you should edge your lawn.

Make sure to refer to a manual specific to your Craftsman edger for more detailed instructions.

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