Do Sugar Maple Trees Have Invasive Roots?

Deciding where to plant a sugar maple in your yard can be tricky without some help. Do you want to plant your tree near your home but don't want its roots to cause issues? Do they have invasive roots? We're here to bring you all the answers you need. 

Sugar maples do not have invasive roots. Although they have moderate root growth, sugar maples should not cause any issues if planted away from your home. Generally, try to plant a sugar maple 30 or more feet from any structures to avoid root-related problems in the future. 

As we begin, we will cover all things sugar maple and discuss where to plant one. Even if your tree is currently close to your home, there might not always be an issue. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

Autumn countryside with majestic sugar maple tree, Do Sugar Maple Trees Have Invasive Roots?

What Kind Of Roots Does Sugar Maple Have?

When it comes to root type, sugar maples have shallower, moderate spreading roots. This means that they aren't super showy and should not cause too much structural or garden damage around them. With that said, we do not suggest planting a sugar maple super close to your home or pool. Generally, it would help if you didn't plant any trees close to structures because of their root systems.

Maple tree in a lovely autumn foliage on a dirt road

What Are Invasive Roots?

Essentially, when plants' roots are invasive, they spread much farther and more predominantly versus normal ones. An example of this would be a tree near a sidewalk extending under and around the area, causing the pavement or sidewalk to crack. Another characteristic of invasive roots is lifted appearance, which can kill surrounding plants and grass. If you can, try to avoid planting trees with invasive root systems in your garden. 

How Deep Do Sugar Maple Roots Grow?

Typically, sugar maple roots grow as deep as 12 to 18 inches. Sugar maples roots also spread up to 25 feet, so make sure to give your tree some room. Although this tree's roots are not invasive, that does not mean they can't cause structural damage due to spreading. A good rule to follow is a 30-foot bubble for your tree at a minimum, so you don't run into any problems.

How Far Do Sugar Maple Roots Spread?

Like we covered above, expect anywhere up to 25 feet of root spreading. Although this does not essentially mean your maple will spread this far, every tree is different. With sugar maples being a moderate growing tree, you should begin to notice root spreading within the first year.

How Fast Do Sugar Maples Grow?

Looking up under a sugar maple tree during autumn

Although every sugar maple grows at a different speed, expect slow to moderate growth. Of course, if you frequently fertilize your tree, it will end up growing faster than one without. Sugar maples are one of the slower-growing species of this tree, so any issues that arise have some time to be addressed. The average time it takes a sugar maple to reach its full maturity is 30 to 40 years, so plan for the long haul when choosing a spot to plant your sugar maple.

Here is a bare root live sugar maple tree from PAPCOOL to plant in your garden. This tree will come six to 12 inches and in a quart-sized shipping planter.

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How Far Should A Sugar Maple Be Planted From The House?

To be safe, give your tree at least 30 feet of space from your home. In general, sugar maples do best in open areas, so try not to plant other trees near your maple either. Another common mistake when planting this type of tree is having it be close to a pool or other structure, so this same rule applies.

We even read that some people plant their sugar maples 50 feet or more away from their homes because 30 might not be enough. Of course, this depends on your preference, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

How Big Do Sugar Maple Trees Get?

When it comes to how big your sugar maple will get, expect anywhere between 60 and 75 feet tall. Another reason to plant your sugar maple away from your home is that one will also spread around 40 to 50 feet wide once mature. These beautiful trees are not only majestic looking but also in size.

Are Sugar Maples Easy To Grow?

Like most maples, sugar species are relatively easy to grow and care for. With that said, it is essential to give your tree room to grow and make sure it has enough sun. Typically, sugar maples prefer full to partial sun exposure and like damp, nutrient-rich soil. When it comes to how acidic maple trees like the ground around them, we say moderately acidic to alkaline level soil.

Here we have a soil acidifier from Espoma to sprinkle around your sugar maple. This mix lowers pH levels in your plant's current soil, is all-natural, and comes in a six-pound bag.

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What Should I Do If My Sugar Maple Is Too Close To Home?

Autumn sugar maple with rustic barn

If you planted a sugar maple too close to your home, time is money. In general, if your tree is relatively young, there is a possibility you can replant it elsewhere. If your maple is more than a year old, we do not suggest trying to remove it from its current spot.

From what we read, creating barriers around the exposed roots of a sugar maple can help stop them from reaching your house. A good material to try would be metal or large stones placed around and below the surface of the roots. 

Here is a root barrier from DeepRoot Storage to try on sugar maples near your home. This barrier has 90-degree vertical ribs to prevent damaging roots, rounded edges and is manufactured in the USA.

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Do Roots Grow Back If You've Cut Them?

For anyone with an older tree that can't be relocated, you can certainly try to cut back some of the spreading roots. Although this does not always give permanent results, cutting back at the ends of your tree's exposed roots might train them to grow in the other direction.

This method is used with both regular and invasive roots and won't usually harm your tree. A good thing to watch for is how deep your roots go because cutting older areas might kill your maple.

The Wrap Up

Whether you have a sugar maple or want to plant one, their roots are not invasive. When choosing the right spot for sugar maple, give your tree an ample amount of space away from any structures or homes. From what we found, the recommended amount of space between sugar maples and your home is 30 to 50 feet, so plan that ahead of time.

If your tree's roots begin to spread close to your home or pool, make sure to create a strong barrier or cut back the roots. Regardless of where you live, give your tree some room to grow and allow for some moderate root spreading.

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