12 Best Heat Lamps For Plants

12 Best Heat Lamps for PlantsHeat lamps are, quite possibly, one of the best inventions for gardeners to date. These nifty little lights allow growers to cultivate their young and delicate plants indoors by subbing in for natural light. They provide just the right light spectrums to enable plants to thrive while also stimulating photosynthesis.

Using heat lamps allows families to have a large variety of fresh fruit and veggies year-round if they want. It also allows for gardeners to grow seed plants for spring planting or to keep flowers in abundant supply.

You can choose from two options with heat lamps. You can go with a grow bulb which is cheap and easy to use. All you need is some form of light fixture on which to install it. On the other hand, you can spend a bit more and get a specially made fixture. A fixture works better than a simple bulb, providing a broader spectrum of light evenly over a large space. This allows for more plants to grow strong and healthy while only using one lamp.

Here we'll be looking at fixtures and what each one's specific features are. Keep reading to find out which are the best of the bunch!

1. Relassy Full Spectrum Light

This lamp from Relassy has an LED light installed in each of its dual heads. An LED light is cutting edge technology for heat lamps. The lower heat output guarantees your plants will have the warmth they need without being scorched. These lamps are also highly energy-efficient as well as provide the ideal light spectrum that plants need. This particular lamp uses aluminum shells around the bulbs to deliver optimal heat dissipation. Two goosenecks make it easy to angle the lights exactly how you need to for your plants.

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2. Full Spectrum Grow Light

This three-headed lamp has 60 full-spectrum LEDs to provide jus the right range of light for your plants. Each lamp is attached to a clamp by a gooseneck base to allow for ease of positioning. It has three switch options and six dimmable settings installed to allow you flexibility when setting it up for different plants at various stages of growth. A neat feature of this lamp is that it has an auto on/off and a circular memory time. This allows you to set it for either 3, 6, or 12 hours. It will run for the set amount of time and then shut itself off. Once you set it and as long as it's plugged in, it will automatically turn itself back on at the same time every day.

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3. Growing Lamps for Hydroponics

This lamp contains a warm white light that includes the full spectrum your plants need to thrive. It only consists of a 12W bulb, but the LED construction allows it to function with the same output as a 25W with only a fraction of the energy cost. This lamp is safe around water. It's also easier on your eyes as it doesn't put out ultraviolet lights. The mounting bracket allows you to adjust the light output angle easily while the heat sink produces plenty of warmth without scorching your plants.

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4. Osunby LED Grow Light

A collection of full-spectrum LED lights create the perfect environment for plants through every stage of development. The hanging kit on this allows for easy and quick installation. Hanging this lamp 2 feet above your plants gives you a 3x3 square footage of coverage. You can use this lamp with both hydroponics as well as plants in soil.

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5. ACKE Floor Lamp for Indoor Plants

Perfect for larger plants, this floor lamp from ACKE has a simple design with a powerful light. The lamp comes in three strengths: 20W, 35W, and 50W. Each strength has three settings. The first setting is for a blue light that promotes early vegetation. The second setting, a red light, is suitable for the flowering and fruit stages. White lights, the final setting, supplements indoor plants that are short on natural sunlight. You can also adjust the height of the lamp according to the needs of your particular plant.

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6. MIXC 4 Pack LED Strips

Each light bar in this pack has 16 blue LED light chips to help with chlorophyll synthesis in plants. They also include 40 red chips that assist plants with photosynthesis and germination stages. Each light also has an auto on/off switch to allow you to set when the sun will rise and set for your plants. This feature doesn't cycle, though, so you'll need to reset it each day. The 28W LED lights are adjustable through 5 brightness settings so you can create the perfect environment for your plants.

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7. Triple Heads Growing Lamp

A matte lamp cover on each of these three heads protects your eyes from the light they put out. You can set this lamp to run for 4, 8, or 12 hours. It also has a circular memory, so once you set it holds the time and will automatically turn on and off each day. You can set it by one of 8 brightness levels as well as use 1-3 of the lamp heads depending on your plant's needs.

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8. Relassy Waterproof Grow Lamp

This lamp from Relassy is both waterproof and dust resistant. This allows is to be used both indoors and outdoors, which can be rather handy in cold rains or snowy weather. The white light provides a full spectrum of light that's perfect for every stage of plant growth. A 180 range of motion makes it easy to angle the light exactly how you need it while the lack of a fan lets it run quietly for peaceful indoor use.

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9. LED Grow Light

This super bright, 1000W lamp gives plants a full spectrum of light no matter their growing stage. Two switches allow you to adjust the brightness to accommodate the exact needs of your plants. You can move the VEG and BLOOM switches from 0% up to 100% as needed. A cooling system is in place for each LED light to keep it cool and to work longer. You can use this lamp in greenhouses, basements, indoors, and water-soluble gardening.

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10. Desk Clip LED Plant Lamp

If you aren't looking for something heavy-duty and want a small lamp to perk up your desk plant, then check this lamp out. A 360 flexible gooseneck holds a full spectrum LED light that's perfect for a small potted plant. You can also use this lamp as a desk light, making it ideal for both your plant and you. The 5W lamp is energy efficient, and the aluminum shell doesn't allow it to put out too much heat. This keeps the plant warm without scorching delicate flowers or leaves.

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11. Villsure LED Plant Lamp

Long, large arms on goosenecks allow this lamp to provide light for a large group of plants, or extra large planters, as you can see in the image above. The clip base makes it a snap to attach it to almost any planter for easy installation. LED chips provide the full range of light needed by indoor plants, while the heat-dissipating materials provide warmth without burning them. A cyclic memory timer allows you to set the lamp to 3, 6, or 12 hours of light and then forget about it. The timer will automatically turn it on and let it run at the same time each day.

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12. Aceple Floor Stand Lamp

A base that adjusts between 2.2" and 4.8" makes this lamp easy to use with taller plants. A long light strip on a gooseneck allows you to adjust the lamp to shine exactly where you need it. The 30W light is power efficient and low heat, warming the area without burning leaves and flowers on your plants. It also provides the full spectrum of light needed for every stage of growth so that you can use it long term.

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Warm Lamp, Happy Plants

A heat lamp is going to help your indoor plants and seedlings thrive even without the sun. Carefully consider the space you have allotted for a lamp as well as how much area you need to cover before you buy one. Also, decide how much control you want over the lamp and whether or not you want it to operate on an autocycle or not. Whatever your preference, your plants will thank you.

Heat lamps are awesome boosts for indoor vertical gardens. Check out this post on how to build one!

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