The Fly Trap Mistake: One TikTok Gardener’s Story Of Stinky Surprises

You probably spend countless hours nurturing your plants and creating a space for them to be aesthetically pleasing. After all, there's nothing quite like the beauty of a well-tended garden. 

But let's be real, taking care of a garden can be a lot of work. There's a lot to consider, from keeping pests in check to maintaining the whole garden regularly.

However, would you stay as active in your garden if there is a persistent and overpowering odor that wouldn't go away?

Imagine spending days and weeks trying to find the source of the smell, only to discover that it's coming from something as seemingly harmless as a fly trap!

This was exactly the situation faced by a woman in South Africa, but she didn't let it defeat her. Instead, she tackled the problem head-on!

TikTok user @gardentopot shares her nasty experience in her garden and how she handled it with bravery—

@gardentopot Ya’ll the stench🤮 😭 it took me forever to edit this video coz did you see those flies🤢 I was never ready 😩 I have a problem with Pumpkin fly so I got this trap to target them… clearly it did not work 😭 all it gave me was a smelly garden and maggots 😭 WHY DIDN’T YA’LL TELL ME 😩 . . . . . . . #gardendisaster #pestcontrolgonewrong #gardenpestcontrol #gardeningfail #gardenfails #gardentok #gardentiktok #funnygardening #southafricangarden #flies ♬ Comedy Scenes - Comical, stupid, silly, loose, comical, farce(1295330) - Ponetto

A stinky smell across the garden is one of the major problems of a home gardener that must be resolved immediately. Or else it will only get worse and might spread inside your home!

Despite her best efforts to locate the source of the smell, she just couldn't seem to find the culprit. She even thought it might be coming from rotting potatoes or dead animals!

An Unwelcome Discovery Of The Fly Trap As The Source Of Smell

Trapped fly in bottle. Trap for wasps and hornets in a fruit orchard. The traditional ecological trap for flies of hangs on a tree.

After searching for the culprit for weeks, the woman finally had her "aha!" moment. She stumbled upon the source of the odor— her fly traps!

Don't let their small size fool you!

The container had become overwhelmed with dead insects. The woman realized that she had been using the fly traps for some time and had not disposed of the dead insects, causing the buildup of the unpleasant odor.

The irony here is that fly traps tirelessly attract and trap flies, making sure your garden stays fresh and odor-free. But they can also be the source of a stinky smell!

Another TikToker shared a video about his experience with a fly trap:

@herbiezainfly trap update, the second screening 😂 It smelled so bad this time 🤢♬ original sound - herbiezain777

The man in the video also wanted to get rid of the flies and their stinky smell! Indeed, throwing it in the compost is the best action for this issue.

Drawbacks Of Using Fly Traps In Your Garden

Yellow flypaper with flies stuck to it on a green blurred background.

Fly traps are like the superheroes of your garden, quietly working behind the scenes to protect your plants and control fly populations. Without them, your once-beautiful garden could be overrun by stinky odors and flies.

But, of course, keep in mind the potential downsides of fly traps. Constantly monitor and change your fly traps once in a while because the buildup of flies may cause a stinky smell, just as what happened with the woman in the video. 

I love the spirit of the woman in dealing with this challenging situation. She was able to handle it with bravery and determination.

It is commendable that she took the initiative to find the reason for the nasty odor and tackle it on her own. Her determination to find a solution, despite the unpleasantness of the task, is indeed inspiring.

This woman's experience could serve as an excellent example for others of the importance of being proactive in addressing environmental health issues.

The Fly Trap Incident Garnered A Lot Of Reactions!

Can you believe how much buzz there is about the video of the woman and her fly trap incident? It seems like everyone has something to say about it!

From funny comments to sympathetic remarks, people just can't stop talking about it!

"The way I hate files, I wouldn't even think of doing this," a disgusted woman remarked.

"One thing in this world that I completely refuse to tolerate is a fly." one onlooker stated.

"Fly juice," a witty woman commented.

"When the liquid came out?!!! I would’ve ran away too! You did amazing!" an amazed fan remarked.

"No… don’t open them. Just throw the whole thing out please and get a new one," one onlooker suggested.

Others were stunned and noticed the setup of the garden that the woman had.

"Your garden though," a stunned garden enthusiast commented.

"You have a beautiful garden, thank you for the encouragement," an appreciative observer stated.

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Have you experienced this kind of situation regarding fly traps? Share your episode in the comment section below!

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