Gorilla Hair Mulch: The Ultimate Guide [Inc. Pros, Cons, Applications, & Safety]

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Mulches are a good way to help control the soil's environment. These products can adjust soil pH, provide nutrients, and help the earth stay moist. Some mulches, like gorilla hair, can also offer a decorative touch to your yard. If you've been considering this type of product, you're probably wondering more about it. We've done the research and can tell you all about this kind of mulch.

Gorilla hair mulch is made of shredded redwood bark. It's fibrous and has excellent matting properties. If you put down too thick of a layer, you may prevent water from getting to the soil. Ideally, your mulch shouldn't be thicker than three inches. You should also avoid applying too close to plants or foundations.

One benefit of this mulch is how slow it breaks down. In addition, gorilla hair is a natural way to prevent weeds and keep bugs away. It's also an excellent choice for regulating the soil's temperature and improving water retention.

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages. Gorilla hair is very flammable and shouldn't be exposed to any spark. It's also bad for areas with seedlings or young plants. Finally, it can be a choking hazard for animals and kids.

As you can see, this mulch can be better in some instances than others. Keep reading to learn more about this product's advantages and disadvantages, how to apply it, and more!

mulching garden conifer bed with pine tree bark mulch. - Gorilla Hair Mulch: The Ultimate Guide [Inc. Pros, Cons, Applications, & Safety]

Gardener mulching with pine bark juniper plants in the yard. Seasonal works in the garden. Landscape design. Ornamental shrub juniper

Closeup man wearing gardening gloves applying brown mulch chips from a bag on soil around green hosta plants to control weeds and as a landscape around yard borders in fall and spring

How To Use Gorilla Hair Mulch

This garden terrace behind a slate rock wall has just been completely weeded and cleaned up with fresh mulch spread evenly on the ground surrounding ornamental bushes and flowers. - Gorilla Hair Mulch: The Ultimate Guide [Inc. Pros, Cons, Applications, &

Since gorilla hair is so fibrous and forms a mat over time, it's important to use it in a more long-term location.

This would be a bad choice for mulch in an annual garden bed. It's better suited for around trees and long-term perennials. If used correctly, gorilla hair mulch is also suitable for preventing soil erosion on windy hills.

If you live in an especially windy area or have a steep hill to mulch, you should consider putting jute netting down before the gorilla hair. This will give the mulch something to hold onto so it doesn't slide off or blow away.

Remember that sometimes using this matting under mulch can cause weeds to grow. So, this combination might not be good if you're looking for weed control.

You can easily apply this mulch just like you should any other. Determine the area you want to use it in and clear the area. Make sure any large rocks and weeds aren't in the area to be mulched. This step is most important on hills. Your jute netting and gorilla hair won't stay as well if there are obstructions.

Be careful to avoid getting too close to trees, bushes, and wooden foundations. The retention properties of gorilla hair can cause these areas to rot more quickly. In addition, keeping a few inches clear between mulch and other plants can help the plant get the necessary air.

You should also avoid creating layers of mulch thicker than three inches. If gorilla hair is applied too thickly, it can form a barrier and prevent water from reaching the soil.

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Gorilla Mulch Benefits

A large heap of walnut mulch and wheelbarrow on front yard

There are several benefits to using gorilla hair in your garden. Unlike other mulches, this one forms a mat as it breaks down. This quality makes it ideal for using gorilla hair on slopes or windy areas. It also helps hold the soil in place, which is good for preventing soil erosion.

Gorilla hair mulch is an excellent choice for helping your soil retain water. This mulch blocks light from hitting the earth. This protective layer keeps the ground cooler, slows down evaporation, and can protect the plant's roots from the sun.

This mulch also helps prevent bugs and weeds. Weeds are unable to grow through their dense fibers. Pests are also prevented from reaching the roots of the plant through the mulch. In addition, gorilla hair may be more difficult for snails and slugs to cross. So, you'll have fewer of these creatures near your plants.

Finally, in ideal conditions, gorilla hair mulch can last for up to five years. This longevity can help you save money and time because you need to replace it less often. Its slow decomposition also means that nutrients will be released into your soil for longer periods. 

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Gorilla Mulch Drawbacks

Man mulching yard in suburban house

One of the biggest problems with gorilla hair is its flammability. If this mulch is exposed to flames, it could quickly destroy your crops. Its flammability also means you should avoid putting it too close to your home.

Another downside is how precise you need to be when applying this mulch. If gorilla hair is too thick, you could prevent your plant from getting water. You should occasionally check areas where you've applied gorilla mulch just to be sure the soil is being saturated by water.

The thick barrier can also make it difficult for young plants to flourish. So, a different mulch should be selected for places around seedlings and new plantings.

Unfortunately, the unique stringy nature of gorilla hair also makes it a choking hazard. Young children and pets can easily choke if they decide to chew this mulch. You should avoid using it near playgrounds or if you have pets.

How Much Mulch Do I Need?

When it comes to applying gorilla hair mulch, it's more important to use the right amount. Remember, too much, and you prevent water from reaching the soil. However, too little, and it's not effective as mulch.

To calculate how much mulch you need, you need to determine the square footage of the area in which you want it. Measure the length and width of the site and multiply these numbers together to find the square footage.

Then, you should multiply the square footage by the desired depth of mulch. For gorilla hair, this number will be between two and four inches.

Then, divide your answer by 324. You divide by this number because one cubic yard of mulch will cover an area of 324 square feet. The answer you get from this division is the cubic yards of mulch you need.

For more information on yards of mulch and their weight, check out this post: How Much Does A Yard Of Mulch Weigh?

Is Gorilla Hair Mulch Good?

Fresh new landscaping at suburban home near Rochester, New York State. The newly finished front yard garden now features a young Japanese maple tree along with several new bushes and shrubs in a redefined area which has been edged, smoothed and completely mulched. Signature Available with your subscription S M L XL XXL 2125 x 1416 px (7.08 x 4.72 in.) - 300 dpi - RGB Download this image Includes our standard license. Add an extended license. Credit:Willowpix Stock photo ID:1387394972 Upload date:March 24, 2022 Categories:Stock Photos | Architecture

Gorilla hair mulch can be great for many different types of gardens. This mulch's ability to regulate the soil's temperature makes it a good option for warmer climates. It's also a natural solution to mulch areas with a lot of wind.

In addition, gorilla hair is an excellent alternative to rubber mulch. This type of mulch can last up to 10 years. However, it also lacks the nutritional properties of gorilla hair.

Keep in mind that gorilla hair mulch releases nitrogen very slowly because of its decomposition speed. So, it isn't good if you want a quick supply of nutrients.

Overall, as long as you're not worried about choking, this is a great organic mulch. Gorilla hair has very few negatives and provides an exciting look to any garden. The shredded version of redwood mulch is also more adaptable to different landscapes. It's one of the few that can easily be used on slopes.

In Closing

Fresh new landscaping at suburban home near Rochester, New York State. The newly finished front yard garden now features a young Japanese maple tree along with several new bushes and shrubs in a redefined area which has been edged, smoothed and completely mulched.

Shredded redwood mulch is called gorilla hair because of how it looks once it's shredded. This mulch is great if you're looking for a long-term option for your garden.

When applying, be careful to avoid using more than three inches. You can easily prevent weeds and water retention with this depth of mulch without blocking water from reaching the soil. It's also important to note that while unique, not everyone likes the fluffy appearance of gorilla hair mulch.

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