How To Bonsai An Apple Tree—5 Simple Steps

Yes, it is truly possible to bonsai an apple tree. It's an incredibly unique look—it's a complete apple tree (fruit and all), but in a compact form. If you're curious about how to bonsai an apple tree, then you're in the right spot. We've compiled all the essential steps for you. 

It is pretty easy to bonsai an apple tree. Follow these steps:

  1. Plant your apple tree in a small to a medium-size pot with good drainage.
  2. Fill your bonsai's planter with a mix of potting soil and peat compost.
  3. Place your bonsai apple tree in a bright, warm location.
  4. Water your tree twice per day, once in the morning and again at night.
  5. Trim and manicure your apple tree to your desired shape/size.

As we begin, we will cover all things bonsai and tag some helpful related products. Whether you're a bonsai expert or just getting into it, we've got a helpful tip for you. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

Bonsai apple tree with red apples in pot, How To Bonsai An Apple Tree—5 Simple Steps

How Do You Grow An Apple Bonsai Tree At Home?

For those wanting to grow an apple bonsai tree at home, make sure to start with finding a good location for your plant. Generally, you want to give an apple bonsai tree a bright, warm spot that gets plenty of sun each day.

Next, pick out a pot for your tree/seeds with a drainage hole at the bottom and one that's deep enough to sustain a growing bonsai. Once that is done, plant your apple tree in its new pot using a mix of potting soil and compost, and you're ready to bonsai.

Apple tree bonsai

Portal Cool Bonsai Apple Tree Seeds

These bonsai apple tree seeds come in a 30 pack, are high-quality, and can be planted inside/outdoors.

Follow this link to view them on Amazon.

MUZHI Round Unglazed Ceramic Bonsai Pot

This bonsai pot is an unglazed ceramic material, comes with a bamboo drain tray, has a pre-drilled drainage hole, and measures 7.8 x 7.8 x 3.2 inches.

Check out this bonsai pot on Amazon here.

Apple Bonsai Tree Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial on caring for an apple bonsai tree at home from Bonsai Empire's official YouTube channel. This video covers how to style and keep your apple bonsai looking healthy and gives insight into encouraging new growth on your tree.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Bonsai Apple Tree?

Typically, you can expect an apple bonsai to take between five and ten years to fully mature. With that said, every tree will grow at a different rate but don't expect to see miniature apples overnight.

According to Bonsai Tree Gardner, apple bonsai's can grow rather quickly in ideal conditions but can take over a decade to produce any fruit. Although this is good news about their growth rate, some apple bonsai trees take years to mature and decades to produce their first few apples.

Are Apple Trees Fast Growers?

Apple trees are relatively fast-growing, but this can depend on their variety. In general, you can expect to see an apple tree grow about a foot or two per year, but for a bonsai, you won't have nearly as much growth.

The point of bonsai is to keep a tree small, even as it matures, so don't expect your apple tree to be significant in size. That said, you can expect your apple bonsai to fill out pretty quickly and might even notice some flowering after its first two to three years.

Can A Bonsai Apple Tree Grow An Apple?

Apple Bonsai Tree close up

Yes! A bonsai apple tree really will produce actual apples. Like we covered, a bonsai apple tree will eventually produce fruit, although this can take a long time.

Even as a smaller kept tree, apple bonsais will continue to bloom and fruit just like a normal-sized tree, which is why they are so popular among bonsai growers.

Do Bonsai Trees Grow Full-Size Fruit?

Yes, a bonsai apple tree can produce full-size fruit. Although this is not common for bonsai, your tree's apples can grow to full size but expect smaller fruit in most cases.

According to Bonsai Forest, apple bonsai trees grow fruit just like regular-sized trees do, so you shouldn't notice your apples being extremely small or inedible. That said, fruit size will depend on how mature your apple tree is and if it gets enough sun/nutrients, so keep that in mind.

Can You Grow A Bonsai Apple Tree From Seed?

For those wanting to grow their apple bonsai from seed, this is certainly possible. Like we mentioned earlier, choosing a pot for your tree with good drainage is essential, so make sure to find one with a pre-drilled drain hole and tray.

Apple trees are not self-pollinating, so you want to plant two different types of apple trees to get fruit. On top of that, growing apple bonsai trees from seed will require plenty of sunlight and daily watering, so make sure to give your plant plenty of attention.

Where Is The Best Place To Put A Bonsai Tree?

Generally, you want your bonsai tree to be somewhere that gets five to six hours of sunlight per day. Especially if you're growing your tree indoors, giving it enough light to grow properly is important.

However, if your bonsai only gets indirect sunlight, this shouldn't affect it too much as long as it stays warm.

What Soil Should You Use For An Apple Bonsai?

Apple tree as Bonsai

When it comes to what type of soil an apple bonsai tree needs, try to find a nutrient-rich potting mix with plenty of sand. Bonsai trees, specifically, need plenty of drainage in their pots, so using rocks and sand alongside high-quality soil is the best way to go.

A good idea to try is layering the top and bottom of your apple bonsai tree's pot with gravel or stone to keep its soil in place and prevent its roots from getting too wet.

Generic Premium Organic All-Purpose Bonsai Potting Mix

This potting soil works with all bonsai varieties, has premium peat moss, perlite, and sand, is fast draining, and comes in a two-quart bag.

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Outy Crushed Natural Black Stone Pebbles

This bag of natural stone pebbles weighs three pounds, works for bonsai gardening, and is free from dyes, oils, and varnishes.

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How Often Should You Repot Bonsai Trees?

In general, you shouldn't need to repot bonsai trees more than every few years. Younger bonsai typically need repotting every two years, while more mature trees can wait closer to every three to five.

That said, if you notice your tree's roots curling or making their way out of your planter's drain hole, it is time for a bigger pot.

Are Apple Trees Good For Bonsai?

Winter red fruit tree

When it comes to apple trees being good for bonsai, this is true. In general, apple trees make great bonsai because of how quickly they grow and how dense their foliage is.

Apple trees also produce flowers and fruit, which will be beautiful to watch as they bloom. Fruit trees, in general, are very bonsai-friendly because they tend to do well when kept small and will bloom/fruit yearly once they mature.

Is Growing A Bonsai Tree Hard?

Although growing a bonsai tree can be tedious, we wouldn't say it is very hard to do. Growing bonsai is often very easy as long as you use the right soil and give your tree plenty of sunlight.

On top of that, you can bonsai any tree, so your choices are endless. Not all trees grow the same, so if you want something fast-growing, it's best to do some research before planting.

To Wrap Things Up

Bonsai apple tree with red apples in pot, How To Bonsai An Apple Tree—5 Simple Steps

Whether you are a bonsai pro or are just starting your journey, figuring out how to bonsai an apple tree is essential. It is relatively easy to bonsai an apple tree and shouldn't take long before your plant starts to grow.

When starting a bonsai apple tree, make sure to choose a pot with a pre-drilled hole to drain excess water. Soil-wise, we recommend using a sandy, nutrient-rich potting mix and spreading rocks on the top and bottom layer of your tree's planter. Regardless of what you tree or variety bonsai, remember to put it somewhere that gets plenty of sun, and don't forget to repot it every few years.

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