43 Stunning Deck Garden Ideas [Picture Post]

Are you the type of person that loves to spend time outside? A deck garden can offer you privacy, shade, and sun. When a deck garden is growing well, it can feel like stepping right out of your home into a vacation.

43 Stunning Deck Garden Ideas [Picture Post]

Hold on to your hat, because the following pictures will have you running to the garden supply store!

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1. Water Wonderland

If you grew up around water, you know how important it can be in creating a zen atmosphere.

Wooden deck with pool on natural background

2. Symmetry In Color And Shape

Symmetry in design offers balance, harmony, and order. Symmetrical design elements create energy.

Wooden deck and path way in tropical garden

3. Levels And Color Combinations to Draw The Eye

White walls create a lovely space with energy. However, balance paired with levels established by trellises and pedestals creates interest.

White walled garden with decking and bamboo posts with plants on top

4. Country Open Air

If you already have a deck and want to make it more inviting, consider choosing a color scheme, and adding outdoor lounge furniture, pillows, and planters in that color scheme.

Spacious villa patio with comfortable stylish rattan furniture set

5. Angles And Lines

Using your pathways, and lines of seating allow your garden to have a feeling that adventure is hanging in the air. Sky garden on rooftop of condominium

6. Rustic Seating

Embracing the concentric design and adding group seating will transform an intruded upon garden into a welcoming center for group meetings.

Public garden with wood chair and table on it decorate with little tree around

7. Rock Gardens, Another Layering Technique

Deck gardens next to buildings can feel very impending, using a combination of plant layering, and windows between plants to see the beauty of the brick can add color.

Old hardwood decking or flooring and decorative plants in garden

8. Deck Garden Viewing Area

People love gardens where they can look into the water and watch the fish. Similarly to the deck garden in image one, water adds a sense of serenity and movement to a garden. Especially if your garden has a pool with fish.

Formal garden in the oriental style with decking walkway

9. Rocks For An Understated Look

Using stones as landscaping cover will bring the hard lines of the edge of a building into a softer view in the beholder's eye. Adding a few dwarf plants breaks up the hard lines of walkways next to buildings.

Elements of modern landscaping using ornamental stones

10. Hanging Plants, Roots and Grounds A Garden

In a garden that is low on space, growing plants vertically is a must. A gardener uses hanging leaves and hanging plants to bring the height of the garden space to a more manageable level.

Cozy coffee table with chairs in the garden

11. Casual Privacy

Privacy in a garden is essential. Often a privacy fence feels very formal. It is possible to have a privacy fence and still maintain a relaxed feel to your deck garden. This feeling can be accomplished using a slat wall, and a living fence planted with creeping ivy.

Bamboo plants in pots at outdoor patio

12. Wandering Wonders

The mother in law or rental cottage is becoming more of the desired look. If you want your garden to feel relaxed and airy, use a-symmetry, and wandering lines.

Backyard rock garden with outdoor inground residential swimming pool, curved wooden deck and stone patio

13. Accents Galore

Using tulips in pots as accents have several purposes. Rodents love tulips, so keeping them in containers ensures rodents cannot eat them. The pots themselves lend color to the deck garden.

Yard terrace with plants and wooden furnitures

14. Separated, Open Space

In this deck garden, the levels of the ground and the deck lend to a slight idea of separation. The grass is for playing the deck is for sitting.

Wooden deck in backyard of a home with outdoor furniture

15. Pergola Formality With A Flirty Swing

Yes, the swing, it is understated, it doesn't draw attention. The addition of a swing gives movement, flirting with fun, and takes away a touch of the formality.

Wicker furniture set on a backyard patio area

16. 3D Design Elements

The formal feeling for this garden comes from the seating arrangement, and the bowls on the table. The open feel of the space lends itself to be welcoming to many. It is lovely.

Villa patio with comfortable rattan furniture and pattern carpet

17. Who Says Center Pieces Are Only For Tables?

A surprise element or a centerpiece that rewards their efforts to find it.

Small pond

18. Stepping Stones

Stepping stones over water remove the boundaries of a formal garden.

Shaded sandstone steps

19. Zen Gardens

A successful zen garden requires a few elements. Bamboo stalks and Japanese Red Maples bring a sense of the energy and effort it takes to achieve zen.Red japanese maple tree in a zen garden

20. Beach Themed Deck Gardens

The opening to the beach allows the movement of the waves, seagulls, and boats to swim right to your back door. While the slated fence and greenery provides a sense of privacy, you won't find on most beaches.

Pool with beach overlooking

21. Ridged Formality

Ridged straight lines with fancy symmetrical designs, tall fountains and looming pedestals add to the grandeur of a formal garden. The living fence gives a sense of privacy any royal court would desire.

Patterned artificial grass

22. Quaintly Romantic

Small gardens need not be stale and lack imagination. A table and two chairs will bring your garden a perception of togetherness.

Patio furniture on a cozy little terrace

23. A Fishermans Paradise

Okay, well almost. If a man cannot spend his days on a boat catching fish, the next best thing is a beautiful, relaxing garden pond that will feel like a day on the lake.

Patio furniture by the pond

24. Poolside Paradise

Tropical plants like banana, palms, and various tall tropical flowering plants give the instant idea of tropical paradise, while their vertical growth means more space for water play, the classic patio furniture lends shaded relaxing space.

Patio furniture beside the pool

25. Palm Roofing

Nothing says the Bahamas like palm thatching for a roof. Furniture that plays into that color scheme, and accent pillows that play with the eyes add touches of fun to a water garden. The wooden decks with potted plants bring the greenery, and water together.

Patio by the lake

26. Central Spacing

The red draws the eye to the center of this space, creating an intimacy the deck alone would not form. The plants give a  boundary line that is softer to the garden.

Nice rooftop garden

27. Rounding Corners

If you have a long garden space round lines and rocks added to the garden help to soften and gentle your space.

Marble in garden landscape

28. Trimmed Hedges

Small shrubs and hedges are great for bringing the level of the garden up to your deck. Just be sure to keep them appropriately trimmed.

Grey garden terrace

29. Lawn Furniture

Adding colorful lawn furniture in your deck garden is a beautiful way to create a living privacy fence and surprise your garden visitors. It also makes a lovely place for afternoon teas.

Grey garden furniture

30. Garden Ponds

A water feature in your garden is a beautiful way to add appeal to your garden. Using a combination of water plants and land plants near each other brings full effect together for a deck garden.

Garden pond

31. Herringbone Pathways

As always a garden isn't all about the plants. Using Herringbone patterns or different visual shapes is a beautiful way to gift beauty to those that walk your garden paths.

Garden plants

32. Shade Gardens

Shade gardens are a great idea for hot, humid climates. Adding greenery to a shaded setting makes it even more inviting.

Garden patio with wooden sofa

33. Decking Lines

Using the lines of your decking to point into your garden and using small shrubs that bring the landscape up to your deck makes seamless lines.

Garden landscape

34. Contrasting colors

Dark patio furniture and bright accents are a classy way to dress up your deck garden.

Garden furniture with dark colors

35. Birdhouses

Adding birdhouses to your deck garden helps to attract profitable wildlife, and give the eye small details to enjoy.

Cozy little back yard terrace with table and chair

36. Trellises

The trellises are the perfect way to help grow vertically to add privacy to your deck garden. Hammock chairs are the ideal way to relax after the hard work of tending a perfect garden space.

Cozy chair on a garden yard

37. Picture perfect

Creating a space in your garden that encircles a seating area makes for great photography shoots. Who does get a slight sense of awe when the backdrop is a stone wall with a built-in fountain?

Beautiful english cottage garden in summertime

38. Modern Edge

Clean lines and bright viewing spaces are the foundations of contemporary designs, however adding in a touch of the traditional with the pedestal table. Hedges are growing in this deck garden act as a living fence.

Beautiful courtyard with a lawn, swimming pool and barbecue area

39. Lacking Indoor Space?

If you lack indoor hosting space, a deck garden is a great place to host friends and enjoy the weekend. A large table in the middle of the planted area is excellent for a concentric gathering place. A selection of flirty flowers brightens the space.

Backyard wooden patio furniture

40. Rustic Benches

Some times the rustic patio furniture is the perfect addition to make a deck garden and water feature a comfortable seating area.

Backyard patio furniture beside the pond

41. Retaining Wall Love

Building a retaining wall is no small feat, but when itis finished the levels of depth, it gives to a patio garden is impressive.

Backyard patio furniture

42. Seating Arrangments

A lot of gardens offer single person chairs in a garden space. Love seats interspersed gives an air of romance to your patio garden.

Backyard garden patio furniture

43. Simplicity

Simplicity is a modern deck garden's bread and butter, clean lines and a simple color palette braid the contemporary order, and form together.

Backyard cozy patio area with wicker furniture set

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