13 Drought Tolerant Plants For Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets have been a clever solution for gardeners who don't have enough lawn space. Moreover, this is also a good way of adding decor to porches, outdoor areas, and indoor spaces.

Hanging baskets let you be creative by adding various plants to your home. You can also mix two or more plants in each to make a unique look.

If you are in a place that gets a lot of heat or often forgets to water your plants, you may be looking for drought-resistant ones to add to your hanging baskets.

Luckily, we've done plenty of research and have the answers below!

Our Top 13 Drought-Tolerant Plants For Hanging Baskets

flower arrangement of purple petunias with dark veins and white calibrachoa in the garden, 13 Drought Tolerant Plants For Hanging Baskets

1. Bougainvillea

If you like colors, you'll love this plant. It is fast growing, and it flowers all year round. This not only creates visual appeal but also requires less maintenance.

Blooming bougainvillea.Magenta bougainvillea flowers.Bougainvillea flowers as a background.

It is known to stand up against heat. Bougainvillea is a vine that can grow up to 40 feet long, but you wouldn't have issues putting them on hanging baskets.

This plant requires sunlight. Putting it in a shaded area won't give you the flowers you want to see. Moreover, it doesn't like to get wet for an extended period, so the soil must be drained.

It would help if you watered it after you've planted it. Then, you'd only need to water it weekly after it is established.

2. Million Bells

Million Bells are also known as calibrachoas. This plant produces flowers similar to petunias. Although they relate to the latter, they are still different and should not be confused.

Gorgeous bright yellow leaves of Million bells

Calibrachoas thrive in the sun. They can be placed on the ground or in a pot, but ensure the soil is fast-draining.

These plants don't like staying wet, so letting the soil dry out is safe before watering them. Additionally, watering twice daily may be needed in areas with high temperatures and low humidity.

3. Moss Rose

Portulaca grandiflora (Portulaca, Moss Rose, Sun plant, Sun Rose) A colorful blossom, petals stacked overlapping in layers which variable and multi-colored. supported by tiny, thick & fleshy leaves

Moss rose, or Portulaca, is often used as a bedding or edging plant, but they also look good on hanging baskets. This plant provides visual appeal on porches as hanging plants.

You can plant colored ones in a basket to achieve the bouquet look and break the monotony. Moreover, you can combine Portulaca and other plants in one container and get the same effect.

Moss Rose stores water in its stems and leaves, which makes the plant heat-tolerant.

Although the stems break easily, these can be planted as long as roots develop. "Afternoon Delight," "Calypso Mix," "Duet," and "Fairy Tale" are some of the well-known varieties.

4. Osteospermum

Osteospermum is commonly known as African Daisy. You may have seen many flower arrangements use this flower.

Blooming purple leaves of an Osteospermum flower

This plant is drought-resistant and can survive even if planted in poor soil.

African Daisy blooms in mid-summer, but if you planted the seed, it may take until late summer to see the flowers.

You can also plant Osteospermum in a hanging basket with other drought-tolerant plants to create a more diverse decor.

5. Petunia

flower arrangement of purple petunias with dark veins and white calibrachoa in the garden

This plant is famous for hanging plants as it provides a vibrant feel. With its bright colors, your porch will instantly come to life.  Petunias like sun and light, so it is a good choice for an outdoor plant.

To care for petunias in containers, it is better to add timed-release fertilizer to the soil.

Generally, petunias do not demand water, but be careful with the variety you choose for your hanging baskets. There is a "spreading-type" petunia that requires frequent watering.

Petunia is one of those plants that needs "deadheading" or removing faded flowers to encourage blooming.

6. Speedwell

Speedwell is also known as Veronica. However, this is often planted to the ground. It can be potted or placed on hanging baskets, too.

Blooming white petals of a speedwell plant

Veronica likes the sunny decks and porches. They bloom all year long when placed in sunny locations.

Plant Speedwell in containers with many drainage holes, as it does not like to be soaked in water. If you are planting Veronicas on the ground, place it far from downspouts to avoid it being flooded.

Lastly, note that this plant goes dormant in the winter, so you don't need to place it indoors. It must be dormant in cold places to prepare for the next bloom.

7. Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssum Snow Cloth - Latin name - Lobularia maritima Snow Cloth or Alyssum maritimum Snow Cloth

Sweet Alyssum gives cute little flowers that look like Aster from afar. It is perfect if you are going for a tidy-looking porch. When placed on hanging baskets, it'll look like a neat bouquet.

Although Sweet Alyssum prefers the sun, there is also a variety called Snow Princess you can grow during winter.

The reason why this works best in hanging baskets is that it has good air circulation.  It is not afraid of the sun and does not need shade to thrive. In addition, it is drought-tolerant and low maintenance too.

Other varieties include "Blushing Princess," "Frosty Knight," "White Knight," and "Dark Knight." they also grow well in containers.

8. Verbena

Verbena flowers are pink, lavender, white, red, and pink. This is another sun-loving plant that needs to be placed in a location with the full sun throughout the day.

Stunning purple flowers of a Verbena flower

It is known to bloom for an extended period, making it perfect as an ornament.

It is important to note that Verbena doesn't like overcrowding.  Verbena needs good air circulation, so it is also good to be placed on hanging baskets.

Although this plant is drought-tolerant, its capability to bloom and grow may be reduced when it's too dry for too long. Watering it at least once a week during the blooming period is reasonable.

9. Burro's Tail

Hanging plant of Sedum morganianum, the donkey tail or burro's tail, is a species of flowering plant in the family Crassulaceae, native to southern Mexico.

Burro's tail is a beautiful succulent that's suitable for warm temperatures.

It is an indoor and outdoor plant that doesn't need to be watered daily. If you overwater This plant will rot, so only water it every 10-14 days.

When the soil completely dries, you'll know it's time to water Burro's Tail.

10. Spider Plant

This plant doesn't produce flowers but is equally stunning when placed on hanging baskets. If you are one of those who often forget to water the plants, you may want to get this one.

A healthy spider plant placed on the window sill

Spider plants can tolerate neglect for a bit as it has a large root system that makes them drought resistant.

This plant has different varieties, but the most common is long, green strappy leaves.

11. Lantana

Lantana camara (common lantana) flowers growing in Nha Trang Vietnam

Lantana gives off clusters of flowers in different shades. You can see shades of red, orange, yellow, or pink in a cluster. This plant is known to love heat.

It also is very low maintenance. Lantana can grow in most soils as long as it's well drained.

You don't need to water this often; once a week is enough.

12. Purslane

The common purslane is known to be a drought survivor.

Yellow petals of a blooming purslane flower

This plant can modify the way it makes its food from the sun. It uses C4 photosynthesis, which is efficient in warm climates, but switches to CAM photosynthesis when it gets too dry.

Purslane also stores extra water in its leaves and stems from thriving in hot conditions.  This plant is also used to treat ailments. It can be eaten, too.

13. Pothos

Various houseplants like 'Marble Queen' pothos or prayer plant in flower pots on side tables

Pothos is considered a resilient plant as it can go without water for up to 2 weeks.  This tropical plant is native to areas that often experience dry spells.

To survive, it grows aerial roots that absorb humidity in the air.

When planting pothos on pots or hanging baskets, please place them in soil that drains fast.  You can add compost or peat moss to the soil to keep some water for the plant.

While these plants are known to be drought resistant, you should still avoid leaving them in areas with temperatures hotter than 70 degrees Fahrenheit as it can affect the plant's tolerance to drought.

What Is The Best Material For Hanging Baskets?

When choosing the material for hanging baskets, consider the type of plant you are going to use. For drought-resistant plants, pick a container that will drain quickly.

Generally, hanging baskets are made of wire or plastic lined with different materials like burlap, coco fiber, or peat moss.  Among these, coco fiber liners dry the fastest.

They can also provide a more natural and cohesive look to your gardens.

Various flowering and non-flowering plants require full sun and can tolerate not having water for a few days. They are also applicable for hanging baskets.

Wrapping It Up

There are a lot of plants that can thrive without water for a couple of days. You can plant these in hanging baskets to spice up your garden, porches, and indoor space to serve as incredible decorations.

Finally, now that you have come across this list, you can pick some plants to care for.

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