Do Roses Need Sun Or Do They Grow In Shade?

Collage of red roses growing with sunlight and colorful potted roses growing in shade, Do Roses Need Sun Or Do They Grow In Shade?Roses have been cultivated for thousands of years, so it is no surprise that they are one of the most recognizable flowers to date. These magnificent flowers can mean anything from love to gratitude. But surely such a recognizable and beautiful flower cannot be grown in a shady garden, right? Wrong! 

Roses have different needs depending on their variety. Most roses need around 6 hours of sun a day and do fine in full sun or partial shade. Roses in full sun tend to bloom more than those in shady areas.

Picking a suitable variety is key to success when trying to grow roses in partial shade. If you still have additional questions about growing roses, don't fret. This guide aims to answer any lingering questions. Without further ado, let's get into it!

Picking A Variety

The top three things to consider when picking a rose variety are:

1. Location

Pick a variety that is well fitted to your location's temperature and light levels. If you have a shady area it is vital to pick a variety suited to shade as sun-loving varieties won't bloom as well. Also, consider traffic, as thorny roses may not be ideal for high traffic areas.

2. Size

Roses come in a variety of sizes, so pick one that suits your needs. Take into consideration if you want to grow your rose inside or outside; miniature roses are ideal for growing in containers indoors. 

3. Preference

Choose a variety of rose that you find beautiful or you will otherwise find pleasure in growing. Aside from looks, fragrance and care requirements are important aspects of preference to consider.

The most common varieties of roses include hybrid tea roses, polyantha roses, and miniflora roses. Do research to determine a rose variety that fits your needs and be sure to consider your location, size needs, and preferences. This list by the American Rose Society is a great place to start.

Basic Care

Surprisingly, roses are actually very easy-going plants. You want to put them in a sunny spot with good drainage. As long as roses have that and are watered occasionally, they will grow with no problems. Fertilization and extra care are optional but will help you get impressive blooms.

Fertilizing is helpful for increasing flowering, especially if you have your roses in a shady spot. Applying a slow-release fertilizer or compost monthly is ideal. If you are looking to minimally fertilize, applying a phosphorus fertilizer helps promote flowering. Applying Epsom salt around the base of roses in the early spring is also great for promoting blooms.

Check out this guide for more detailed information on picking a good fertilizer for your roses.

Can Roses Grow Without Sunlight?

While certain varieties of roses can grow in shade, it is important to realize that, like all plants, roses do require some sun. Without sunlight plants cannot photosynthesize, so they cannot create the food they need to grow. 

There are currently no varieties of roses that grow and bloom well in "deep shade" or dark areas. However, there are plenty of varieties that do well in shady areas.

Can Roses get Too Much Sun?

Red rose in the nature blossoming

Yes, roses can technically get too much sun. However, when problems such as leaf sunscald appear, heat is usually more of a problem than sunlight is. Leaf sun scald in roses is primarily a cosmetic issue that will cause the leaves to turn different colors, usually white, yellow, or brown.

If your roses experience sunscald, it is generally best to pluck off the burnt leaves and increase watering. Make sure to water in the morning or in the evening for the best results. If possible, move any potted roses experiencing sunscald to a cool or partially shady spot and keep an eye on them. 

Do Roses Prefer Morning Or Afternoon Sun?

Roses prefer morning sun on the eastern side of buildings best. This helps the roses get enough sun in the cool mornings. Flowers tend to not last as long in the hot afternoon sun. Regardless of morning or afternoon sun, it is most important to make sure roses get enough sun. Without plenty of sun the roses will not bloom well.

Do Miniature Roses Need Sun?

Yes, miniature roses need plenty of sun just like their larger counterparts. Miniature roses need the same care that standard roses need. Miniature roses are just roses that were selectively bred for their small size.

Most varieties need full sun to bloom, but there are also varieties of shade-loving miniature roses. Miniature roses perform well in pots and are well suited to living inside in an east-facing window. Like most roses, as long as they have enough sun and water, they will happily bloom.  

For an especially fun houseplant, check out "micro-mini" roses that grow to be only 12 inches tall.

Do Rose Flowers In A Vase Need Sunlight?

Bouquet of rose flowers in vase near window with curtain

No, roses flowers in vases do not need sunlight. There are a lot of different schools of thought on how to best preserve freshly cut flowers, but it is generally accepted as best to keep them cool. Think about when you see cut roses in the store, they are usually kept in a cool place like a refrigerator. While you do not need to keep your flowers locked away in the fridge, a cool spot away from direct light is ideal.

When working with cut roses, make sure to remove the leaves but do not worry about removing the thorns. Leaves left in the water tend to rot and attract unwanted bacteria that will make your flowers wilt quickly. Likewise, remove any wilting or rotting flowers, leaves, and petals from the vase and replace the water every few days. 

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