How To Replace A Hunter Sprinkler Head [Step By Step Guide]

Your sprinkler system must be in good working condition if you want a lush green lawn. However, it can sometimes malfunction, and you may need to replace some parts like the sprinkler head. To learn how to replace it, we researched to provide you with a step-by-step guide. 

Below is an in-depth guide on how to replace your Hunter sprinkler head:

Remove the sprinkler head

  1. Dig around the riser and remove the sod and soil.
  2. Turn the riser anti-clockwise to unscrew it, and remove it.

Fix the nozzle into the new sprinkler head

  1. Take your new riser with the sprinkler head attached to it. 
  2. Insert the rotor adjustment tool's key end into the head's hole with a line across it.
  3. Turn the tool anti-clockwise to firmly secure it into the cap of the sprinkler head.
  4. Pull up the tool. 
  5. While still pulling and holding up the adjustment tool, insert the keeper clip so that it fits around the head. The head will remain lifted off from the riser. 
  6. Insert the nozzle into the nozzle hole.
  7. Tighten the set screw to hold the nozzle in place.

Connect riser to irrigation pump

  1. Remove the keeper clip to let the sprinkler head snap back into position.
  2. Connect the riser that has the sprinkler head to the irrigation pipe.
  3. Adjust the sprinkler head to face the direction of the water spray.
  4. Test it, and put back the sod and soil.

Keep reading to learn more about how to replace a Hunter sprinkler head and reasons why you should do it. You'll also find out if you can interchange your hunter sprinkler head with one from another brand. You'll also learn how long your sprinkler head can last, including the sprinkler system. 

Replacing A Hunter Sprinkler Head

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When replacing the sprinkler head, you'll first need to purchase the correct part, which has to be the same as other sprinkler heads on your lawn. That way, you prevent overwatering or underwatering some sections more than others. You want an even lawn.

Fortunately, there's information on top of your current sprinkler head that you can match when buying a new head. After buying the correct head, you can now replace the old one.

Different types of hunter sprinkler heads may look slightly different but work more or less the same. The step-by-step guide below narrows down on how to replace a Hunter PGP sprinkler head:

Remove The Sprinkler Head

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  1. Dig around the head using a sturdy trowel, ensuring you do not puncture the underground irrigation pipe. 
  2. Remove the sod and soil around the head, and place it in a container, as you will replace it later.
  3. The sprinkler head sits on the riser connected to the irrigation pipe. Unscrew the riser anti-clockwise and remove it.

Fix The Nozzle Into The New Sprinkler Head

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  1. Take your new hunter riser that has a sprinkler head. If it does not come with a nozzle, you must fix it inside the head. 
  2. To fix the nozzle, take your rotor adjustment tool and insert the key end into the hole on the cap with a line running across it. 
  3. Turn the rotor adjustment tool anti-clockwise to secure it, enabling you to pull up the sprinkler head.
  4. While simultaneously pulling and holding up the adjustment tool, take your keeper clip and insert it to fit around the head. This keeps the sprinkler head lifted out of the riser, allowing you to insert the nozzle.  
  5. Insert the steel hex of your adjustment tool into the hole above where the nozzle sits.
  6. Turn the tool clockwise until the set screw peep into the nozzle hole.
  7. Insert the nozzle into the nozzle hole, aligning the ears to where the set screw sits. 
  8. Turn your adjustment tool clockwise to tighten the set screw, securing the nozzle.  
  9. Afterward, turn the adjustment tool anticlockwise and pull it out. 

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Connect Riser To Irrigation Pipe

  1. Release the keeper clip to allow the sprinkler head to snap back into place.
  2. Screw your new riser with the sprinkler head to the coupling of the irrigation pipe.
  3. Adjust the head to face the direction in you want it to spray water.
  4. Test it and put back the sod and soil. 

Check out the video that shows you how to replace a Hunter PGP sprinkler head:

Common Reasons To Replace A Sprinkler Head

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Sprinkler heads undergo normal wear and tear, and you will eventually need to replace them. Other reasons for replacing the sprinkler head and how to troubleshoot include:

Sprinkler Head Is Stuck

If your sprinkler head does not pop up or retract, soil could be lodged in the tiny space between the riser stem and the cap. This causes the head to get stuck and not move.

Due to too much soil or sand, the seal and the riser can be excessively scratched, causing the surface to be rough. As a result, the sprinkler head cannot move quickly in and out, and the only remedy is to replace the head.

Sprinkler Head Does Not Rotate

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If your sprinkler head does not rotate, it could be due to low water pressure or clogging. Open the head, wash out the dirt, and unclog the filter. If the head does not rotate, you'll have to replace it.

Excessive Squirting 

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A small amount of water squirting out between the cap and riser is fine. But, if the water coming out is too much, there is a problem. In this case, you need to inspect all the sprinkler heads and identify those squirting too much water. Purchase the same brand and replace them.

Water Leakage

If water leaks between the riser and cap when the riser is fully extended, then there is a problem. The seal could be damaged, or the riser and cap could be scratched. If such a case, replace the sprinkler head. 

Damaged Sprinkler Head

You can run over a sprinkler head with your lawn mower, damaging it. During the dry season, some animals can find their way into your lawn, looking for water to drink. In the process, they may destroy the head by chewing or scratching them. 

Upgrading Your Lawn

You may change how your lawn looks by replacing the plants with others or repositioning them. In this situation, you may need to replace the sprinkler heads that match the irrigation needs of your new lawn.

Can You Interchange Hunter Sprinkler Heads?

Yes, you can interchange a hunter sprinkler head with another one of a different brand. This is because the irrigation industry sets standards that require manufacturers to adhere to certain product specifications.

Therefore, there are limitations on various aspects of the product, though they all operate the same way, irrespective of the manufacturer. Because of these standards, most parts are compatible and interchangeable.

For example, you can use a hunter sprinkler head on a rainbird body, as shown in the video below:

How Long Can Your Hunter Sprinkler Head Last?

automatic sprinkler system watering lawn on, How To Replace A Hunter Sprinkler Head [Step By Step Guide]

The average lifespan of a sprinkler system is 20 years, while your sprinkler head can last 10 years. With proper maintenance, such as cleaning the heads at least twice a year, your sprinkler heads can last long. Lubricating the moving parts with a lubricant such as WD-40 can also help.

In Closing

photo lawn sprinkler on the garden close up

To keep your lawn looking green and lush, your sprinkler should be in good working condition.

But, as with any other appliance, it can malfunction, requiring you to replace the sprinkler head. Several reasons can make you replace the sprinkler head, which has been mentioned in this post. 

Due to the set standards within the irrigation industry, it is possible to interchange sprinkler heads of different brands. With proper care and maintenance, your sprinkler system can last long, including parts such as the sprinkler head. 

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