Exotic Emperor Tulip Plant Guide [Care Tips, Pictures, and More]

Exotic Emperor Tulip Plant Guide [Care tips, pictures and more]Springtime is coming! That means it's time to read up on your flowers and start envisioning what your garden can look like. Tulips are a beautiful springtime plant that you should consider adding to your garden, especially the unique Exotic Emperor Tulip.

Exotic Emperor Tulips have green stems and leaves that are vibrant green in color, and their flower heads are a soft creamy white with thin strands of vibrant green running through them. Flower heads are double and fluffy, giving them a romantic appearance. The tulip heads even look a bit like peonies due to their size and shape!

For the most dramatic impact, plant at least ten bulbs together in clusters for an en masse planting. Whenever the tulips bloom, they'll pack a nice punch.

Botanical Background for Exotic Emperor Tulips

Tulips are a symbol of spring. As one of the most popular bulbs to plant, tulips have become a favorite amongst gardeners. There are over 3,000 varieties of tulips and at least 15 different groups of them. The various groups are based on flower size, type, and its blooming period. The word "tulip" is thought to be derived from the Persian word meaning "turban" because it is believed that the two look similar.
Exotic Emperor Tulips are a part of the Fosteriana Tulip group, a group known for its large early blooms, sturdy stems, and growing reliability! They belong to the genus Tulipa and a member of the lily family,
Liliaceae. Scientists and breeders have developed thousands of tulip hybrids and cultivars over the years. The Exotic Emperor Tulip is an example of this.

How to Grow Exotic Emperor Tulips

Follow along with the guide below to learn about this plant's optimal growing conditions and how you can help it perform best.

Where It Grows

Exotic Emperor Tulips grow best outside: whether it be in your garden beds, borders, containers, or raised beds. Planting them en masse or in combination with other flowers will best showcase the flowers and emphasize their beauty.


These tulips grow to a height between 14 and 18 inches, and its flowerhead can spread out to 4 inches. These tulips will continue coming back year after year for your elongated enjoyment!

Optimal Growing Zones and Conditions

Exotic Emperor Tulips are hardy in USDA plant hardiness zones 3 through 8.

Optimal growth requires cold winters and warm, dry summers. Plant these tulips in the fall so that you can enjoy them when springtime rolls around.

Type of Soil

The soil needs to be fertile and rich in nutrients, as well as well-draining. Having well-draining soil ensures that the plant's roots won't be waterlogged and decay.

The best types of soil will be somewhat chalky, loamy, or sandy. The pH level of the soil can be alkaline, neutral, or acidic. These attributes make it a low maintenance plant.

Light, Watering, and Fertilization Requirements

For best results, these tulips need to receive full sun (at least 6 hours a day). They can tolerate a little bit of shade in the hotter planting regions.

It has average water needs, needing only an average amount of moisture. Monitor its water needs and water accordingly.

You can fertilize these plants with an evenly balanced fertilizer. Fertilize the bulbs in the fall and early spring with a specially formulated fertilizer for Tulip bulbs.

Step-by-Step Growing Guide

  • Keep bulbs in a cool place until ready to plant
  • Pick a location where they'll receive full sun
  • Use a well-draining soil mixture that is rich in nutrients
  • Plant large tulip bulbs 5-6 inches apart and small tulip bulbs 2-3 inches apart
  • After planting, water thoroughly to promote initial root growth
  • Enjoy your large, early spring bloomers!

Inspirational Gallery of Exotic Emperor Tulips

To inspire you in your gardening endeavors, we've compiled a photo collection of some gorgeous Exotic Emperor Tulips.

Arrangement Beauties

Tulips are one of the best and favorite flowers as cut stems. They serve as a wonderful centerpiece in your kitchen, whether it be on the countertop or kitchen table. The fresh blooms are a perfect way to spruce up any room, too!

Farm Fresh Bundle

Bundle up some freshly cut Emperor Tulips and wrap them in kraft paper. These bundles make for perfect gifts and will leave a smile on peoples' faces.

Curb Appeal

Line your walkways with these beautiful tulips to increase your home's curb appeal and make a great impression. Pairing your blooms with a gorgeous shrub line makes for a perfect complement.

Springtime Mix

Mix in your Exotic Emperor Tulips with other springtime bloomers. The colors, textures, and sizes will all play off each other to help make the perfect springtime mix.

Tree Companions

Fill in space around your trees with the unforgettable Exotic Emperor Tulips. Planting these around your trees will also keep the land around your trees protected.

Assortment of Tulips

Using an assortment of tulips in your flower bed is an excellent use of space. The various types provide different qualities and characteristics, making the area more intriguing. Position a garden bench along your garden walkway so you can enjoy your beautiful blooms!

Front Garden Design

An excellent way to use the space in front of your house is with the utilization of front garden beds. Use tulips, greenery, and other blooming plants.

Apricot and White Tones

Soft apricot and white blooms make for the perfect light and airy springtime flower display. These colors soften the look of everything around them.

Soft Tones and Textures

Mix in different textures, tones, and shapes in your garden beds. Using a plethora of plants won't go unnoticed.

Bouquet Dreams

Exotic Emperor Tulips are truly perfect any fresh flower bouquet. They're the perfect statement and complement all in one.

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