How To Start A Husqvarna Leaf Blower [Step By Step Guide]

Raking your leaves could be time-consuming and tedious if your backyard is huge. But a strong leaf blower, like a Husqvarna, can make the job easier. But how do you start a Husqvarna leaf blower? We did extensive research to guide you.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to start your Husqvarna gasoline-powered leaf blower:

  1. Combine gas and oil
  2. Pour the gasoline mixture in
  3. Activate the primer bulb
  4. Move the choke lever
  5. Pull the starter handle

The Husqvarna leaf blower works incredibly well and thoroughly removes all the trash and piles of leaves from your yard. However, you need to be able to start it to use it. Since there are different Husqvarna leaf blower models, please keep reading this post to discover how to operate each type.

vacuum cleaner cleaning leaves on lawn, How To Start A Husqvarna Leaf Blower [Step By Step Guide]

How To Start A Husqvarna Leaf Blower

There are two types of Husqvarna leaf blowers: the hand-held and backpack models. Each has a unique operating mechanism that depends on its power source, which can either be gasoline-powered or battery-operated.

Starting A Gasoline-Powered Leaf Blower

Most property owners use two-stroke gas leaf blowers. These machines have excellent functionality and long lifespans. But unlike battery-powered versions, they are a little more challenging to start.

To start a gas-powered blower with a 2-cycle engine, follow these steps:

1. Combine Gas And Oil

For Husqvarna leaf blowers to work correctly, you must make your own 50:1 gasoline and oil mixture. Please note that their engines require unleaded fuel to function properly.

You can create the mixture easily by mixing oil and gasoline in a clean container or an empty gas can. To do this, cautiously pour the gasoline into the can to prevent a potential leak, then add oil to the can while following the required proportions.

Next, close the gas can and thoroughly shake the combination to ensure the oil and gasoline mix well to keep the oil from floating on top of the fuel. 

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2. Pour The Gasoline Mixture In

Clean the area surrounding the canister's top before adding fuel to the tank - remove the cap and clean it with a rag to eliminate dust or debris.

Next, pour the liquid into the leaf blower's tank gradually to prevent fuel spills. Start by adding small quantities at a time while monitoring the fuel level in the tank, keeping an eye out for the "full line."

Finally, use a towel to wipe any spilled gasoline from the can's rim, then replace the leaf blower's cap and tighten it to prevent gasoline leaks while you are working.

3. Press Its Primer Bulb

The priming bulb, also known as the purge bulb, is located on the rear panel of the Husqvarna leaf blower.

To activate the primer bulb, you must press it between six and ten times until you see the petrol filling up. Pressing the priming bulb removes air from the carburetor and injects the fuel mixture, thus allowing the blower to work.

4. Move The Choke Lever

The choke lever is located right below the priming bulb. When using your Husqvarna leaf blower for the first time, you can expect to find this lever shifted to the right. Move it to the left until you see a sign with two "Hs."

Ideally, there should be no resistance when moving the choke lever. Please note that you'll slide the throttle lever to the left every time you operate your Husqvarna leaf blower.

5. Pull The Starter Handle

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The Husqvarna leaf blower's startup handle, also known as the ripcord, is located on the left. Place the blower on a level and smooth surface, then pull the cord three times - this positions the choke lever in the middle, beneath the first "H" sign.

After moving the choke lever, repeatedly pull the starter handle till you hear the engine switch on. You may need to pull at least five times before the engine starts. 

Give the leaf blower 10 to 15 seconds to run once the engine has started warming up before turning the throttle lever back to the right. You may use the leaf blower while in the "off choke" setting.

You'll need to repeat steps #4 and #5 again if your blower engine fails while you're using it.

Here is a video guide on how to start a gas-operate Husqvarna leaf blower:

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Starting A Battery-Powered Leaf Blower

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Using cordless, battery-powered leaf blowers can help avoid the hassle of tangled garden tools, but you must ensure the battery is fully charged before using them. Additionally, you may need to recharge the battery a few times, depending on how big your yard is or how many leaves you need to get rid of.

These simple instructions will help you turn on a cordless or battery-powered Husqvarna leaf blower:

  1. Assemble its tube.
  2. Insert the battery into the leaf blower's battery holder. If the battery fails to glide readily, you have not inserted it correctly. Listen for a click to ascertain that the battery has successfully locked into position.
  3. Turn the leaf blower on by pressing and holding the power button. Note that the leaf blower will automatically go off if you fail to use it within a minute.
  4. Press the cruise button to operate the blower at constant power. But if you need temporary extra power, please press the boost button. 

Remember to keep the air intake free from debris.

See this short youtube video on how to start a battery-powered Husqvarna leaf blower:

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How to Start A Leaf Blower That Fails To Start

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You may occasionally experience difficulties igniting the leaf blower even after properly following either of the procedures outlined above. But before calling a skilled service provider, troubleshoot as follows:

Check The Fuel's Condition Inside The Tank

Gasoline exhausts its useful life after 30 days. Therefore, the blower cannot run on old fuel. To restart the blower, thoroughly drain your old fuel and add freshly prepared fuel.

Spark Plug

The blower won't start properly if the spark plug is dusty, cracked, or damaged. If the plug is filthy or damaged, you can clean it or replace it.

Other potential causes of the issue include faulty wire, cracked porcelain, burned electrodes, and improper electrode gaps. Check the spark plug after removing it, and replace a defective or soiled spark plug with a new one.

Ensure the spark plug is gapped per the manufacturer's instructions, and firmly fasten the boot. You can also use a wire brush to polish the spark plug if it seems to be in great shape but is dirty.

Air Filter

A leaf blower's air filter may become clogged with dust when used for an extended period. So, open the filtering panel and clean it. Removing minor obstructions from the filter is simple, but you may need to replace the filter if it is excessively dirty or damaged.

Clean the filter by removing it from its housing and brushing off the dirt. In addition, you can wash it in water, and a mild dish soap mixture, then rinse it until the water becomes clear. Next, lay it flat for it to dry.

Clean off the air filter housing and its cover with a damp cloth before reinstalling the filter.

Please avoid using a blower without a filter, even for a short time, since small particles entering the engine can wear it out and ruin it. 

Blower Fan

The blower won't function correctly if the fan is not operating. Inspect the fan for any obstructions, such as debris, leaves, or other particles, then restart after clearing everything out. 


Avoid touching any parts when the blower switch is turned on to avoid damaging the blower. Also, you might need to call an expert for maintenance or repair if issues persist.


vacuum cleaner cleaning leaves on lawn

You can find the instructions for starting your Husqvarna leaf blower in its handbook. It is best to adhere to those instructions since they are developed exclusively for your particular model. But if you do not have the user manual, feel free to follow these guidelines to start your Husqvarna leaf blower.

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