How To Start A Billy Goat Aerator [Step-By-Step Guide]

A Billy Goat aerator is a powerful machine used to aerate lawns, gardens, and other turf areas to promote healthy growth. If you are wondering how to start your Billy Goat aerator, keep reading. We've researched this process to help you begin your journey to lawn perfection.

Here's how to start your Billy Goat aerator safely and effectively:

  1. Prepare your safety gear
  2. Start the engine
  3. Turn on the choke
  4. Pull the starter rope
  5. Turn off the choke
  6. Slide the throttle
  7. Use the aerator

A Billy Goat aerator can help prevent soil compaction and encourage root growth, making your yard more drought-tolerant and less susceptible to disease and pests. Are you excited to get your lawn in tip-top shape? Stick with us, and we will show you how simple it is to start your Billy Goat aerator and create your dream lawn!

shoot of man using aerator machine to scarification and aeration of lawn or meadow,How To Start A Billy Goat Aerator [Step By Step Guide]

How To Start A Billy Goat Aerator

Starting up a Billy Goat aerator can be a bit intimidating. We've listed a step-by-step guide to help you start and operate the Billy Goat aerator PL 2501.

lawn aerator removing moss from garden

1. Preparation

Ensure the aerator is on a level surface and has enough fuel to start. Prepare the following safety gear:

  • Safety goggles
  • Earplugs
  • Work gloves

2. Start the Engine

Dethatching the Lawn with an Electric Dethatcher

To start the engine, turn the switch. You can find the red switch button on the handle of the machine. 

3. Turn on the Choke

Adjust the throttle and turn on the choke. The choke is a small lever or button that restricts the airflow to the carburetor.

4. Pull the Starter Rope

Grab the starter rope and pull it firmly. The engine should start and run for a few seconds before stalling out.

5. Turn Off the Choke

The engine will allow more air into the carburetor and create a leaner fuel mixture, which is better for running the engine. Once this happens, you should return the choke to the sustain running position

6. Slide the Throttle

Next, slide the throttle forward to achieve the maximum RPM for aerator operation. Set the transmission bypass lever to drive enabled.

7. Use the Aerator

  • To operate the machine, squeeze the right lever to move it forward and the left lever for reverse.
  • Press the orange clutch lever and slowly squeeze the forward drive lever to begin aerating.
  • Slowly move the aerator forward and let the tines do their work.

Take note that instructions for starting and usage may vary depending on the Billy Goat aerator model. You can consult your user manual for specific directions.

Watch the video for more details on how to start a Billy Goat aerator.

How To Turn Off A Billy Goat Aerator

Spring work in garden. Man work with Man working with Lawn Aerator

Here is the step-by-step guide to turning off a Billy Goat aerator:

1. Release the Clutch Lever

Release the orange clutch lever and drive the engine forward 6-8 inches to ensure the tires are not under pressure.

2. Press the Foot Pedal

Press the foot pedal down to lift the tines from the ground and lock the machine. This will prevent it from moving while you turn it off.

3. Turn off the Ignition Switch

Turn off the ignition switch. This will shut off the engine and prevent any accidental restarts.

How To Properly Maintain A Billy Goat Aerator

A Billy Goat aerator is a practical tool for maintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that your aerator performs at its best. Here are some tips to help you care for and maintain a Billy Goat aerator.

Check the Air Filter

The air filter is a crucial engine component and needs regular cleaning or replacement. A dirty air filter can cause the engine to work harder, which leads to reduced performance and even damage. Check the air filter regularly and clean or replace it as necessary.

Change the Oil

Oil is the engine's lifeblood and needs regular changing to maintain the engine functioning smoothly. Consult your Billy Goat Aerator's user manual for recommended oil. Change the oil after every 10 hours of use.

Belt Tension

The belt is located on the side of the machine, and it is held by four screws. Replace the belt if you see it cracked or has worn edges or the belt has stretched too much. Check the belt every 50 hours of use.

Inspect the Spark Plug

The spark plug ignites the engine fuel, and a worn or damaged spark plug can result in subpar performance or even engine deterioration. Inspect the spark plug regularly and replace it if necessary. 

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Check the Tines

The tines are part of the aerator that penetrates the soil and can wear down over time. Check the tines for wear regularly and replace them as necessary.

Worn aerator tines can reduce the effectiveness of the aerator and cause damage to your lawn. Be careful in cleaning and replacing tines as they have sharp edges and it is heavy.

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Lubricate Moving Parts

The moving parts of your Billy Goat aerator need to be lubricated regularly to reduce friction and prevent wear. Use a high-quality lubricant to grease the moving components according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Store Properly

Store your Billy Goat aerator in a dry, protected area when it's not in use. Cover the engine with a tarp to prevent dust and debris buildup on the machine. Also, drain the fuel before long-term storage to avoid gum buildup in the carburetor.

You can keep your Billy Goat aerator in top condition and ensure it performs at its best by following the care tips provided. Regular maintenance will not only extend the life of your machine but also help you achieve a healthy and beautiful lawn.

Best Practices For Using An Aerator

As with any tool, common mistakes are natural when operating an aerator. Improper use of an aerator can damage your lawn or the machine itself. We will discuss some of the most common mistakes to avoid with an aerator so that you use it properly. We'll also discuss when to use the machine.

Use the Right Type of Aerator

Lawn aerator in the backyard after the cleaning

There are two main types of aerators: spike and core or hollow aerators. Spike aerators make small holes in the soil, while core aerators remove plugs from the ground soil.

While spike aerators are generally less expensive, core aerators are more effective at reducing soil compaction and promoting healthy root growth. Choose the correct type of aerator for your lawn's needs.

Get Your Lawn Ready

One of the biggest mistakes people make when using an aerator is not preparing the lawn properly.

Mow the yard to a height of about 2-3 inches before using the aerator. Remove any debris, such as rocks, sticks, or toys. Also, make sure that the soil is moist but not too wet. Aerate when the soil is moist but not muddy or excessively dry.

Don't Over-aerate 

While regular aeration is essential for maintaining a healthy lawn, aerating too frequently can damage the grass and soil. Over-aerating can cause stress to the grass and can lead to soil compaction. It's generally best to aerate once or twice a year, depending on your lawn's needs.

Aerate at the Right Time

Aerating at the wrong time can also be a common mistake. You should avoid aerating during the hottest and driest months of the year, as this can stress the grass and make it harder for the soil to recover.

Depending on the type of grass you have, you can aerate in the spring or fall when the grass is in the growing season.

Use the Proper Depth Setting

Using the wrong depth setting on your aerator can also be a mistake. If the tines are set too shallow, they won't penetrate the soil deep enough to provide the benefits of aeration.

If the tines are set too deep, they can damage the roots of the grass. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the correct depth setting.

Clean the Aerator After Each Use

Clean the aerator thoroughly to prevent rust and other damage after use. Use a wire brush or scraper to remove soil or debris stuck to the tines. Wipe down the machine with a cloth to remove any excess moisture. Also, lubricate any moving parts according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Summing Up

shoot of man using aerator machine to scarification and aeration of lawn or meadow

In this post, we provided info on how to start your Billy Goat aerator safely and effectively. We also shared tips to help you get the most out of your machine.

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