How To Check Fault Codes On A John Deere? [Step By Step Guide]

You may currently deal with several issues with your John Deer, but the John Deere trouble codes list can help you resolve them. We know how difficult it may be to find oneself switching back and forth frequently due to an unexpected issue that, in some instances, appears to be virtually intractable. We have undertaken extensive research to give you the proper answer.

It's quite straightforward and ought to be explained in the manual. But assuming you misplaced it or something else happened, here is a quick guide to what to do.

  1. The codes will appear on display after pressing the Menu icon for at least five seconds.
  2. You can then find an engine diagnostic code on the machine by pressing the Choose button.
  3. In a notepad, make a list of the ones you require.

The fault codes are intended to inform you about a recent discovery of a problem in your John Deere. A corresponding code is generally activated immediately after the system detects a problem. Continue reading to the end to learn more about the things mentioned above. 

Locating The Fault Codes For A John Deere Engine

The engine will be connected for a diagnostic if you take your tractor to a John Deere dealer for service. However, you may adhere to these steps to acquire these codes at the household:

  1. Before parking the machine, help ensure the ground you select is level and sturdy. The boom must be completely withdrawn, and the machine leveled.
  2. Do not forget to lower the boom, keeping the parking brake set and the transmission control lever in the neutral position.
  3. The next step is to run with the ignition on. Now slightly depress the reset button, which should be on the dashboard. Hold it in place for three to five seconds. After then, the fault lamp will begin displaying the error's code number.
  4. After a brief pause to display the second digit in the same manner as the first, you will see the first digit flashing by the light.
  5. The 32 flash codes come first when it comes to active codes. Additionally, if there are none, 88 codes will flash. When a defect code that has been recorded is relevant, it will display code 33. Without such a stored fault code, the system shall display code 88.
  6. It would help if you switched off the ignition after the code has been successfully retrieved.

John Deere 2030 tractor engine

List Of John Deere Error Codes

A fault code will be shown whenever a controller detects a problem and if one of the circuit's parts is not operating correctly. The displayed error codes will then help in identifying the problem. Reading all the codes in your instruction manual could not be easy if you run into any issues.

The list of fault codes that will help you identify the most common problems among the John Deere codes is provided below. Before calling the John Deere service, you can review the error codes below to identify the issue.

The ECU Fault Codes For John Deere

Technicians and mechanics utilize the ECU or Engine control unit code descriptions to pinpoint the issue with your John Deere tractor. Despite how excellent engines are, there are times when you may catch yourself staring at John Deere ECU codes.

An engine control unit, sometimes called an ECU, is a computer in your John Deere that converts fuel into power when you drive. The ECU will emit a symbol when there is a malfunction. The unit's computer automatically scans the codes and informs you of any issues with your John Deere vehicle.

  • ECU Code List

Engine Control Unit Fault Codes

Fault Code Description  
(ECU 000097.03)

This code denotes fuel with water.


(ECU 000097.04)

 The engine water trap has to be drained of its water since it is full.  
(ECU 000100.01)

 The oil pressure is noticeably low, which suggests monitoring the engine oil level.


(ECU 000100.03)

High voltage and engine pressure input.  
(ECU 000100.04)

Problem with the voltage signal in the oil pressure


(ECU 000100.18)

Limited engine power and oil pressure.  
(ECU 000100.31)

The sensor detects oil pressure when the motor shuts off.


(ECU 000102.02)

A sensor for manifold air pressure is malfunctioning.  
(ECU 000102.03)

Intake manifold pressure sensor malfunction.


(ECU 000102.04)

Manifold air pressure voltage signal error.  

(ECU 000103.00)

Higher velocity while the engine's power is constrained. Reduce the speed of the engine and load as necessary.  
(ECU 000103.05)

The turbocharging speed sensor has been decreased.

(ECU 000103.06)

Power for the turbocharger is increased.


(ECU 000103.08)

Invalid turbocharger speed.  
(ECU 000103.31)

Lacking turbocharger speed.


(ECU 000105.00)

The intake air temperature is high.  
(ECU 000105.04)

A temperature signal problem.


(ECU 000105.15)

This code denotes the presence of dust in the radiator or cooling system.  
(ECU 000105.16)

The manifold's air temperature is abnormally high.


(ECU 000108.02)

 Incorrect barometric pressure sensor.  
(ECU 000110.00)

The temperature of the engine coolant is high.


(ECU 000110.03)

Unreachable engine coolant temperature.  
(ECU 000110.04) 

Engine coolant temperature low voltage input.


(ECU 000110.15)

This code denotes a slight rise in engine coolant temperature.


List of John Deere ACU Fault Codes

Troubleshooting issue codes for the Armrest Control Unit, also called ACU codes, appear due to system errors. Look carefully at the mentions that follow.

  • ACU Code List

Armrest Control Unit Fault Codes

Fault Code Description

(ACU 000158.04 / Rear PTO System)

ACU has a low voltage.

(ACU 000177.17 / Transmission Oil Temperature Low)

The cold oil constrains the engine's speed.

(ACU 000581.07 / Transmission System)

The transmitter is not responding.

(ACU 000974.20 and ACU 000974.21 / Operator Controls)

Voltage problem with the hand throttle circuit.

(ACU 002000.09 / Communication System)

ECU message not displayed or fuse F24 needs repair.

(ACU 002003.09 / Communication System)

No PTP/PTI message is displayed.

(ACU 002020.09 / Communication System)

The SFA message is missing.

(ACU 002049.09 / Communication System)

Fuse F22 or the missing CAB message requires care.

(ACU 523775.02 / Single Lever Control)

Hand presence switch issues.

(ACU 523805.03 / Single Lever Control)

The single lever control problem

(ACU 523955.31 / Transmission System)

Engine load is excessive when in manual mode.

(ACU 523960.17 / Operator Not In Seat)

Low speed with no operator.

(ACU 523960.31 / Operator Not In Seat)

The operator is not seated, or sensor issue.

(ACU 523961.02 / Transmission System)

While in gear, the gear shifts to Park.

(ACU 523961.07 / Transmission Not In Park)

Park lock engagement problem.

(ACU 523962.31 / MFWD System)

Incorrect MFWD speed.

(ACU 523966.31 / Transmission System)

As it enters home mode, the transmission.

(ACU 523923.02/ ACU 523923.03/ ACU 523923.04)

Sensor or SCV I control level switch problem.

 (Operator Controls)  

The TCU Fault Codes For John Deere

The transmission control unit, or TCU, is the mechanism that manages contemporary automatic gearboxes. Various fault codes may begin with "TCU" on your tractor screen, which requires quick attention. The trouble codes are listed here.

  • TCU Code List

Transmission Control Unit Fault Codes

Fault Code Description

(TCU 304020.02)

The transmission of the signal has a problem.

(TCU 304019.05)

The sensor on the clutch pedal is malfunctioning.

(TCU 304050.04 / Hydrostatic Speed Sender)

The circuit for channel 1's grounded.

(TCU 304024.04) (Transmission Oil Temperature Sender)

Electrical failure with grounding.

(TCU 304032.03 / Clutch Pedal Switch)

A shorted circuit in an electrical system.

(TCU 304057.03) (Transmission Output Speed Sender)

The circuit is open or shorted at channel one.

(TCU 304033.03) (Transmission Enable Signal)

Circuit problem, shorted.

(TCU 304040.03) (Transmission Oil Temperature Sender)

The circuit is either shorted or open.


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John Deere tractor engine, How To Check Fault Codes On A John Deere? [Step By Step Guide]

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Wrap Up

The John Deere Fault Code Manual's list of engine defects must be entirely learned. Remember the codes you've already run into when researching an issue.

This will enable you to assess the likelihood of completing your repair or maintenance. If you are dissatisfied with the situation but cannot determine what is happening, it is still a viable option to simply contact a professional.

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