11 Deciduous Flowering Shrubs For Your Garden

Deciding what plants to grow in your garden can be impossible without all the correct information. Are you wanting to plant a deciduous flowering shrub but have no idea which ones are the best? Are some deciduous shrubs easier to manage than others?

Well, we've done extensive research and have 11 great options below. Let's check them out!

Although there are countless deciduous flowering shrubs, some stand out more than others. Some of our top picks include:

  1. Hydrangeas
  2. Flowering Dogwood
  3. Korean Spice Viburnum
  4. Blue Chip Butterfly Bush
  5. Barberries
  6. Staghorn Sumacs
  7. Burkwood Daphne
  8. Gold Mound Spirea
  9. Lily Of The Valley
  10. Bush Honeysuckle
  11. Potentilla

Of course, these are just a few great suggestions, which we will cover throughout this post. Whether you're new to the deciduous world or need fresh ideas for spring, we're here to assist. With that said, let's dive head first into this topic!

Collaged photo of different deciduous flowers, 11 Deciduous Flowering Shrubs For Your Garden

What Makes A Shrub Deciduous?

For those wondering what makes a shrub deciduous, this is if it loses its leaves in the winter. Typically, flowering plants will fall into the deciduous category, but it's always nice to double-check.

On the other hand, if a shrub you're looking at says "evergreen," that means it won't shed its leaves during colder seasons and will remain green year-round.

Depending on where you live, you may even notice your deciduous plant keep some of its foliage through fall and winter if it's warm enough.

Again, one isn't necessarily better than the other, so if your plant is deciduous or evergreen, it will require unique maintenance through the seasons.

Northern Cardinal bird eating berries

Deciduous shrubs tend to wind down as fall hits, losing their leaves and beginning dormancy. That can be a good time to prune and cut back on watering/other upkeep, which makes deciduous plants less work overall.

Either way, you want to find a flowering shrub for your garden that will thrive in the given conditions.

Our Flowering Deciduous Shrub Recommendations

Now that you know the basics, let's discuss which flowering deciduous shrubs will look the best in your garden below:

1. Hydrangeas

A beautiful hedge of Hydrangeas flowers

First, we have a hydrangea shrub to plant in your yard. Not only will hydrangeas shed their foliage in the late fall-winter, but these beautiful shrubs will also go into a dormant state as the temperatures drop.

Once the weather warms up a bit, you can expect to see hydrangeas bounce back, showing plenty of greenery into the summer.

This species is native to Asia and the America's, so it's incredibly versatile in terms of climate tolerance.

On top of handling various weather well, hydrangeas also fill up with globe-shaped blooms in the early spring, which is stunning to witness.

Endless Summer Bloomstruck Hydrangea

This live hydrangea plant will come in a one-gallon container, weighs five pounds, grows in USDA zones 4-9, attracts pollinators, has an expected spring/summer blooming time, and prefers partial shade.

View this hydrangea on Amazon here.

2. Flowering Dogwood

A huge blooming Cornus Kousa bush at a small field

Next, we have a much larger shrub, which also doubles as a tree, with the flowering dogwood.

Typically, these gorgeous deciduous plants will start to lose their foliage around late fall, going into dormancy once winter officially strikes.

You may also see the name 'Cornus Florida' when shopping for these, so there are other ways to identify this flowering species.

Another interesting detail about these larger shrubs/trees is that they produce a red fruit as they bloom. This fruit will be roughly 1/2 an inch big but can also be quite poisonous: so please don't eat it.

3. Korean Spice Viburnum

Blooming pink Viburnum carlesii photographed in the garden

Third, we have another deciduous flowering shrub: the Korean spice viburnum. This stunning plant produces an almost spicy scent, which makes it a great choice for those not into ultra-floral tones.

Unlike flowering dogwoods, these shrubs will only reach a mature height of 4-8 feet, making them more manageable. Of course, you can keep Korean spice viburnums small with regular pruning, so don't be afraid to shape yours.

Regarding climate tolerance, these shrubs are incredibly tolerant to the cold. Considering they'll lose their leaves in the fall, you can expect your viburnum to bounce back, even after a harsh winter.

Furthermore, this shrub also produces gorgeous white flowers in the spring, so it's worth considering.

4. Blue Chip Butterfly Bush

Beautiful pink colored Blue Chip Jr blooming at the garden

Next up, we have the ever-loved blue chip butterfly bush. Not only is this deciduous flowering shrub gorgeous, but it will also bring butterflies near and far to your home.

These gorgeous plants also attract hummingbirds and bees, making them an excellent choice for increasing traffic in your garden.

Besides being fragrant, blue chip butterfly bushes will produce stunning purplish-blue flowers throughout the spring/summer, which will look nice around your property.

However, these will be on the smaller side, often reaching a mature height of two feet, so keep that in mind.

Lo & Behold 'Blue Chip Jr.' Butterfly Bush

This blue chip butterfly bush will come alive, is in a one-gallon container, is hardy in USDA zones 5-9, and has great reviews from verified customers.

Check out this plant on Amazon here.

5. Barberries

A gradient of yellow and red of a barberry bush photographed in the garden

Moving to one of the more unique options on the list, we have the barberry bush. Although this plant won't produce fragrant flowers, it will showcase stunning autumn-tone foliage through the later summer until winter.

This deciduous plant also works as "foundation" landscaping, as they require very little maintenance.

Additionally, these hardy shrubs won't attract deers but repel them, which is perfect for anyone wanting to protect other flowers nearby.

6. Staghorn Sumacs

Staghorn Sumac photographed up close in the garden

Continuing more eclectic shrub energy, we have the staghorn sumac. Native to Eastern North America, this flowering deciduous shrub will have a one-of-a-kind appearance, especially furry flowers.

These shrubs are also known for their velvety twigs, making them the perfect conversation starter. On top of that, these plants do well in rocky soils, making them great for mountain landscaping.

Their blooming season typically lasts between June and July, so think of staghorn sumacs as more of a late flowering option.

Staghorn Sumac Live Plant

This live sumac will come bare root, one-year-old, grows in USDA zones 5-8, can be used for making pink lemonade, comes in a 22-inch box, and ships via first class mail.

View it on Amazon here.

7. Burkwood Daphne

Burkwood viburnum at a garden

Coming in seventh, we have a burkwood x daphne option for your garden. An interesting fact about this shrub is that it can maintain some of its foliage throughout the year if you don't experience cold winters.

However, this flowering bush will go dormant in colder climates, making it deciduous.

On top of that, burkwood daphne can handle sandier soil and prefer good drainage regardless. The key is to have yours somewhere with partial to full sun, which will help them grow faster.

You can also expect these to reach 3-4 feet once mature, so they'll be on the smaller side.

8. Gold Mound Spirea

Gold Mound Spirea flowering shrubs with yellow flowers shining at the garden

Next up, we have the gold mound spirea, a smaller, vibrant, deciduous shrub. Generally, you can expect this plant to have a chartreuse color throughout the year, with pink flowers in the spring/summer.

Many gardeners call this spirea a standout among their other landscaping, as the pink flowers and almost golden leaves grab the attention.

You will also notice gold mound spirea form into a rounded shape as they grow, which makes them perfect for pruning/shaping.

9. Lily Of The Valley

Drooping white flowers of a Lily Of The Valley

Moving to a more low-key deciduous flowering shrub, we have the lily of the valley. Generally, these plants will produce softer, white flowers that are almost bulbous/bell-shaped.

These shrubs also have a sweet aroma, making them perfect for those wanting a fragrant spring/summer garden. Moreover, these shrubs do well in colder climates and are native to Northern Asia and Europe.

You may also find these throughout North America, as they are somewhat invasive.

10. Bush Honeysuckle

Sweet honeysuckle blooms photographed early in the morning

Another sweet-smelling flowering deciduous shrub we recommend is honeysuckle. Usually, bush honeysuckle will be easy to grow and manage, making them ideal for those with busy schedules.

These plants are also somewhat low-growing, which makes them perfect for hedging. As long as you give them good draining soil, you should see your honeysuckle bush fill out in the early spring and summer.

However, honeysuckles in sunnier locations bloom more than in the shade, so keep that in mind when choosing a growing site.

Scentsation Honeysuckle (Lonicera) Live Shrub

This live honeysuckle bush will come in a one-gallon container, attract pollinators, grow in USDA zones 4-9, will be between six and 14 inches upon arrival, and roughly one year old by shipment.

Check this plant out on Amazon.

11. Potentilla

Yellow flowers of a potentilla at the garden

Last, we have the perfect deciduous flowering shrub for those who prefer natural remedies. Not only is this plant gorgeous, but it also has healing qualities.

You can use the flowers from a potentilla to ease an upset stomach and inflammation, and these are not known to be harmful to animals or people.

Furthermore, you can expect a mature potentilla to reach four feet, so this is a shorter shrub option. Ideally, you will give this flowering shrub full sun or partial shade and moist, fertile soil.

To Wrap Up


Collaged photo of different deciduous flowers

Whether you have deciduous flowering shrubs in your garden or want to plant a few, it's always good to know which ones work the best. From what we found, countless options are available, including hydrangeas, dogwoods, barberries, burkwoods, potentillas, and more.

In addition, you want to ensure the flowering shrubs you plant have enough sun to grow and produce flowers in the spring and summer, as too much shade can cause fewer blooms.

Regardless, try to find deciduous shrubs that will work for your space, and don't be afraid to mix and match various species!

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