Galaxy Petunia Guide [Care Tips, Pictures, and More]

Deep purple petals speckled with contrasting brilliant white spots are the crowning glory of Galaxy Petunias. Just like snowflakes, no two petal patterns are alike. Interestingly, the amount of white speckles depends on the daytime and nighttime temperatures. Too much coolness will make the petals turn white while too much warmth will turn the petals almost completely purple. Warm days and cool nights create the perfect recipe for a balance of the two colors.

Galaxy Petunia Guide

Long lasting blooms decorate the bright green foliage on this annual plant. Its semi-trailing habit is also mounded in growth, making it a very dense herbaceous annual.

What is Galaxy Petunia?

Since the 1800's, Petunia varieties have come a long way in their attributes and diversity. They began as an ordinary, leggy plant with not much going for it. Over the past two centuries, gardeners and scientists have bred these plants and have created amazing, interesting cultivars.
Selecta One, a global horticulture company, first created the Galaxy, or Night Sky, Petunia in 2015. The company is committed to sustainably breeding and creating new high quality plant varieties. Both products and marketing are essential to the brand, so the Night Sky Petunia was a breakthrough petunia variety.
Since the inception of the very first Galaxy Petunia, Selecta One has introduced more unique color varieties into their "Sky" collection. White speckles adorn petals that can be lavender, magenta, or royal purple. The speckles vary in size, reminiscent of the sparkling stars in our night sky.
Galaxy Petunia's latin name is Petunia cultivars. 

How to Grow Galaxy Petunia

Where Galaxy Petunias Grow

You can grown Galaxy Petunias in a multitude of places such as hanging baskets, containers, or just right in your garden.

With a semi-trailing habit of growth, they look excellent as spiller plants. You can enjoy this attribute in hanging baskets or as the "spiller" piece in the standard "thriller, filler, spiller" container combination. They work as excellent ground cover and border plants as well, due to their habit of growth.

Though they perform best outdoors, you can grow them in a container indoors, too. If you choose this location, make sure it received enough sunlight and water.

Size of Galaxy Petunias

Galaxy Petunias span between 10 and 16 inches in height and can spread between 24 and 36 inches wide. It has a semi-trailing habit of growth.

If you plan to grow them in the garden, space the plants between 9 and 12 inches apart. Pinch back your plants to encourage a denser growth habit and branching. Deadheading the blooms will also assist your plant with developing bigger, better blooms.

Growing Zones

USDA Plant hardiness zones 9 through 10 provide the best conditions for Galaxy Petunias' growth. The warmer days and cooler nights ensure optimal health and success of the plant.

Galaxy Petunias will bloom in the early spring and will last until the first frost, which is mid-fall months.

Type of Soil

Whatever the type of soil you use, ensure that it's well-draining, moist, and rich in its nutrients levels.

Light, Watering, and Fertilization Requirements

Plant these petunias in an area that receives full sun for optimal growth and health. Low light levels may make the plants more leggy and stretched.

Pay careful attention to your watering habits when it comes to the Galaxy Petunia. Provide an adequate amount of water without water logging it. Moderately moist conditions are ideal. Allow the petunia to dry out a bit before the next watering since it's susceptible to disease.

These plants require modest fertilization at continuous intervals with a well balanced fertilizer. Occasionally, additional iron may be used to amend the soil.

Step-by-Step Growing Guide for Galaxy Petunias from Seed

  • Select a location that receives full sun, whether it's a hanging basket, container, or in the garden.
  • Prepare the well-draining soil with a well-balanced fertilizer and moisten it.
  • Plant the seeds in the soil.
  • Remember, the cooler the temperature when you plant the seeds, the more "galaxy like" the petals will be.
  • Enjoy your new out of this world petunias!

Galaxy Petunias Pictures

Check out the following garden inspiration to gather ideas for your own Galaxy Petunias. With their stunning appearance and intrigue, there's no shortage of planting options. Let your creativity flow as you incorporate your new petunias.

Galaxy Petals

One look at these unique blooms and you'll be hooked! With no two petals alike, it's a constant show of intrigue. Depending on the daytime and nighttime temperatures, the amount of white speckles will change. It's like viewing a constantly changing galaxy.

Garden Stargazing

Who says that stargazing can only happen in the night sky? Like their name suggests, Galaxy Petunias have petals full of stars, much like a galaxy. The flower breeders that had this vision certainly delivered.

Is Purple your Favorite Color?

If purple is your favorite color, then Galaxy Petunias are an incredible flower choice for you. With new varieties of this cultivar, you can find new shades of purple speckled with their brilliant white "stars."

Night Sky Patterns

You won't be disappointed when you add Galaxy Petunias into your garden today. You'll never want to tear your eyes away from the star stained petals!

The Most Distinctive Blooms

As the first of its kind, the Galaxy Petunias took the gardening world by storm. Winning the FleuroStar Award in 2015 helped propel this flower into the world of being known, recognized, and desired. Enjoy the spectacular blooms for yourself.

Patio Intrigue

Use Galaxy Petunias on your front porch, back porch or really any area where you want to add in some unique pizzazz. Even though these blooms mainly serve as the "centerpiece" because of their interesting details, they complement others plants well and help fill space. Use different planters and garden decorations to the space.

Velvety Blooms

These blooms are extremely soft to the touch. Embrace your senses with the feel, fragrance, and appearance of Galaxy Petunias. Hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees are attracted to these herbaceous annuals, so you'll enjoy some beneficial wildlife when you plant these flowers.

Hanging Delight

Talk about having an eye-catching installation hanging on your patio. Try spacing out multiple hanging baskets along your patio filled with these Galaxy Petunias to provide a show stopping display. It's also a great way to cover up any spots around your house that aren't appealing.

Stargazing into Petunias

Hanging baskets serve as an incredible way to showcase these blooms. The blooms are incredible in and of themselves, so get creative with the types of hanging baskets you use, too. You have countless options from which you can choose, so you can't go wrong. It all depends on the look that you want to create.

Thriller, Filler, Spiller

Test out your petunias in a container and use it as the "spiller" or the "filler" plant. With its semi-trailing habit of growth, its trumpet-shaped starry night blooms will cascade down the sides, serving as the "spiller." Also, because of its mounded appearance, it can be used as a "filler" in the container.

Where to Buy Galaxy Petunias Online

We're sure that after reading all about Galaxy Petunias and their unique characteristics that you would like to plant some for yourself. Check out the links below so you can start growing your own!

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