5 Best Floor Lamps For Plants 

Growing indoor plants can be challenging if you don't have the right lights and equipment. Floor lamps can make for great supplemental lighting if you don't have access to a lot of natural light in your home. But which floor lamps are the best for indoor plants? We have researched some of the best brands, and in this post, we will go over them.

Here are some of the best floor lamps that you can use for your indoor plants:

  1. GYTF Adjustable Plant Lamp
  2. Lavish Home 72-820 Natural Full Spectrum Lamp
  3. Byingo Touch Sensor LED Lamp
  4. Verilux Original SmartLight LED Lamp
  5. iPower 54WX2 T5 Fluorescent Grow Lamp

Whether you're growing a few microgreens or large leggy plants, a good plant lamp will always be essential for optimum growth. Many indoor plants simply won't thrive well in the shade, and additional lighting is often needed to help them develop properly and stay green. Continue reading to learn about some of the best plant lamp options on the market.

An upholstered chair with plants and a floor lamp on the side, 5 Best Floor Lamps For Plants 

5 Best Floor Lamps For Plants

Floor lamps offer an efficient and convenient way to grow a wide variety of plants. They can often be moved to different locations in your home and set up to cover a large area of plants.

A lamp on the table with plants

With many models, you can also adjust the height of the lamp to suit the height of your plants, making them ideal for both short and tall plants.

1. GYTF ADjustable Plant Lamp

This large floor lamp is ideal for homes with numerous indoor plants. It features four independently adjustable lights that provide full-spectrum plant lighting. 

If that wasn't enough, you can use the timer function to provide light to your plants for 4, 8, or 12 hours. This handy feature makes providing your plants with the light they need super convenient. 

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2. Lavish Home 72-820 Natural Full Spectrum Lamp

This full-spectrum light is perfect for both small and large plants. It comes with a multi-directional gooseneck and uses a 27-watt bulb which produces about 1300 lumens.

If you're looking for a multi-functional light that can also go outdoors, look no further. This model may not be as fashionable as other models, but it can definitely give your plants all the light they need for optimum growth. The biggest downside to this model is that it's a bit more expensive than other options with the same wattage.

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3. Byingo Touch Sensor LED Lamp

The modern, stylish lamp can be controlled remotely and has a convenient touch sensor. If you have a small outdoor garden or a cramped indoor area, this lamp is ideal for easy access and operation.

It comes with two operational modes, has a stylish minimal design, and the LED bulb is expected to last for 30,000 hours. You can adjust the setting to four different color temperatures. Its sturdy, round iron base provides stability, preventing it from being knocked over by pets or small children.

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4. Verilux Original SmartLight LED Lamp

The Verilux lamp has everything you need to keep your indoor plants happy. It features a long-lasting natural spectrum LED bulb with an adjustable gooseneck and an adjustable color temperature.

It also has a dimmer and multiple color temperature controls. This light is more customizable than other options and can also be used for crafting or reading.

The biggest downside to this floor lamp is that it is more expensive than other models, coming in at about $70. However, if you have several plants to light or little natural light available in your home, it may be ideal.

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5. iPower 54WX2 T5 Fluorescent Grow Lamp

If you're growing multiple indoor plants and want a floor lamp that boosts growth quickly, here is a good one to consider. This 54W iPower light is definitely worth the cost. It's a T5 fluorescent light and comes with an adjustable stand.

The light is fairly simple to set up and adjust, and it works well in any type of indoor grow room. This particular model is known for its ability to boost plant growth in the vegetative stage, making it ideal for growing seedlings, sprouts, and leafy green plants.

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Can I use a floor lamp as a grow light?

Yes. You can use a floor lamp as a grow light for your indoor plants. It's best to find lights that have a full spectrum, as this will allow the plant to grow fully during the different growth stages of its life cycle. 

Can lamps help plants grow?

A table lamp on a freelancers table with a small plant and laptop

Light is essential for plants to grow, as they need it to create energy. The light provided by lamps will vary depending on the type of bulb that the lamp has. Grow lights can be used in everyday indoor lamps for indoor plant growth.

The type of light that you'll need will depend on the plant. And most indoor plants will typically need bulbs that have a wattage of 15 to 40. The indoor plants won't need light 24/7. Most generally need lighting for about 4 to 8 hours a day, depending on the variety.

Lamps that have automatic shut-off timers or other time-based settings are ideal—especially if you're away often.

Is LED better than CFL for growing?

This is a tough question to answer. It really depends on the plants you have and what you need from the light. It also depends on the type of space you have indoors and how much access you have to natural light sources.

Overall, you may find that LED lights typically offer better growth rates, lower power consumption, and higher yields. However, CFL lights are still a great option, and they can be a great choice if you're on a budget or want to start with a small number of similar plants. Let's take a look a closer look at each.


CFL stands for Compact Fluorescent Lamp. CFL lamps are commonly used for indoor and hydroponic gardening. Their bulbs don't have the same power as other lighting technologies.

Overall, they produce less heat and are cheaper, making them more suitable for growing a small number of plants, germinating seedlings, and reproducing. These lights are really simple to set up, and they don't require huge exhaust fans due to their low heat output.

This means that they can also save you money on electricity. CFLs are a cost-effective and economical option for growers who only need to plant small plants or have limited space.

The biggest downside to CFLs is that they produce less power than other light bulbs, meaning that the growth rate and overall output may be lower than other lights (especially in comparison to LEDs).


A freelancers table with a plant on the side and lamp

LEDs, also known as "light-emitting diode" bulbs, hit the scene in the sixties and have since become one of the best-known lighting options for indoor and outdoor uses. The significant advancements made with LEDs have made them the go-to option for many horticulturists and everyday gardeners.

Overall, you'll find that LED lights offer intense but low-heat lighting that is superior to both CFL and HID lights. 

Controlling temperatures is much easier with LEDs, and they're less likely to burn your plants. LEDs are also more efficient than CFL lighting and usually produce higher yields. These lights are also known to last longer and can go anywhere from 25,000 to 35,000 hours before they need to be changed.

They're also way more reliable, more resistant to extreme temperatures, and don't contain toxic chemicals like mercury (which CFLs often contain).

On the downside, LED lights are generally more expensive than other lighting options. So if you have little money to allocate towards lighting for your grow area, these lights may not be ideal.

Wrapping things up

An upholstered chair with plants and a floor lamp on the side, 5 Best Floor Lamps For Plants 

As you can see, you have quite a few options when it comes to floor lamps for your indoor plants. It's best to determine your budget for your floor lamp and ensure that you have space for the light setup before heading out or shopping online for one.

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