Watch This Simple Gardening Hack That Will Save Your Tomatoes From Pests

Are you tired of birds and aphids invading your tomatoes before they even ripen? Do you want a fast and affordable solution for protecting your produce?

Check out this viral TikTok video from @ratedspecialk!

With over 800K views and 93.9K likes, this gardening hack gained tremendous popularity on the internet and among garden enthusiasts.



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In the video, the creator shows viewers how to use organza bags, typically used as party favor bags, to protect their unripe tomatoes.

Simply wrap the bag around the tomato and cinch the string tight. The tomato will ripen inside the bag, safe from pesky invaders.

And the best part? It’s affordable! According to @ratedspecialk, she got her 100 pieces of organza bags for just $10 on Amazon.

Organza bags are not only useful in protecting your tomatoes from birds and aphids. They can also protect other garden produce from a variety of pests.

The fine mesh of the bag acts as a physical barrier, preventing insects and other pests from getting to your fruits and vegetables.

This can be especially helpful if you live in an area with a high population of fruit flies, stink bugs, or other pests that can damage your produce.

Additionally, organza bags can also help protect your produce from sunscald. This condition occurs when fruits and vegetables are exposed to direct sunlight.

Sunscald can cause the skin of the produce to become discolored, dry, and tough, making it unappetizing and difficult to eat.

Pest protective net bag protect pest from harming tomatoes

By wrapping your produce in organza bags, you can shield them from direct sunlight while still allowing them to ripen naturally.

But the benefits don't stop there.

As one commenter pointed out, leaving the tomato on the vine until it turns to just seeds is a great way to save seeds for future planting.

Another commenter suggested presoaking the net bag in peppermint oil before using it on the tomatoes to act as a natural insect repellant.

The sad news is, these bags may be no match for squirrels.

If you're dealing with squirrels, you may want to try different protective methods, as one commenter found his bags ripped at the base and lying at the bottom of a tree.

If you want to protect your entire tomato plant and not just the fruit, you can check out this article: What Is The Best Netting For Tomato Plants?

So whether you're dealing with pesky insects, harsh sunlight, or other environmental factors, organza bags can be a simple, cheap, and effective solution to protect your garden produce.

Give this gardening hack a try and enjoy ripe, pest-free tomatoes all season long. And don't forget to share this post to help out fellow gardeners!

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