How To Remove A Metal Fence Post From The Ground [Step By Step Guide]

There are several ways to do it if you're doing some construction work and wondering how to pull out metal fences from the ground more efficiently. We've researched and compiled the different methods, and we'll share with you what we learned below. Let's dive in!

To pull out metal fences from the ground, here are the most helpful methods:

  1. Use water to soften the soil and manually pull out the post
  2. Use a T-post puller tool
  3. Use a trolley jack and a pipe wrench

To remove a metal post anchored in concrete, here's what you can do:

  1. Remove it manually using a long wooden board as a lever
  2. Pull it out using a chain and bumper jack

Read on below if you want to know the step-by-step instructions for each method. We'll also cover how to remove a metal post if it's installed in concrete and remove a rotten fence to ensure no rotten component will be left on the ground.

Metal industrial security fencing - How To Remove A Metal Fence Post From The Ground [Step By StepGuide]

How Do You Get A Metal Fence Post Out Of The Ground?

Pulling out a metal fence off the ground can be backbreaking work, but if you follow the right methods and use the right tools, the work can get easier.

We've researched several methods to do this manually without tools or more efficiently using tools if you're doing an entire fence. Choose the technique that works best for you.

Metal industrial security fencing

Pulling Out A Metal Post Manually Using Water

If the post is not inserted too deeply in the soil and you have no tools to use, you can try to remove it manually by softening the ground with water.

This will require more muscle work, but it should get the job done.

How to do it:

  1. Dig up some of the dirt around the metal pole as deeply as you can
  2. Get a hose and irrigate the ground around the post while removing more of the soil around it
  3. Rock the metal post back and forth until you feel it loosening
  4.  Continue irrigating and rocking the post until you can pull it out completely

Check out this video below on how it's done:

Pulling Out A Metal Post Using A T-post Puller Tool

Buying a specific tool for removing fence posts is recommended if you have an entire span of fence or if you think you will use it repeatedly in the future.

A T-post puller tool is worth the investment and will make your job easier.

Here's what it looks like below:

Check out this popular T-Post puller on Amazon.

How to use it:

  1. Place wood or anything solid on the base of the puller so it won't sink in if the ground is soft.
  2. Wrap the puller on the lowest possible setting around the metal post, so it grabs and grips the post.
  3. Push down on the lever, and it should raise the metal post a few inches high.
  4. Repeat the process until you can completely pull out the metal post.

Note: Using a choker-style chain, you can also use this tool to remove wooden posts and tree stumps. These can be bought separately or together with the puller.

See this T Post Puller with a choker chain on Amazon.

To help you visualize the instructions, check out this video below on how to use a T-post puller:

Pulling Out A Metal Post Using A Pipe Wrench And Trolley Jack

Pipe Wrench

If you want a quick solution to a one-time problem and don't want to spend money on additional tools that you're probably only going to use once, you can try this simple method using tools you may already have in your garage.

What you need:

  • large pipe wrench
  • car jack or trolley jack
  • flat wooden board

Check out this Pro-Lift hydraulic trolley jack car lift on Amazon.

How to do it:

  1. Soak the ground with water where the base of the metal post is installed. This will help soften and loosen the soil, making it easier to pull out the post.
  2. Place a flat wooden board on the base of the post. This will help keep the trolley jack steady, especially if the ground is too soft.
  3. Place the trolley jack on top of the wooden board and adjust it with the "nub" facing the metal post.
  4. Adjust the pipe wrench to grip the metal post and align it to the jack's "nub."
  5. Pump the jack as the "nub" pushes the wrench upwards along with the metal post.

For more visual instruction, do check out this video below:

How Do You Remove A Metal Fence Post In Concrete?

Building fence in progress setting up metal tubing pole in concrete foundation

There are several ways to do it if you need to remove a metal fence post anchored in concrete.

We've searched online for the various methods and found out that there are dozens of ways you can do it. According to comments and reviews, some are too " data-lasso-id="25118">complex, while others have a few unnecessary steps.

So to help you out and make it easier, we'll share with you the simplest but most effective methods we found to remove metal fence posts anchored in concrete.

We learned that you could do it manually with simple tools such as wooden boards, chains, and a bumper jack.

Removing Metal Post In Concrete Using A Wooden Board

What you'll need:

  • One piece of long (about 8 feet) 2x4 wood board (if you need it to be sturdier, use two pieces and screw them together)
  • a drill bit
  • 6-inch long bolt
  • a flat wooden plank
  • gloves

How to do it:

  1. Using a garden hose, irrigate the ground on the base of the metal fence post.
  2. Drill a hole about 2 feet away from the edge of the 2x4 wood board. This long board will serve as the lever.
  3. Place the lever down on the ground next to the metal post and align the hole to the post.
  4. Use the hole on the lever as a guide to drill a hole in the pole.
  5. Insert the six-inch bolt on the hole to hold the lever and metal post together.
  6. Insert the flat wooden plank under the shorter end of the lever. The plank will prevent the board from sinking into the ground.
  7. Go to the longer end of the lever and lift it. Make sure to wear gloves to avoid getting splinters. Pull and lift as hard as possible to raise the post and the cement base underneath the ground.

To help you visualize these long instructions, please view the video below:

Removing Metal Post In Concrete Using A T-post Puller Tool

What you'll need:

  • Two large and long chains
  • Two cinder blocks
  • One thick wooden plank
  • bumper jack

See this 48-inch heavy-duty Arcan farm jack on Amazon.

How to do it:

  1. Using a garden hose, irrigate the ground on the base of the metal fence post to soften the ground. If you have no access to water, dig around the metal post until you expose a few inches of the concrete base underneath.
  2. Tie a chain around the exposed cylindrical concrete base.
  3. Place the two cinder blocks about a foot apart in front of the metal post.
  4. Place the wooden plank on top of the cinder blocks to serve as an elevation.
  5. Place the bumper jack on top of the wooden plank and attach it to the chain.
  6. Using the other chain, tie one end to the top part of the bumper jack and the other end to any structure that would help hold the jack in place.
  7. Pump the jack until it pulls the chain up, and slowly lift the concrete base out of the ground.

How Do You Remove A Rotten Fence Post From Concrete?

Newly cemented fence post in ground. Construction. Home improvement.

Removing a rotten fence post, whether metal or wood, can be tricky because you can't simply drill a lever through it or use a T-post puller because the rotten material can easily break off. If it does, it would be even harder to remove.

The best strategy here is to remove it from the ground up or completely cut off the rotten part and work on removing the remaining material on the ground.

Check out this video below on how efficiently a rotten fence post was removed from the ground using a lever and eye plate:

To Finish Things Up

Thank you very much for reading through. We hope you can choose the most efficient way to remove a metal post, whether on the ground or concrete.

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