How Long Do Maple Trees Live? [By Type Of Maple]

Figuring out how long your maple trees will live can be tricky without some help. Are you just beginning your planting process, or do you have an older tree currently in your garden? We have done our research to find you the answers. So let's check this out.

According to what we found, maple trees typically live between 80 and 100 years. This can vary depending on the type of maple, though.

  • The red maple lives anywhere from 130 years to well into 300.
  • Silver maple usually only lives for 100 to 125 years.
  • The sugar maple is one of the most durable trees within the species and lives between 200 and 400 years.

Unfortunately, although these trees can survive hundreds of years, humans and natural causes shorten many maple tree's lifetimes.

As we dive into this topic, we will discuss maple trees and their typical life expectancy. Whether you have one or plan to get one, maples are a beautiful and long-living tree that everyone should have in their garden. With that said, let's get into this post!

Sugar Maple Trees in Autumn at Boyd Conservation Park. How Long Do Maple Trees Live [By Type Of Maple]

Maple Tree Life Expectancy

Although some maple trees live a long beautiful life, their environment plays a huge role in their life expectancy. Generally, maple trees thrive in zones three through eight and love moderate, cooler weather. Of course, not all maples are the same, but extreme weather on either side of the thermostat is unsuitable for any maple tree.

Golden Autumn season in forest - vibrant leaves on trees, sunny weather and nobody. How Long Do Maple Trees Live [By Type Of Maple]

Red Maple

Garden Park in springtime, Red Maple tree in springtime

Unfortunately, red maples do not live very long by tree standards and usually don't make it past 100 years. However, if the weather is moderate and the maple is not cut down or knocked over, it can live for 130 to 300 years. Common factors that shorten red maples lifespan include disease, drought, and pests. Overall, these beautiful fall trees are pretty hardy and don't seem to be picky with their soil.

Silver Maple

Lone silver maple tree under blue sky in autumn

Usually, silver maples live between 100 and 125 years, depending on their environment. However, silver maples in urban settings have a much shorter lifespan at just 35 to 65 years. Among the maple trees mentioned, silver maple is more fragile and susceptible to disease and shortened lifetime. The common factors that shorten silver maple lifespans include poor air quality, surface rooting, limb damage, disease, and pests.

Sugar Maple

Sugar maple (Acer sacarum) in spectacular October light.

Generally, you can expect a sugar maple to live for 200 to 400 years, making them one of the longest living maples. One of the main reasons this tree species lives so long is its durability and love for extreme cold. However, for a sugar maple to live long, it needs to go into dormancy during the winter months. Common factors that play a role in a shortened lifespan for sugar maples include root disease, pests, and fungus.

Where Do Maple Trees Live?

Typically, maple trees live throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa. Maples prefer cooler, moderate climates and commonly grow together in groups. There are around 125 different maple species that are all valuable for their syrup and wood. Although many maples grow in zones three through eight, not all tree species can handle extreme winter in the lower zones.

What Is The Best Maple Tree To Plant?

When it comes to the best maple tree to plant, we suggest going with a red or sugar species. We say this because of the easy upkeep and relatively quick growth red and sugar maples have. Between the two, sugar maples have a more vibrant fall color and will live longer. Regardless, make sure to regularly fertilize your plant and keep it on a good watering schedule.

Autumn Blaze Red Maple Tree

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Can A Dying Maple Tree Be Saved?

If you notice your maple tree begin to die, there might be hope if you act fast. To start, make sure your tree's roots are not dead because once that happens, there is no saving the tree. If your maple is dying because of water spouts or root "suckers," make sure to cut them off and lay down new mulch around the base of your maple.

Generally, maple trees die because of root-related issues, so always check around your tree for weird growths and pests. We recommend having an expert check out your tree and decide a good plan of action based on the exact issue.

What Are The Signs Of A Dying Maple Tree? 

Typically, maple trees will begin to show signs of decline far before they die. A few warning signs include:

  • Bark abnormalities like deep cracks or holes
  • Decay from the inside out
  • Dead branches and leaves
  • Leaf discoloration when they are in season
  • Distortion or branch warping 

Although every tree is different, make sure to check up on it every so often and regularly spray for pests and diseases.

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How Tall Is A 10-Year-Old Maple Tree?

Sugar Maple Trees in Autumn

Typically, you can expect a ten-year-old maple tree to be between ten and 15 feet tall. On average, maple trees grow about a foot per year, which is an easy indicator of their age. However, most times, maple trees are moderate growers, so you won't see them grow faster than a foot and a half per year.

How Long Does It Take For A Maple Tree To Mature?

When it comes to the timeline for a maple tree fully maturing, expect between 20 and 30 years. Although a maple has fully matured, that does not mean it won't stop growing taller and broader past that time frame. Generally, this is the same for most maple species and might vary slightly depending on your tree.

How Do You Keep A Maple Tree Healthy?

The glorious colors of autumn in a single branch against blue sky

Keeping a maple healthy and happy is as easy as regularly checking up on your tree. A good watering schedule and bi-yearly pesticide spraying are two essential steps to take to ensure your maple tree lives a long life. When it comes to fertilizing, we recommend you do so every six months, avoiding the winter.

Maple trees are not too picky when it comes to soil, so as long as you choose something rich in nutrients, your tree will be healthy. Like we mentioned earlier, your maple will show you when it's sick, so always keep an eye out for those warning signs.

How Often Should I Prune My Maple Tree?

As pretty as their leaves are, it is super important to prune maple trees regularly. When it comes to a good time to prune, we recommend during the late winter/early spring. Pruning during this time is ideal because your maple tree is not growing and should be in a state of dormancy. It's always good to prune before the growing spring season to encourage new growth and even a little extra foliage on your tree.

Can You Grow Maple Trees Inside?

For anyone wanting to start an indoor maple orchard, we feel you. Although these trees do prefer outdoor living, you can certainly grow one inside. When planting your tree, we suggest using a small to a medium-sized pot, so your tree doesn't grow through your ceiling. Maple trees tend to grow as big as their environment will let them, so the smaller, the better.

Novelty Store Full Depth Cylinder Pot

Here is a full-depth planter from the Novelty Store to grow an indoor maple in. This pot is 14 inches, plastic material, and has a built-in water tray at the bottom.

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How Much Sunlight Does An Indoor Maple Need Per Day?

Whether you grow maple trees indoor or outside, sunlight is essential. For your indoor maple to grow and survive, it needs to be somewhere with sunlight for at least four hours per day. With that said, try to keep your tree near a warm window with access to direct sunlight. Although indirect sunlight will do, maple trees prefer bright direct exposure to the sun periodically throughout the day.

To Wrap Things Up

Maple trees are not only beautiful but also generational trees if adequately cared for. From what we discovered, maple trees generally live for about 100 years and can even survive up to 400 in ideal situations.

Unfortunately, although these majestic sweet-smelling trees are relatively easy to care for, pests and diseases are leading causes of early maple death. Generally, make sure to check up on your tree and address any root issues as quickly as possible. Regardless of where you plant one, a maple tree is a beautiful and long-living option and is not too difficult to take care of.

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