Harley Rake Vs Rockhound: What’s The Difference?

You can use several methods and equipment when you want to clear out and smoothen the lawn. However, you might wonder which is better: a Harley rake or a Rockhound. What are their differences? Well, we've done some research and have the answers below!

Harley rake and Rockhound are both great landscaping tools. A Harley rake is best to use in wide land areas, while a Rockhound is an excellent choice for smaller areas.

However, their differences do not end there; here are some other contrasts:

  • Working Efficiency
  • Ease Of Use
  • Attachments
  • Price

Would you like to know which equipment is better for your project? Continue reading to find out more about their differences. In this post, we will also answer some frequently asked questions. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

Harley Rake Vs. Rockhound

If you're in the middle of working in a particular area, you might be wondering which to use between a Harley Rake and Rockhound. Harley Rake is an agricultural tool for seedbed preparation, removing weeds, and even planting seeds.

A Rockhound, on the other hand, are also great for landscaping needs. They help in preparing the soil for planting. They are best for lawns that are graded with dozers.

Both are high-quality agricultural and landscaping tools but differ in many aspects.

Here are some of them:

Working Efficiency

Harley Rake is a known versatile tool for landscaping. It is a tractor-mounted rake that is great for many tasks, such as seedbed preparations, dirt and gravel road grading, and cutting grades.

Their machines are highly powered and can work on dry and wet soils. However, if possible, don't use them on moist soils because these can stick to the rotor causing damage.

On the other hand, a Rockhound is a skid steer attachment that is also an excellent landscaping tool but is less powered than Harley Rake. They are used in removing small to medium rocks and debris.

Ease Of Use

Both Harley Rake and Rockhound are very simple and easy to use when it comes to operating the devices. They are both straightforward and guide you in seedbed preparation.

Harley Rakes can be a front-mounted skid steer attachment or a pull-behind unit, depending on how you want to use your tractor.


Harley Rakes allow you to break hard soil and prepare seedbeds suitable for heavy-duty applications.

A heavy-duty tractor with an attached rake at its back, Harley Rake Vs Rockhound: What's The Difference?

Its attachment's working width is 48 inches and it weighs 510-1050 lbs. They are heavy equipment making them harder to maneuver.

Meanwhile, a Rockhound has a working width of 79 inches and a weight of 1450-1500 lbs


Another notable difference between Harley Rake and Rockhound is their cost. It is also one of the biggest and most important factors when choosing a tool for your landscaping needs.

Some Harley rake models cost between $8,000-$13,000, but you can also buy models that cost between $6,500-$7,000. While a Rockhound can be purchased for $5,000-$10,000, depending on the model.

Does A Harley Rake And Rockhound Level The Ground?

Leveling the ground is necessary when working on a certain land area.

There are several tools that you can use when leveling the ground. But, if you have an available Harley Rake and wonder if you can use it, the short answer is yes.

A Harley Rake can be used to resurface or level the ground. However, they are not as good as how box blades work for ground leveling.

On the other hand, a Rockhound is specially designed to level the ground. It works by removing rocks while leveling the ground simultaneously.

How Deep Can A Harley Rake And Rockhound Dig?

Harley Rake and Rockhound are great for digging up the soil, but the depth of their digging ability depends on the type of plant you're going to plant.

When using Harley Rake, the depth at which it can dig the soil will depend on how much pressure you put into the tool. But generally, it can dig up to two to four inches.

Rockhound works well in loose soil. If you use Rockhound when the soil is already tilled, it will be able to dig up to two to three inches of soil.

Can You Use Harley Rake On Gravel?

You probably already know that a Harley Rake is a great landscaping tool, but you might also be wondering if they can use on gravel. The short answer is yes.

Harley rakes, also known as power rakes, were created and designed for heavy-duty applications, including gravel leveling.

They can be used to turn over compacted gravel while loosening soil. After it loosens the earth, it can move the dirt around and fill in holes and uneven areas on the ground.

Can You Use A Harley Rake On Wet Dirt?

Harley Rake is a tool made for heavy-duty applications. However, proper use of the tool should be implemented to avoid damaging the tool and your lawn.

Although you can use a Harley rake for wet and dry soil, it is still not the best idea to use it when it is wet.

If you Harley rake with wet dirt, there is a possibility of the wet soil sticking to the rotor of the machine. This will make it harder for the machine to work. This can also lead to a lawn not being appropriately raked.

Can You Rake A Lawn Too Much?

Raking is a beneficial step in making the lawn look good and preparing the soil for planting seeds. However, raking should be properly done to avoid getting the soil damaged.

Although raking can remove weeds and level the soil, raking the lawn too much can also remove thatch and thin the property, exposing the ground in many places.

Raking leaves in the garaden

It will always be better for you to wait until the lawn recovers from the first raking so the nutrients from the soil will remain.

When Is The Best Time To Rake A Lawn?

Raking your lawn at the right time will make the work easier and help keep a property in good shape. Light dethatching can be done during spring or between April and June.

Woman in jeans raking her front lawn

During these months, the sun will warm up and increase the recovery rate of the lawn while slowing down the growth of grass and weeds.

For lawns requiring heavy dethatching, it is best to work during autumn or before winter.

Should You Power Rake Or Aerate: Which Is Better?

Many homeowners and landscapers are confused between power raking and aerating and when to do these things. Power raking and aerating are not a substitute for each other, although they bring some similar benefits to the lawn.

Power raking is a more aggressive approach to removing thatch and debris from your lawn. They can be damaging to the property if not correctly done.

Gardener mowing the lawn and another one raking the grass

Meanwhile, aeration is a process wherein it reduces soil compaction by removing cores of soil. This process can also improve soil nutrients, water, and oxygen in the ground.

Additionally, it allows the roots to grow deeper and reduces the risk of fungal diseases.

Both power raking and aerating are essential steps in making the lawn healthy and well-maintained. But the process you need to do will still depend on the needs of your lawn.

Man mowing the lawn with a red lawn mower

Be sure to use the right tool when doing either process.

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To Finish

A heavy-duty tractor with an attached rake at its back

A well-maintained lawn is very overwhelming. That is why you need proper tools and machines to help with the maintenance and to make your work easier and faster.

Harley Rake and Rockhound are both worthy equipment for your lawn. The decision on which to choose between the two will always depend on your needs.

A Harley Rake will do the work better if your area is vast. But, if the land area is small, a Rockhound is a way to go. Lastly, you can always check out the abovementioned comparison to help you choose the right tool for your lawn.

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