How Much Weight Can A Gorilla Cart Hold?

Figuring out how much weight the equipment in your yard can hold can sometimes be confusing. Do you have a Gorilla cart and want to transport heavy rocks or mulch but don't know its weight capacity? Are Gorilla carts generally durable enough for heavy lifting and moving?

Well, we've done plenty of research into these questions and have the answers below!

You can typically expect a Gorilla cart to hold up to 1,200 pounds. Again, that is based on the average holding capacity, with some Gorilla carts holding up to 1,500 pounds.

For example, if you buy a 'GCG-4' from Gorilla, it holds 1,200 pounds safely.

In contrast, the companies' larger 'GOR10-16' model holds closer to 1,500 pounds. You can also find smaller wagons from Gorilla that hold 300 pounds, so there's something for everyone.

As we begin this article, we will cover all things Gorilla carts and discuss how much weight one can hold. Whether you need new toting equipment for your yard, have a Gorilla product, or have additional questions, we're here to help. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

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How Much Weight Can A Gorilla Cart Hold?

You can usually expect a Gorilla cart to hold up to 1,200 pounds. However, that doesn't apply to smaller models, as the 'GOR200B' model will only tote 600 pounds safely.

As we said above, the larger, more durable Gorilla cart models can hold between 1,200 and 1,500 pounds on average, which is significantly more than a smaller option.

That isn't a surprise, as the wheels and mechanics on smaller Gorilla carts won't match the ones on a GCG-4 or GOR10-16.

Furthermore, Gorilla carts with only two wheels, like the 'GCY-5,' only hold 300 pounds, so if you want a heavier-duty product: choose a Gorilla cart with four wheels.

Regardless, Gorilla garden wagons are some of the best options for gardeners/landscapers, so you're bound to find at least 1-2 models that can work for your project.

On top of that, not every person needs to lug 1,000+ pounds around their property, so you don't always need to splurge on a bigger model.

What's The Largest Gorilla Cart?

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For anyone looking for the biggest Gorilla cart on the market, we recommend the GOR10-16 model. This wagon is the brand's biggest, most durable product, holding roughly 1,500 pounds.

This cart is made of heavy-duty poly material, making it ideal for moving rocks, mulch, and plant debris around your property. Furthermore, you can also carry other landscaping tools in a Gorilla cart, so it's great for many projects.

According to the company's website, this cart also features a huge, rust-resistant poly bed, making it perfect for outdoor storage. Sometimes, garden wagons are made with materials that corrode, which makes them impossible to keep outside for extended periods.

In addition, the GOR10-16 features a patented 2-in-1 handle with a durable grip, so you can attach it to a tractor or ATV or pull it manually.

Again, this is more intended for commercial/large-scale use, as it holds 1,500 pounds and is the biggest Gorilla cart the brand makes.

Gorilla Carts 1500 Pound Capacity Garden Wagon

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What Is The Smallest Gorilla Cart?

If you prefer a smaller Gorilla cart, we recommend the 'GCY-45' model. Not only is this one of the brand's smallest carts, but it also carries around 300 pounds safely.

As we said, most gardeners don't need a cart that can tow 1,200-1,500 pounds. So, spending the money on one of the more oversized Gorilla products isn't always worth it.

This 4.5 cubic capacity Gorilla cart boasts an innovative 2-wheel design, which allows any size gardener to maneuver it easily. Moreover, this cart has nine-inch tires that promise to roll through/over any terrain.

The GCY-45 model also has a maintenance-free poly construction, just like the larger, more expensive models we tagged above. So, if you don't need a massive cart and want to save money, we recommend a smaller Gorilla model.

On top of this, you can also try the 'GCR-4 (-C)' garden cart, which has a similar design to the GCY-45 model and holds 300 pounds.

How Much Soil Does A Gorilla Cart Hold?

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The amount of soil it will hold can vary depending on the size of your Gorilla cart. Typically, each Gorilla wagon will have a cubic feet capacity alongside its name/model, so this will be easy to find.

For example, if you purchase one of the four or 4.5 cubic feet models, that's how much mulch or gravel you can safely transport inside.

Moreover, if you need to move large quantities of mulch or other landscape material, we recommend purchasing one of the seven, eight, or even 12 cubic feet capacity models.

This all depends on your yard's size, the work you plan to do, and your budget. Luckily, Gorilla offers an extensive line of wagons and equipment on their website and other retailers, so finding the perfect option shouldn't take much effort.

What Is A Gorilla Cart Used For?

If you aren't familiar with the Gorilla brand, their garden carts/wagons are helpful for many garden activities and tasks. Generally, you will use a Gorilla cart to move debris, haul materials, or even transport/mix concrete.

Of course, you can also think of a Gorilla cart as a standard wheelbarrow, although they are sturdy and easier to move around.

For example, a Gorilla cart is the perfect tool if you need to haul mulch or stone to a garden section. In addition, you can also transport plants in a Gorilla cart, as it doesn't have holes and is pretty flat on the inside.

Another great way to use your cart will be if you need to prune trees and larger shrubs, as it can hold the branches/debris without a problem.

According to Ferns & Feathers, a Gorilla cart is perfect for any gardener and allows easier movement than a traditional wagon or wheelbarrow.

Is A Gorilla Cart Better Than A Wheelbarrow?

Between a Gorilla cart and a traditional wheelbarrow, you can usually expect better quality and stability from one of Gorilla's products.

As mentioned above, Gorilla carts feature patented handles and are generally better for older gardeners who may have trouble maneuvering their equipment.

Many experts also mention that Gorilla carts are stable and hold heavier items better than wheelbarrows. Especially if you need to transport heavy stones or excess amounts of mulch, a Gorilla cart might be the superior choice for your comfort.

Additionally, a Gorilla cart can be used in commercial and private settings. For example, if you want to purchase a smaller cart from the brand and use it in your garden, that should be good up to 300 pounds of movement/material.

If you want to up the ante, you can buy one of Gorilla's larger carts/wagons that can hold between 1,200 and 1,300 pounds. Considering a standard wheelbarrow will only hold around 500 pounds safely, that's a considerable difference.

Of course, some wheelbarrows can hold 1,000+ pounds, but they won't be as easy to move or stable as a Gorilla-made product.

Can I Tow A Gorilla Cart?

Yes! As long as your Gorilla cart has the patented 2-in-1 handle, you can attach it to an ATV or lawn tractor. Generally, this will be possible with larger Gorilla cart/wagon models, like the GCC-4 and GOR10-16.

Of course, smaller wagons can still be towed most of the time, as long as they have a handle that's compatible with your other equipment/vehicles.

A major benefit of having a Gorilla cart is that these are made for larger-scale projects. So, compared to a traditional wheelbarrow or wagon, your Gorilla cart should pack quite the punch for towing and weight capacity.

According to professionals, as long as your towing vehicle has a hitch pin tow plate, you should be able to pull your Gorilla cart safely.

It's also worth mentioning that the Gorilla poly and steel-made carts will be easily towable with the required attachments.

Can I Keep My Gorilla Cart Outside?

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Even though a Gorilla cart can be outside for longer, this depends on your product's material. As we covered, certain Gorilla products are poly-made, meaning they can get wet without rusting.

However, Gorilla also produces countless steel wagons/carts, which you shouldn't store outside while you aren't using them. If you don't have room in the garage or your shed, you can use a waterproof tarp to cover your cart.

Doing this allows your Gorilla wagon/cart to sit outside without being tarnished by the elements.

Regardless of the material, letting your equipment sit outdoors without protection is not usually a great idea. Even plastic/synthetic carts can become damaged if you let them sit in the outdoor climate for extended periods.

According to Backyard Boss, most, if not all, Gorilla carts have a steel frame. Therefore, even with a poly bed, your equipment can still rust if you leave it in the rain or snow.

So, keeping your Gorilla cart covered (inside or outside) is generally better to ensure it stays usable for longer. A tarp costs less than $20 most times and can save your equipment: so use one!

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To Finish

garden cart on four wheels cut grass heavy duty cart on farm

Whether you have a Gorilla cart or want one, it's always good to know how much weight yours can hold. Generally, you can find Gorilla carts that hold up to 1,500 pounds safely and down to 300 pounds for smaller models.

On top of that, many Gorilla carts feature poly-made beds, which prevents them from rusting. You might also prefer a Gorilla cart versus a standard wheelbarrow for maneuvering, as they feature better, sturdier handles and frames.

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