21 Gorgeous Heart-Shaped Planters And Pots

21 Gorgeous Heart-Shaped Planters and PotsWho said gardening can't be romantic? Heart-shaped planters and pots can make a decorative statement that's all about our love for gardening and for each other.

We've curated a list of 21 such amorous planting containers for you. Each one would make a wonderful gift for a loved one, including on Valentine's Day. You can have these shipped by Amazon to your recipient as is, or have them shipped to you, to be filled with soil and the plants of your choice. What a fantastic personalized gift that would be!

Let's take a look at these gorgeous planters.

1. MyGift Cut Out Heart Shaped Planter

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This lovely heart-shaped planter from MyGift is the perfect home for small succulents and flowers and comes complete with a small drainage hole to help prevent over-watering. Because it is made of durable cement, it’s a sturdy and heartwarming addition to any home.

2. Metal Wall Hanging Heart Shape Succulent Flower Pot

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Those who are limited on space will enjoy this hanging heart shaped flower pot from GANAZONO. It is made of high-quality metal and is able to hold both indoor and outdoor plants, wreaths, and bouquets.

The heart shape adds a level of warmth to indoor and outdoor areas.

3. MyGift Black & White Heart-Shaped Tabletop Planter Set

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This adorable set allows you to place several small pants in four heart-shaped black and white planters. The planters feature a pumice texture and are neatly placed on an ornate metal stand. Ideal for indoor use, the planters have a closed bottom so water won’t drip on your table.

Because each stand is separated, there is equal room to plant flowers, succulents, or potpourri. This is a planter that would look great during romantic dinners or bright, summer days.

4. Ivolador Heart-Shaped Hanging Glass Flower Planter

These truly unique heart-shaped planters from Ivolador do a great job of holding small plants while also giving the appearance of your favorite jewelry. The eye-catching planters hang easily with three feet of rope and are built with high-quality glass that is sure to last.

The planters come in a set of two and include a light bulb which gives your flowers or succulents a gorgeous glow. Installation is as easy as connecting the rope and planter, tying it off, and hanging it where you please.

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5. Succulent Gardens Small Succulent Heart Planter DIY Kit

You have the ability to custom build the mini planter of your dreams with this DIY heart-shaped planter. After you build the planter, you can fill it with moss and small succulents.

This is a great gift for Valentine's Day or just as a nice centerpiece in your living room. Maintenance is a piece of cake, and with the right touch of sunlight and weekly watering, this kit is sure to stay healthy and beautiful

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6. Shop Succulents Hanging Planter

Shop Succulents provides another lovely heart-shaped planter that comes ready for planting. Once you get it, you only need to add soil, moss, and plants of your choice. Even better, this planter can be laid flat or be hung on a wall.

This item has a rustic charm and is handcrafted, so you know you are getting quality workmanship. Create your own micro garden with this unique planter.

You can learn more about this planter on Amazon.

7. Better-Way Heart Shaped Ceramic Succulent Plant Planter

For a more abstract look, consider this ceramic heart-shaped planter that will elevate your home with a shiny white glaze finish and dimensions large enough to plant a flower or succulent of your choice.

Because of its sleek look, this is a great planter for outside or indoors in an office or living room or as a coffee table centerpiece.

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8. Nicole Silicone Flowerpot Mold Heart-Shaped Concrete Planter

This decorative heart-shaped planter from LAMEIDA is classy and unique with an elegant green exterior that is beautifully glazed, adding style to any indoor room. It is the perfect size for succulents, cactus plants, and herbs.

The planter is very easy to use when paired with soil and a plant of your choice and it looks great on desks, in the living room, and on window sills.

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9. Large Willow Heart Wall Basket

Add a splash of color to your front door or any wall with this hanging heart-shaped planter from BCD. With a size of 16” by 14”, you have enough space to insert a floral arrangement of your choice, and it fits just about anywhere due to a strong, jute rope hanger.

It is made with intertwined willow twigs and features a raised pocket so you can see your flowers in all of their glory.

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10. T4U Embossed Heart-Shaped Succulent Cactus Planter

This gorgeous and robust heart-shaped planter from T4U is a great statement piece for your kitchen or screen-in porch. It is made of durable ceramic materials and has elegant designs printed on the exterior.

It has space for herbs, cactus plants, succulents, or a combination of the three and it has a drain hole at the bottom to help with water movement.

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11. Hollow Heart Shaped Indoor Ceramic Succulent Planter

For a unique look, check out this heart-shaped planter that provides a fun, vintage style with a heart that is cut out of the middle. It is made of ceramic and comes complete with a shiny glaze finish.

Even with the heart in the middle, there is still plenty of space to add succulents or flowers. It is a wonderful piece for elevated home decor.

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12. Heart-Shaped Hanging Plant Holder

Love is in the air (literally) with this hanging planter. It comes with a detachable 17-inch chain so you can pick how low you want it to hang.

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13. Heart-Shaped Metal Plant Stand

For a fun take on heart-shaped planters, why not have an entire plant stand in the shape of a heart?

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14. Heart-Shaped Metal Hanging Planter

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Perfect for those who appreciate unique home decor, this rustic heart-shaped hanging planter are a charming addition to any indoor or outdoor space.

Crafted from weather-resistant iron, they are designed to securely hold plants with their sturdy construction, including durable pots, chains, and hooks.

15. Fotcus Love Heart Flower Pot

The heart-shaped flower pot from Fotcus is a high-quality resin construction that provides ample room for moss, succulents, and flowers.

It is carved by hand and offers a pleasant European style. This is a great addition to any outdoor mini garden.

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16. Rose Gold Heart-Shaped Succulent Planters

What makes these succulent planters even better is that they have drainage holes and removable plugs. How cute!

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17. EXDJ Wicker Rattan Flower Basket Hand-Woven Planter

The best things come in small packages, and these heart-shaped flower planters fit the bill. They are handcrafted and offer a very unique way to present your prized flowers. These planters are also strong, durable, and corrosion resistant.

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18.Heart Shape Vase for Planting Hydroponic Plants

Propagate your plants in these adorable glass heart-shaped vases, or use them as adorable hydroponic planters.

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19. Heart Shaped Casual Country Galvanized Metal Planter

This heart-shaped metal planter screams love and happiness, and it is a great addition to your indoor motif. The planter is excellent if you are looking for that extra touch of color, and it is large enough for herbs, flowers, and other artificial plants. It is lightweight and easy to hang on doors and walls.

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20. MyGift 2-Tier Rustic Grey Hanging Planter

You will really kick your home decor up a notch with this two-tier planter that gives you two gorgeous heart-shaped shelves with a lovely pot in the middle of each. With its rustic, grey finish, this planter hangs from twisted twine rope that offers a rustic look paired with the colors of your favorite succulents or garden flowers.

The planters do not have drain holes so they will not damage the other decorations in the area. It can be used indoors and outdoors.

You can learn more about this planter on Amazon.

21. “Cast Your Own” Heart-Shaped Planter

At first glance, this heart-shaped planter looks like just a cute little decorative piece, but in reality, it is an all-in-one kit that includes the planter and cilantro seeds so all you have to do is add water and you have a lovely plant right there in your living room! Buy it for yourself or as a gift for the novice gardener in your family.

You can learn more about this planter on Amazon.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor settings, these planters are designed to complement any living room, office, or balcony garden with their unique heart shape and modern rustic appeal. Crafted from high-quality metal, the structure of these hanging planters ensures long-lasting use and durability. They are weather-resistant, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use without the risk of rust.

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