How To Use A Black And Decker Hedge Trimmer [Step By Step Guide]

Black And Decker hedge trimmers can be used to maintain your plant's growth habits. You might have purchased one and are now wondering how to operate it at home.

Don't worry because we have done the research to provide you with everything you need to know about using a Black and Decker hedge trimmer. Let's dive right in!

Below is a step-by-step guide you can follow when using a Black and Decker hedge trimmer.

  1. Insert a charged battery.
  2. Press down the trigger lock while squeezing the trigger.
  3. Release the lock once the motor is running.
  4. Keep pressing the trigger to keep the motor operating.
  5. Keep one hand on the trigger and one hand on the bail handle while working.
  6. Sweep the trimmer blades at a 15-degree angle across the excess hedge growth.
  7. Release and lock the trigger button after using it.
  8. Remove the battery and return the blade sheath.

The Black and Decker hedge trimmer uses batteries. Their cordless design makes them more convenient for overgrown hedges that stretch far from an outlet. Continue reading as we discuss the other essential information you need when using a Black and Decker hedge trimmer.

How Do You Use A Black And Decker Hedge Trimmer?

The Black and Decker hedge trimmer is a cordless device that you can use to trim overgrown bushes and shrubs in your garden.

They can be used in place of traditional garden shears if you are planning to trim plant habits instead of small branches.

The device has a straight trimmer blade that allows the user to make linear cuts along the tops and edges of the plant. Below is a step-by-step guide you can follow when using a Black and Decker hedge trimmer.

 Black and decker hedge trimmer in a studio setting, isolated on white.

Insert The Battery

To begin operating a Black and Decker hedge trimmer, insert the suitable battery for the device. Use a battery with the correct voltage on the hedge trimmer.

If you own a 20V hedge trimmer, you should only use 20V.

For Black and Decker hedge trimmers bought 'bare' or with no batteries, you can use any 20V Black and Decker battery on the hedge trimmer.

You can also use a replacement battery with a suitable voltage for your purchased unit.

See these hedge trimmer replacement batteries on Amazon.

To insert the battery, position the connector found at the top of the battery pack below the battery receiving port on the hedge trimmer.

Hold the battery with the connector facing up and slide it inside the receiving dock. Next, insert the battery pack into the port until you hear a click.

Press Down The Trigger Lock, Then Squeeze The Tigger

Once the battery is secured, proceed to ignite the motor of the hedge trimmer. To do this, you must first unlock the trigger.

The lock button of the trigger is the black toggle found above the trigger handle. By default, this toggle sits at the top side of the toggle, facing toward the trimmer blades.

Use your thumb to press this toggle towards you and begin to squeeze the trigger.

It is recommended that you should use a single hand to press down the trigger lock and squeeze the trigger. This is because your other hand should hold the hedge trimmer using the bail handle once the motor starts.

Keep pressing the trigger lock towards you while simultaneously squeezing the trigger until you hear the motor running.

Release The Lock Button Once The Motor Starts Running

Thujas Trees Green Wall Shaping with Gasoline Hedge Trimmer. Caucasian Gardener Trimming Plants Close Up

Once the motor of the hedge trimmer begins to run, release the trigger lock.

Given that you have sufficient charge in the battery inserted in the hedge trimmer, the motor should continue running as long as you keep the trigger pressed.

Avoid pushing the lock button towards the bail handle: this can cause the blades to stop suddenly.

Keep Squeezing The Trigger

While keeping the trigger pressed, the blades should begin moving.

If you desire to keep the motor running, keep squeezing the trigger. Once the trigger is released, the motor will halt, and the blades will stop moving.

Keep One Hand On The Bail Handle And One On The Trigger

While operating the hedge trimmer, it is vital to hold the device properly.

The correct way to hold a Black and Decker hedge trimmer is to keep one hand on the trigger handle and one holding the bail handle.

By holding the hedge trimmer this way, the blades will always face the user's opposite side.

This will significantly reduce the chances of an accident or injury and put space between the user and the falling hedge trimmings.

Sweep Across Excess Growth At An Angle

To use the hedge trimmer, sweep the moving blades across the desired level of the hedge you are trimming. It is important to note that a hedge trimmer should be used only on hedges and shrubs.

Black and Decker hedge trimmers should not be used as a tree pruning device.

The teeth of the trimmer blades can only cut through stems less than 3/4 inch thick. To properly use the hedge trimmer, sweep the blades across the hedge at a 15-degree angle.

Thujas Trees Green Wall Shaping with Gasoline Hedge Trimmer. Caucasian Gardener Trimming Plants,How To Use A Black And Decker Hedge Trimmer[Step By Step Guide]

This should not be exceeded because the trimmer's blades protrude horizontally.

Use the bail handle to maneuver the trimmer blades easily. You can continue sweeping across the top of the hedge laterally to cut upright stems.

To trim the sides of a hedge, move your grip to the side of the bail handle and move the trimmer blades vertically.

Release And Lock The Trigger Button

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Once you have reached the desired shape of your hedge habit, you can release the trigger to stop the motor. Wait for the trimmer blades to stop completely. Next, push the toggle of the trigger lock towards the blades.

Make sure to lock the trigger before beginning to put the device aside. This will prevent any injury that may arise once the trigger is accidentally pushed while it is unlocked.

Remove The Battery And Return The Blade Sheath

After securing the lock on the trigger, proceed to remove the battery from the receiving port.

The battery does not have to be charged after every use, and you can refer to the battery level indicators to see if you need to recharge the battery.

Once the batteries are removed, you can begin cleaning the blades to remove any debris that might be stuck between them. You can clean the blades with a clean towel dipped in soapy water to remove plant materials on the blade.

After cleaning, return the blade sheath over the trimmer. The sheath is used to protect the hands of the user while the hedge trimmer is being stored.

Store the device away from fertilizers or other chemicals. These substances can influence the steel to rust easily and accelerate the trimmer blades' wear and tear.

See this hedge trimmer sheath on Amazon.

How To Sharpen Black And Decker Hedge Trimmer

Thujas Trees Green Wall Shaping with Gasoline Hedge Trimmer. Caucasian Gardener Trimming Plants Close Up, How To Use A Black And Decker Hedge Trimmer [Step By Step Guide]

You can use a flat file or a sharpening stone to sharpen the nicks that might interfere with the operation of the blades. However, it is essential to note that sharpening the blades of your hedge trimmer is not recommended all the time.

The blades of a Black and Decker hedge trimmer are made of hardened quality steel, and the material does not need frequent resharpening. Only sharpen the hedge trimmer blades when nicks on the blade appear due to contact with hard objects.

If the damage on the blades reduces the quality of the trim, use a flat file or a sharpening stone to remove the nicks. Even so, only sharpen the damaged blades and not all teeth blades.

Remove the battery before running the file or stone against the teeth blades.

Apply a few drops of lubricating oil on each sharpened blade before wiping the excess with a clean cloth. You can also avoid damaging the blades by covering them with a sheath every time it is not operating.

Should You Oil The Blades Of Your Hedge Trimmer?

Macro electric hedge trimmer knife. Trimming garden hedge. Cutting a shrub with an electric brush cutter

It would help if you oiled the blades of your hedge trimmer before and after each use. The oil will act as a lubricant between the blades, creating a smoother movement with less friction.

This will reduce the damage you will get on the blades after frequent use.

See a hedge trimmer lubricant kit on Amazon.

As we mentioned, ensure that the hedge trimmer is not connected to a power source before cleaning and oiling the blades.

To Finish Things Up

Black and decker hedge trimmers can remove hedge or shrub overgrowth. This article discussed the proper process of using a Black and Decker hedge trimmer.

We also discussed how to sharpen the blades, as well as how you can maintain the quality of the blades. Make sure to practice all safety precautions when using a hedge trimmer.

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