Unveiling The Secrets of Himalayan Bee Honey: A Natural Substance With Surprising Properties

When I think of bee honey, the last idea that pops into my head is getting high. However, if I (or you) were to enjoy a taste of Himalayan bee honey: things would get pretty weird.

A somewhat known fact about the honey from Himalayan honey bees is that their delicious and rare honey is one of nature's hallucinogenics.

These elusive bees are also the largest honey bee species IN THE WORLD: so they're pretty cool.

You can find them in the Himalayan mountains, often getting high along cliffsides.

Mad Honey: It'll Take You For The Ride Of Your Life

An image of himalayan bee honey and psychedelic geometry seamless pattern art

Since learning that Himalayan honey bees make trippy honey in the mountains, why is this even happening?

Well, these giant honey bees feast on special varieties of rhododendron plants. Because of their cliffside location, the Himalayan honey bee often enjoys plants that normal insects wouldn't go near.

Because they eat the magic rhododendrons (try saying that five times fast), their honey will cause humans to trip out if we eat enough. It is also used to calm anxiety, so it could be a natural alternative to prescription drugs.

Space trippy 60s style psychedelic geometry seamless pattern art

A detail to remember here is that "mad honey" usually causes severe dizziness and hallucination.

So, in an effort to get a slight buzz, you're just eating honey and then losing your mind for a day or so afterward.

The honey from these Himalayan bees has also been used medicinally for centuries, SO WHAT CAN'T IT DO? Who knew that trippy honey had so many alternative uses?

Specifically, the honey from Himalayan bees has been used as an aphrodisiac, as an alternative therapy for gastrointestinal disorders, and even all the way to treating hypertension.

Here's a TikTok from someone who micro-dosed their Himalayan bee honey...

@himalayahoney Himalayan Mad Honey Review #madhoneyreview #madhoneyharvest #madhoneynepal #cliffhoney #madhoney #himalayancliffhoney #himalayanhoney #himalayanmadhoney #nepalhoney #honey #medicinalhoney ♬ original sound - Himalayan Mad Honey

So, you can see she feels calmer and also can't tell whether her ring light is in the sky or right in front of her. Sounds like an influencer if we've ever known one.

Again, there are endless companies and brands offering mad honey.

Mad Honey Is Legal In The US

Interestingly enough, this mad honey is legal in the United States. 

Funny enough, this honey is banned in various countries, including South Korea, Australia, India, Mexico, and Brazil. The United States either doesn't know or care that this trippy honey is a thing.

Surprisingly, US health and law officials haven't paid much attention to mad honey. 2023 could be the year of hallucinogenic bee honey.

Again, now that I covered it, it will probably be banned in a few days (because that's my luck).

In an effort to not use any more awful bee puns, I'm going to end this article.

However, if you'd like the party to continue: leave me a comment below 🙂 Buzz buzz.

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