How To Reset Air Filter Message On Cub Cadet?

A flashing 'AIR FLTR' message would show on the meter and could be bothersome. Air contamination in tractors can be a problem, and the machine would not properly function. Are you looking for ways to reset the air filter message on your meter? We have searched for the answer, and this is what we found.

There is no way to force reset the air filter warning on Cub Cadet. You need to clean the foam pre-filter and the air filter. After cleaning, the warning message will stop and automatically reset after a few hours of using the tractor.

Would you like to learn more about how warning message stops on Cub Cadet and how to clean the filters? Are you looking for ways how to maintain your tractor? Continue reading the article because we provided the answers you may need.

How To Reset The Air Filter Message On Your Cub Cadet?

As we mentioned, there is no reset button on Cub Cadet for the Air Filter flashing. Once you see a flashing message CLN AIR FLTR, it is time to clean the air filter and the foam filter cover.

According to a discussion in one forum, the flashing message will disappear and reset automatically after a few hours of using the machine.

How To Clean The Air Filter In A Cub Cadet?

Here are the steps on how to clean the air filter of Cub Cadet:

  1. Check the air filters every 10 hours and replace them each season for the best performance. Replace the air filter more often if you live in a dusty and dry area.
  2. Always refer to the instruction manual specific to your tractor's model type.
  3. Before doing any maintenance, ensure to engage the breaks on a level surface, remove the key from the ignition, and disconnect the spark plug wires.
  4. Clean any particles that clog the air intake or cooling fans.
  5. Open or remove the air filter cover.
  6. Remove the filter element from the engine air intake.
  7. Some filters have a foam pre-filter. Replace the foam pre-filter if it has torn or damaged. If it is still okay, clean it with soap and water.
  8. Squeeze out the excess water gently after washing and let it dry.
  9. Set aside the foam pre-filter.
  10. If the inner paper filter is torn or soiled, replace it. Tap it gently if it only has slight soil to remove the dirt. Do not use compressed air in cleaning the air filter.
  11. Place the foam filter back into the filter, then install the air filter back into the air intake. Ensure that it is seated properly before putting the filter cover back.

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Watch this video to learn how to clean the air filter:

How To Reset The Oil Reminder On A Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet riding lawn mower trademark and logo

Cub Cadet lawn mower oil reminder CHG OIL is automatic, and there is no option to reset the meter. The meter will reset after changing the oil.

The CHG OIL reminder appears five minutes from the first alert, and the message appears every fifty hours of the engine's running time. The meter will reset after 2 hours of changing the oil.

How To Change Oil In A Cub Cadet

The engine needs oil to lubricate, dissipate heat, and clean the internal components. Because of this, oil breaks down and becomes dirty in due time. It is necessary to change the oil to maintain the tractor in good condition and prolong its life.

Here's how to change the oil in Cub Cadet:

  1. Start the engine for a few minutes to loosen the dirt and particles inside it and for the oil easily flow through.
  2. After a couple of minutes, turn off the engine, then remove the key.
  3. Lift the hood and find the oil drain on the tractor's right side, close to the engine's bottom. Pop the plastic cap off the drain and remove the dipstick from the fill port.
  4. Put the Cub Cadet drain hose and attach it to the oil drain. Alternatively, you can use a siphon pump to drain the oil.
  5. Put the oil collection pan beneath the drain valve and the hose.
  6. Open the drain valve, then twist and pull the valve in a one-quarter turn. Pull it in your direction. If you are using a siphon, pump the siphon tube 3-4 times until oil starts to run through the tube.
  7. Close the drain valve once you see the oil stops flowing out. Push the valve back to the engine, and then lock it into its position.
  8. Replace the oil filter with every oil change.
  9. Pour fresh oil into the oil fill port. Refer to the user's manual for recommended oil and quantity needed.
  10. Clean the tractor and dispose of the oil properly.

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Watch this video to learn more about changing the Cub Cadet's oil:

Why Does My Cub Cadet Tractor Crank But Won't Start?

Reasons why your tractor won't start, How To Reset Air Filter Message On Cub Cadet?

There are several factors why your tractor won't start. We have listed some reasons why this happens:


Old gas that is more than 30 days you haven't used can cause problems starting your tractor. Always check the gas quantity and quality; change it if needed.

Fuel Filters

A clogged fuel filter is a common problem with why a tractor won't work. Always check the fuel quality and change it every fifty hours of use.


A dead battery is also one of the common reasons why a tractor won't start. Ensure that the battery is neither drained nor depleted. Avoid charging for more than 12 hours.

If the battery is old, replace a new one to ensure your tractor's efficiency and excellent performance.

Spark Plug

If the spark plug is disconnected, over-tightened, or damaged, it will cause a huge problem. Check the spark plug's condition and replace it if needed.


A dirty filter will cause a malfunction of the carburetor. Clean the air filter regularly and replace the foam pre-filter if it has torn or damaged.

How To Replace A Battery On Your Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet riding lawn mower logo

The old or depleted battery needs a replacement to ensure the tractor's excellent performance.

Here are the steps for changing the battery:

  1. Ensure that the engine has cooled down before changing the battery and that you are on a level surface before replacing the battery. Pull and engage the parking brake, remove the key, and disconnect the spark plug wire to avoid the machine accidentally starting.
  2. Remove the terminal cables using a wrench and work with the negative terminal.
  3. Screw the nut and remove it. Slide the negative cable away from the battery.
  4. Slide the protective cap from the positive terminal.
  5. Screw the bolt nut and slide the positive cable from the battery.
  6. Press and remove the battery hold-down rod to release its tension. Please remember the battery orientation before removing it.
  7. Install the new, fully charged battery.
  8. Latch and press the battery hold-down rod.
  9. Reconnect the positive battery using a wrench, then reconnect the negative battery. Tighten both using a wrench.
  10. Reconnect the wires of the spark plug and start the tractor.
  11. Store your battery or the tractor in a cool, dry place. If you did not use the tractor for a long time, recharge the battery with a maximum of 10 amps.

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Watch this video to learn more about how to change the battery on Cub Cadet:

How To Replace Spark Plug On Cub Cadet?

Close up new automotive spark plug in the engine room

The spark plug loses effectiveness and deteriorates over time and needs replacement. Here is how to replace the spark plug:

  • Always get a compatible spark plug and other parts to match your tractor's model and manufacturing year.
  • Locate the spark plug under the hood on the right side of the engine. Detach the spark plug wire from the plug's tip.
  • Hold the wire securely at the base of the wire's rubber boot and pull it off the plug. Twist the boot to remove the stubborn wire, then pull it off.
  • Remove any dust and debris surrounding the spark plug's base. Use the 5/8-inch socket wrench and turn the spark plug counterclockwise until it detaches from the engine.
  • Before attaching the new spark plug, check and adjust it. Gapping the plug means measuring the distance between the engine side and the metal electrodes. Use a feeler gauge to measure the gap. The proper measurement is 0.030 inches.
  • Install the new plug. Do not tighten it too much to avoid breakage. Use a torque wrench to tighten the spark plug. Refer to the wrench's user manual to learn how to use it.

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Watch this video to learn how to replace the spark plug on Cub Cadet:


We have addressed the flashing AIR FLTR message on your Cub Cadet's meter and also discussed other issues you might encounter in the future. We hope that we were able to help you with your concerns. If you have further questions, leave a comment below, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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