How To Attach Hanging Baskets To Concrete Posts

You can hang baskets on your porch, patio, walkway, or indoors. If you want to hang baskets from concrete posts around your home or yard and wonder how to do it, keep reading. We researched this process and have information to share.

To hang a basket from a concrete post, follow these instructions:

  • Prepare the tools you need to install the basket.
  • Attach the bracket clamp to the concrete post.
  • Fasten the bracket and screw in the adaptor.
  • Hook the metal bracket and hang the basket.

In this post, we'll cover the process of hanging a basket from a concrete post in detail. We'll also look at how you can hang the basket from other surfaces and share different hanging basket ideas. 

How To Attach A Hanging Basket To A Concrete Post

Hanging Basket with Petunias

One of the advantages of hanging baskets is that you have a little planting area separate from the rest of your garden. These hanging ornaments create an inviting, homey feeling. Attaching hanging baskets to any surface is as easy as ABC. There are several ways you can do it.

A bracket clamp is the quickest way to attach a hanging basket to a concrete post. You don't have to drill it or slide it down the concrete post.


Here are the materials you need to attach a hanging basket:

  • Flat-blade screwdriver
  • Bracket clamp
  • Postfix lift on/off adaptor
  • Hanging bracket

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Here are the steps on how to install a hanging basket using a bracket clamp:

1. Attach The Bracket Clamp

Affix the bracket clamp on the slotted, solid concrete post. Secure it on the concrete bar and tighten the lock and bolt using the flat-blade screwdriver. There is no need to drill holes. The bracket clamp is adjustable and available in different sizes to fit most solid concrete posts.

2. Fasten And Screw In The Adaptor

Fasten the lift on/off adaptor to the bracket hole at the top. Screw in the adaptor and tighten it to hold it in place. Make sure the plant won't fall due to a loose screw.

3. Hook And Hang

Hook the bracket to the bracket clamp. Get your hanging basket and hang it to the bracket clamp. The bracket clamp and adaptor can be purchased online.

Watch this video for details on how to attach a hanging basket to a concrete post.

How To Drill And Attach A Hanging Basket To A Concrete Wall

Installing hanging baskets on concrete walls is easy. Listed below are the materials and the steps you need to follow for easy installation.


Here are the items you need to install a hanging basket on a concrete wall:

  • Hanging basket bracket
  • Pencil or marker
  • Hammer
  • Masonry nail
  • Screw
  • Raw plug
  • Drill bits


Here is an easy, step-by-step guide for attaching a hanging basket to a wall:

  1. Get a hanging basket bracket (an old one will work) and line it up on the spot where you want to attach it.
  2. Use a pencil or marker to mark the concrete through the bracket holes.
  3. With a hammer and masonry nail, make little holes on the marked spot for easy drilling.
  4. Use a small drill bit to drill holes, then use a bigger bit to open up the holes. Ensure that the drill bit is the same size or smaller than the raw plug to hold it into place.
  5. Don't apply too much pressure when you are drilling. Put the raw plug in the hole, then tap it with a hammer.
  6. Attach the brackets and align their holes to the hole you made in the wall.
  7. Install the screws with the drill. Make sure the bracket is stable enough to support the weight of your hanging basket.

Watch this video for details on how to attach a hanging basket to a concrete wall.

How To Attach A Hanging Basket To A Metal Light Pole

Hanging baskets are a great way to save space and add beauty to your landscape. You can hang flower and plant baskets on a fence, wall, or light pole.


Here are the materials you need:

  • Adjustable metal pole lamppost bracket
  • Bracket (single or double arm)
  • Foam tape


Here are the steps on how to attach a hanging basket to a metal pole:

  1. Get an adjustable pole lamppost bracket.
  2. Put foam tape around the inside of the bracket to prevent slipping and scraping.
  3. Use a ladder if the spot is too high to reach.
  4. Attach the bracket to the pole and insert the bolts into its holes. Tighten the sides of the pole bracket to secure it.
  5. Place the hook and ensure that the hook or arm extends far and does not touch the light pole.
  6. Finally, tighten the nuts and bolts and hang the basket on the bracket arm or hook.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Hanging Baskets?

Plants in hanging baskets may struggle due to several factors. Here are the drawbacks of hanging baskets:

Dry Out Faster

Hanging baskets dry out faster than ground-level containers. Inconsistent watering may cause severe problems. The roots may have problems absorbing moisture and nutrients, and the soil can deteriorate.

The solution to these issues is to use a hanging pot reservoir. The pot reservoir is a self-watering pot ideal for hanging flowers. The plant absorbs water anytime it needs it.

For more information about hanging baskets and why they dry out fast, you may read this post, "My Hanging Baskets Are Not Holding Water; Why? What To Do?"


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Fertilizer Problems

Plants in hanging baskets require fertilizer to thrive. The plants can wilt and die due to nutrient deficiency. Apply a slow-release fertilizer to provide a continuous supply of nutrients to your hanging baskets once every few weeks.

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Root Bound

A plant can become root bound when its basket is small, and its roots don't have room to expand and grow. The root system cannot absorb moisture and nutrients, dehydrating the plant and finally drying it out.

To solve this problem, remove the plant from the old basket and transplant to a bigger pot withnew potting soil mix. Select soil with enough aeration and water retention, such as perlite and vermiculite.

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Hanging Basket And Container Ideas 

close up shot of a flower arrangement in a white basket pot hanging on blurred bokeh background. The flowers are yellow, red, pink with purple berries and white snow on them, How To Attach Hanging Baskets To Concrete Posts

Hanging baskets and containers are a great gardening alternative for those with limited garden space. Listed below are some hanging basket ideas:

Hanging Flower Bed In A Wooden Box

Hanging flower bed from a wooden box and ropes

Hanging flower boxes add warmth and beauty to pathways, porches, and entrances. You can layer plants and flower varieties in a box for a more attractive effect.

Wooden Baskets

Colorful flowers in wooden basket and was hanging out.

A basket is traditionally constructed and made from various materials such as cane, wood, runners, and many more. Hand-made wooden baskets are unique, with different pattern options. Adding colorful flowers to a wooden pot creates a bright, homey vibe.

Hanging Pot

Colorful petunias in a hanging pot as a decoration for the garden and terrace

Hanging a ceramic pot is another way to decorate your porch and patios. Petunias in a ceramic pot are a colorful, fun decoration for any home.

Hand-Made Asian Woven Baskets

Plants in a row of Asian woven hand made hanging baskets against a bright purple background in a tropical garden.

Hand-made, woven hanging baskets from Asia filled with vibrant green plants give a bright, homey ambiance to a porch or pathway.

Plant Hangers

Blue white lobelia flowers in plant hangers growing outdoors, hanging plant holder ideas for gardens.

Blue and white Lobelia flowers in a hanging plant holder are a rejuvenating sight on a summer day. These flowers attract beneficial insects such as butterflies and bees.

Hanging Balls

A hanging ball filled with a variety of succulents

Hanging balls with succulent plants are unusual, attractive, and unique designs for your wall gardens. This distinctive innovation evolves flower arrangements, creating a one-of-a-kind decoration.

Wicker Basket Pots

White, yellow and purple petunia flowers hanging in wicker basket pots in nursery garden.

A combination of white, purple, and yellow petunias in a hanging wicker basket pot is another excellent idea for gardening and planting for the next season. The funnel-shaped, colorful flowers in full bloom are dazzling.

In Summary

We discussed the proper installation of hanging baskets on different surfaces, such as walls, poles, and concrete posts. We also shared some hanging basket ideas you can use for your home. 

Additionally, we provided helpful tips for taking care of your hanging baskets and other useful information for your garden projects.

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