How To Remove A Tree From Your Yard? [5 Crucial Things to Consider]

Trees can be a beautiful and useful addition to your yard. But, for one reason or another, they occasionally overstay their welcome and need to be removed. Removing a tree can be hard work, so you might wonder how you can remove a tree from your yard. We've researched various options for tree removal to save you time and help you make the best decision. 

There are two primary ways to remove a tree. You can either remove it yourself or hire a professional. When deciding to do it yourself or hire a professional, be sure to consider:

  • Tree size
  • Tree location
  • Cost
  • Time
  • Safety

Let's take a closer look at how to remove a tree from your yard. We'll discuss the pros and cons of a DIY removal versus a professional job. We'll also review some essential safety gear you might need, and take a look at how professionals take down large trees. Finally, we've got a brief price comparison, so you know what to expect for this type of job.

A big tree with other small shrubs on the ground with a two seater bench on the side, How To Remove A Tree From Your Yard? [5 Crucial Things to Consider]

How To Remove A Tree from Your Yard

First, consider your options. The primary two choices are whether to remove it yourself or hire a professional to remove the tree for you. Several factors influence your decision, including your financial resources, tools available for the job, and the size and location of the tree.

Cost & Time

If you have the finances, it is generally easier to remove any size or type of tree by hiring a professional. Likewise, if you do not have a lot of time available for a DIY project hiring a professional can also be more efficient. Professionals also know how to handle safety issues for trees in tricky locations and are properly equipped for the job. 

When hiring a professional, make sure to get several written estimates and compare services offered. Check out this article for some specific questions to ask when deciding which tree removal professionals to hire.

For DIY tree removal, the cost entails any tools you might need to rent or buy. Of course, you could also borrow tools, or you might already own the right equipment.

Tree Size & Location

The location of the tree plays a key role because if the tree is near other things, such as your house or overhead power lines, removing it yourself could become a safety risk. 

Take into consideration the size of the tree and what kind of tree it is. The bigger and older a tree is, the harder to remove. Hardy trees like oak may be challenging to remove. However, if a tree is dry rotting or otherwise damaged, it may be hazardous to remove yourself regardless of size. 


If you decide you want to remove the tree yourself, make sure you check the local laws. Some areas require a permit to remove a tree. Permits usually apply to trees over 10 feet tall as they are potentially hazardous.

If you remove the tree yourself, you also need to consider the weather forecast to arrange the best day for removal. Ensure you do not try removing a tree immediately after it rains because slippery and wet conditions can be very hazardous. 

What Is The Average Price To Take Down A Tree?

The price of hiring a professional to take down a tree primarily depends on the size of the tree. Other factors, such as the location of the tree, may also affect the total cost for removal. The national average cost of removing a tree is $650. The minimum price in most areas is $150. 

Here are some average price ranges based on tree size:

  • Small (under 30 feet tall) - $100 to $350
  • Medium (30 to 60 feet tall) - $300 to $850 
  • Large (60 to 80 feet tall) - $900 to $1,500
  • Extra-large (over 80 feet tall) - upwards of $2,000

Removing a fallen or dead tree may cost up to $600 but typically costs around $300 on average.

Does Anyone Cut Trees Down For Free?

If the tree is located near a power line, first call your power company. They may remove it for free. If you suspect a tree is interfering with the sewer system, contact your local municipality to see if they will remove the tree.

If you put an ad in your local paper or online, you may find a logger or someone else who is willing to chop the tree down in exchange for keeping the wood. Felling for free is common practice for pine or fir trees in areas where firewood is essential. Be aware that someone who is working for free will not be as careful. So, if the tree is close to your home, it may be worth it to pay a professional instead.

What Tools Do You Need To Remove a Small Tree From Your Yard?

Removing a small tree is relatively simple and usually not very dangerous. Cut small trees by using an ax or chain saw and a rope. Check out this guide on removing a small tree yourself.

Safety Equipment

First, make sure you are protected with the right personal safety gear.

Necessary personal protection equipment (PPE) includes:

  • Hardhat
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses or goggles
  • Protective clothing
  • Work shoes

If you plan on using a chainsaw or other loud equipment, it is also ideal for wearing ear protection.

Hard Hat

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A hard hat is a good option, even when working with small trees. There is still a risk of getting hit by stray branches or even the tree itself falling on you. It is best to invest in a good hard hat, especially if you plan to remove more than one tree.

Safety Glasses

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Safety glasses are an absolute must when removing trees because wood chips and other debris can damage your eyes. It is a good idea to get over-the-glass safety glasses or goggles to wear over your prescription lenses.

Tree Removal Tools

The size, location, and current health of the tree will ultimately determine what tools you would use to remove it. The most common tools for removing small trees include:

  • ax
  • chainsaw
  • wedge
  • rope

How Do You Get Rid Of A Large Tree?

Removing a large tree is potentially dangerous; hiring a professional may be costly but is the best option. It is not safe to remove a large tree by yourself. Likewise, removing a large tree sometimes requires specific permits, so it is best to leave the work to the professionals.

Professional Tree Removal

There are several methods professionals use to remove trees. We'll look specifically at techniques such as a notch, using a rope, and Humboldt. 


Check out this YouTube video to see how to fell a large tree using a chainsaw to remove it all at once using the notch method. The notch is probably the most common method.

Using A Rope

Take a look at this YouTube video on how to use a rope to remove a tree. Professionals usually use a team for this since it can be a particularly dangerous method.


Check out this YouTube video for a Humboldt removal tutorial. The Humboldt method is reasonably straightforward but generally leaves more of the stump behind.

Professional Equipment

Safety equipment with large tree removal is the same as with small tree removal. However, because removing a large tree is generally dangerous, it is arguably more important to wear adequate personal protective equipment like hard hats.

While some work equipment is specialized depending on the size of the tree and how workers want to fell it, the essential equipment includes:

  • chainsaw
  • breaking bar
  • rope and winch
  • wedge

How Do You Get Rid Of A Stump?

When removing any tree yourself, you must find a good way to discard the tree and uproot the stump. Sometimes professionals will do this for you, but not always. When hiring a professional, you should ask them about what their policy is on stump removal. Many companies will charge extra for stump removal.

The fastest and arguably easiest way to remove a stump is by using a stump killer like the one below. Click here to see an article on other methods of removing a stump.

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Additional Information For Tree Removal

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