How Long Do Toro Mowers Last [Inc. Push And Riding Mowers]?

Would you like to know how long Toro mowers last, both push and riding variants? Well, we have researched this topic and have the answers for you. Understanding how long Toro mowers last is vital to know which is right for you.

A Toro mower's lifespan will vary based on the model. Toro push mowers will last eight to 15 years, while Toro riding mowers can last up to 25 years. You can extend the life of your mower even more by replacing parts.

In this article, we will talk more about how long Toro mowers last. We will also learn the answers to 0ther interesting related questions, such as what are common repairs Toro push mowers need, and how do you repair a Toro push mower? Keep reading to learn more.

Man using a lawn mower in his back yard, How Long Do Toro Mowers Last [Inc. Push And Riding Mowers]?

How Long Do Toro Mowers Last?

Toro mowers will last a different length of time based on their type. There are both push and riding mowers, and they have various models. Let's look at some of both push and riding mowers to learn how long they last.

Push Mowers

Push mowers differ from riding mowers because they tend to not last as long. They also don't last long because they are usually made from cheaper parts.

The cheaper design of a push mower also makes them easier to repair. Let's look at three Toro push mowers and see how their lifespans compare.

Toro AWD Mower

A Toro AWD mower is designed to sense how fast you're walking and keep pace. These mowers have standard parts and can last eight to 10 years before needing repairs.

Toro Electric Mower

Toro electric mowers differ from other mowers by being battery powered. These mowers can last longer than standard Toro push mowers because they lack a combustion engine.

You can expect a Toro electric mower to last 15 years before needing repairs.

Toro Time Master

Due to the sturdy build of Toro Time Masters, you can expect them to last 12 to 15 years. These mowers are built with high-quality parts and have two blades to make cutting grass easier and faster.

Riding Mowers

Riding mowers are designed to last a lot longer than push mowers. You can expect most Toro riding mowers to last 15 to 25 years before needing repairs. Let's look at three different Toro-riding lawnmowers and learn how long they last.

Toro Reelmaster

The Toro Reelmaster is a large riding mower that can last for over 15 years. If you mow less than two hours a week or don't mow in the winter, the Toro Reelmaster can last 25 years.

Toro Time Cutter

The Toro Time Cutter is a riding mower that can last 15 years. If you use this mower residentially, then it can last over 20 years.

This mower uses a powerful engine to cut grass quickly. It also comes with a suspension system to make mowing smoother.

Toro Titan

The Toro Titan is a sturdily built riding mower that can last over 20 years. With proper care, a Toro Titan can last 25 years.

These mowers have an extra wide mowing deck to cut large grassy areas quickly. They also boast a powerful engine to cut even the thickest grass.


Examining the lifespans of Toro push and riding mowers reveals that the push mowers last between eight and 15 years while the riding mowers last up to 25 years. You can extend the life of your mowers even more by making common repairs as needed.

What Are Common Repairs Toro Push Mowers Need?

Man working on a lawnmower in the garden

To keep your Toro push mower in working order, it's crucial to make repairs as needed. Let's look at some of the most common repairs and maintenance you'll need to perform to keep your mower running.

Air Filter

The air filter in a Toro push mower should be changed once a month. When the air filter gets clogged, it introduces debris into the engine and can shorten the mower's lifespan. Change the air filter whenever needed to keep your Toro push mower in good working order.


The blade on a Toro push mower will need to be sharpened every couple of months depending on how often you use it. If you accidentally hit a rock, it's possible to chip your lawnmower's blade. If your mower's blade is chipped and not cutting grass efficiently, you will need to replace it.

Pull Cord

The pull cord on a Toro mower can wear down over the years and break. If you break the pull cord on your Toro mower, you will need to repair it before you can use your mower again.

The pull cord on a Toro mower will last many more years if you always start the mower by gently pulling through and avoiding quick jerks.

Spark Plug

Every few years, the spark plug on your Toro mower may fail, and you will need to replace it to start the mower. The spark plug will last longer if you don't use your mower as often.


The wheels on a Toro mower can become brittle over time and break if bumped too hard. This often happens because the plastic in the wheel is weakened by direct sunlight. To keep your mower's wheel in good condition, don't store your mower in direct sunlight.

How Do You Repair A Toro Push Mower?

Man working on a lawnmower fixing repairing

To repair a Toro push mower, you need to identify what needs to be repaired. Let's learn how to fix a Toro push mower's most common problems.

Air Filter

While a dirty air filter won't break a Toro push mower immediately, it will over time. To replace the air filter, open the plastic hatch to reveal the old air filter and dispose of it.

Now take your new air filter and insert it into the plastic housing. Now close the plastic housing, and you are finished replacing the air filter.


To replace the blade on a Toro push mower, use an adjustable wrench to loosen and remove the bolt holding the blade on. Now slide the blade off of the mower and set it aside. It would be best to clean the rod the blade mounts on before replacing the blade.

Once the mounting rod is clean, replace the blade and screw the bolt back into place.

Pull Cord

The pull cord on a Toro push mower can be replaced by unscrewing the plastic guard over the engine and revealing the flywheel. Buy a new pull cord, and thread it through the holes on the flywheel. Tie a knot at the line's end so it can't come free of the flywheel.

Now wrap the cord counterclockwise around the flywheel, and thread it through the plastic cover. Screw the plastic cover back, then tie the handle to the line.

Spark Plug

To replace a Toro mower's spark plug, remove it with a sparkplug wrench. This is a tool to remove a sparkplug without breaking it. Now screw in a new sparkplug, and you are ready to mow.


To replace a Toro push mower's wheel, first lift and secure the mower so the wheel being replaced isn't supporting any weight. Next, use a half-inch socket wrench to remove the wheel's bolt.

Replace the old wheel with a new wheel, and reinsert the securing bolt. Once the bolt is tight, you are finished replacing your wheel.

What Are Common Repairs Toro Riding Mowers Need?

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Toro riding mowers can require the same common repairs as push mowers, but they also have some unique ones. Toro riding mowers use a belt system to engage the blades, and belts can break.

To keep a Toro riding mower's belt in good working order, it's vital to apply lubricating oil regularly. The oil will help to reduce wear on the belts and extend their lives.

How To Replace A Toro Riding Mower's Belt

To replace a Toro riding mower's belt, open the hood and inspect the belt. Any belt that shows significant wear will need to be replaced.

Use a socket wrench to loosen the nut holding the guiding pulley. With the pulley removed, you can remove the belt. Now rethread the new belt between the pulleys, and reinsert the removed pulley.

Use the socket wrench to tighten the nut back on the pulley, and you are finished replacing a Toro riding mower's belt.

Final Thoughts

Man using a lawn mower in his back yard

In this article, we learned how long Toro mowers last. We also learned about common repairs Toro mowers need and how to repair them.

Remember, if you lubricate your riding mower's belts, they will last much longer.

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