How To Adjust Steering On Toro Timecutter

A Toro Timecutter is designed to reduce your mowing time significantly. You might have bought one and are now wondering how to adjust its steering. Don't worry because we have done the research to provide you with everything you need to know about adjusting the steering on a Toro Timecutter.

There are various types of Toro Timecutters, and the steps for adjusting the steering on each version may differ. Below is a general guide you can refer to when adjusting the steering on your Toro Timecutter.

  1. Locate the bolt under the mower behind the wheel.
  2. Use a half-inch wrench to twist it to the right if you want to slow down the steering. You should turn the bolt to the left to increase the speed of the wheels.

You can also adjust the steering of a Toro Timecutter by loosening the bolt that connects the steering shafts to the motor. Once you have adjusted the steering handles to your desired position, tighten the bolts again.

You can navigate a Toro Timecutter on your lawn like a tractor. You can control the mower with two steering handles. Continue reading as we discuss how you can adjust the steering wheel on your Toro Timecutter.

How Do You Adjust The Steering On A Toro Timecutter?

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A Toro Timecutter is a riding mower that is designed to cut your average mowing time in half. It runs on a battery or unleaded gasoline.

Toro Timecutters can be navigated by two steering handles on each side of the mower. The steering method is the same as a steering wheel, except that you push or pull the handles instead of turning the wheel in the preferred direction.

There are multiple versions of a Toro Timecutter, including the discontinued Toro Timecutter with a steering wheel. Because there are many versions, the correct method to follow when adjusting the steering on each model might be different.

When adjusting the steering on your Toro Timecutter, it is best to refer to the specific user manual created for your model. Below is a list of reasons for adjusting a Toro Timecutter's steering and the methods you can follow to complete the adjustment.

Adjusting The Transmission

If you have noticed that one steering handle creates a faster or slower turn than the other handle, then you can choose to adjust the transmission. You can do this by adjusting the bolt on the steering handle you want to adjust and then matching it with the setting of the other handle.

Toro Timecutters have a zero-turn technology utilizing the steering handle instead of a regular steering wheel. This technology involves one handle connected to one back wheel. This design allows the user to control each wheel individually.

To adjust the transmission, identify the wheel motor of the steering handle you want to adjust. Once you find the motor wheel connected to the handle, locate the bolt that extends out towards the backside of the mower.

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Using a half-inch wrench, turn the bolt to the right to slow down the steering. If you want to increase the transmission of the steering, then turn it to the left. The number of times you will turn the bolt will be according to your steering preference.

Adjusting Handles For User Comfort

The seat on a Toro Timecutter can be adjusted forward or backward and can be modified by the user according to what best fits their comfort. The steering handles in front of the seat can also be adjusted to expand the available space for the driver.

To adjust the steering for user comfort, locate the two bolts that connect the steering handles to the mower. The handles are connected to the mower by a black shaft that sticks upwards out of the steering housing.

Once the bolts are located, use an appropriate-sized wrench to loosen the top and bottom bolts. Do not fully remove the bolts, as you would have to reinsert them later after the adjustment. Also, avoid removing the bottom bolt because it connects the entire steering handle to the shaft.

Loosen both bolts just enough that you can easily move the steering handle. From there, you can choose to adjust the steering forwards or backward, according to your preference.

When pushed forward, the steering handles will become lower. Pull the steering handles forward if you want to increase the height of the handles.

After adjusting, tighten both bolts to secure the new position of the steering handle in place.

Adjusting To Align Steering Handles On Rest Mode

When the steering handles of a Toro Timecutter are extended outwards, the parking mode is activated, and the user will not be able to move or drive the mower. This reduces the chances of accidentally starting the mower when not in use.

In order to operate the riding mower, the user should pull both steering handles inward until both ends of each handle face each other. For some users, the steering handles can be misaligned and meet diagonally instead of lining up.

To " target="_blank" rel="noopener" data-lasso-id="32423">adjust the resting position of the steering handles, lift up the seat and locate the steering handle housing where the shaft that holds up the handles is protruding.

From there, find the single bolt connected to a black crescent stopper. Both steering handle housings should have one bolt each. Locate the bolt of the steering handle you want to adjust.

Once located, you should be able to find a curved opening on the side of the bolt. On the opening, there will be a small black knob poking slightly inwards.

Compare the position of the knob to the knob of the other steering handle. Proceed to adjust the position of the knobs until both steering handles are aligned.

After matching the knobs, tighten the bolt and secure the seat.

Why Your Zero Turn Does Not Go Straight

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Zero-turn mowers have steering handles on each side that controls a specific wheel. A Toro Timecutter has zero-turn technology. Each wheel of a Toro Timecutter has its own wheel motor that can be controlled and adjusted to the user's preference.

When one steering handle has a different adjustment than the other handle, it can cause issues with the alignment of the mower. In addition, it can affect the wheel's turning while the driver is steering the handles.

Irregular tire pressure can also affect the wheels' direction while being maneuvered. If one tire has less pressure than the other, the direction of the mower can be affected.

If you are having trouble driving your zero-turn mower in a straight course, check the steering handles to see if one wheel motor has a higher transmission than the other. Inconsistent transmission on each wheel of a zero-turn will cause the wheels to turn at different speeds.

When one wheel of your Toro Timecutter moves faster than the other, then it can cause your mower to drive off course.

Should A Zero Turn Deck Be Level?

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The decks on a zero-turn mower should be level. All mower decks, pushed or riding, should have level mower decks to get a proportioned cut.

Mower decks protect the user from the garden debris that shoots out of the blades while mowing. The main purpose of a mower deck is to act as a shield for the user as well as the engine.

For some mowers, another purpose of the mower deck is to control the level of the blades. The blades inside the mower deck will follow the position of the cover. This means that if the mower deck is not aligned, the blades beneath it will also not be aligned.

Aside from keeping the cover level, mower decks should also be maintained in order to avoid grass from covering the blades. Dirty mower blades can affect the overall cutting performance of your lawn mower.

Clean the deck with a garden hose. You can also use an all-purpose spray to remove dirt build-up.

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To Wrap Up

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A Toro Timecutter has steering handles instead of a steering wheel. Each steering handle can be adjusted to suit the navigation experience of the driver.

This article discussed the methods you can follow when adjusting the steering handles for various reasons. Make sure to secure the adjustment so you can operate the riding mower comfortably.

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