Cub Cadet Blinking Hourglass – Why And What To Do?

Living in the modern era makes everything simpler because of lawn mowers. Having a large yard at home must be incredibly challenging to manage. Every homeowner who struggles to mow the lawn or maintain the plants in their yard needs a Cub Cadet.

If you have one at home, you must know how things work, such as an hourglass blinking on your hour meter. Here's what you need to do when the hourglass starts blinking and why it happens.

It's common to see an hourglass blinking on your Cub Cadet's hour meter when the engine operates. So, if you notice an hourglass on the screen that is blinking, it means that the engine is working correctly and tracking time.

It is not a warning indication since the blinking hourglass is not mentioned in the owner's manual. So, there is no reason to worry, and you don't have to do anything about it.

You need to be extra cautious and at least know what to do and what not to do when using one. The helpful information we have provided below may interest you if you want to learn more about a Cub Cadet. Keep reading!

Cub Cadet Blinking Hourglass - Why And What To Do

Cub Cadet Blinking Hourglass - Why And What To Do

Cub Cadet Blinking Hourglass - Why And What To Do

Why You Should Use The Hour Meter In A Club Cadet

An hour meter is primarily used for maintenance purposes. An hour-meter means significantly less guesswork and a better correlation to the equipment's actual operating life.

Using an hour meter is essential for the Cub Cadet. There is a lot less guesswork, and there is a greater connection to the actual functioning lifetime of the mower.

If the warranty is based on hours utilized, most of the lawn mower firms' equipment types are warranted based on running hours. Therefore, the time passed would determine whether the device is still covered by warranty.

Depending on the lawnmower's age, condition, and several hours used, some will have a more excellent resale value. Thus, an hour meter aids in keeping track of the hours used on your lawnmower, helping in its eventual selling.

Therefore, knowing an accurate count of the time that has passed might significantly affect the price you can sell your lawnmower.

a cadet for sale on display

Various Hour Meter Types

Various types of hour meters exist depending on their power, display, shape, and data capacity.

They are both AC and DC-powered options. An electrically powered lawnmower utilizes direct current power meters in line with its battery.

Specifically, riding and non-electric lawnmowers are better than those with AC-powered hour meters. Lawnmowers generally utilize electromechanical hour meters to represent running hours and tenths.

However, liquid crystal screens are also an option. These hour meters resemble an automobile's odometer and are frequently used for outdoor equipment.

While some hour meters can measure in hours or tenths of hours, others may display a combination of data, such as volt/hours. Lastly, they can also be round or rectangular.

Tachometer gauge on a tractor a hourmeter

A Cub Cadet's Safety Features To Keep You Unharmed

Cub cadet yellow tractor mower

Bad Alternator

While the engine is operating, the alternator recharges the battery and assists in keeping the electrical system effective.

If the alternator malfunctions, the battery will have to fill the void and won't receive enough charge to keep it in excellent condition.

Battery Maintenance Is Required

Your battery requires regular maintenance, another factor contributing to its failure to maintain a charge. Wet cell batteries are commonly found in vehicles and lawn mower batteries.

Other Common Issues You Might Encounter With A Cub Cadet

The difficulties associated with owning a Cub Cadet lawn mower are not insignificant.

Despite being a significant participant in the lawn care sector and offering excellent solutions for your lawn needs, Cub Cadet's lawn mowers will eventually break down.

Here are a few common issues that could occur with your Cub Cadet:

The mower fails to start

Due to fuel or air constraints that prevent the engine from accessing the fuel and air it requires to run, a Cub Cadet may not start.

Another potential cause of your starting issue is a bad live wire or a malfunctioning electrical component.

The mower runs out of fuel and dies

When the fuel or air systems are damaged, Cub Cadet lawn mowers may lose power, making it difficult for the mower to function.

This may include contaminated gasoline lines, a faulty air filter, a dirty carburetor, and bad fuel.

A mower emitting smoke

A Cub Cadet will start to smoke as oil enters the cylinder and starts to burn off.

Moreover, internal engine issues such as piston rings, valve trains, and gasket failures can occur due to increased friction brought on by low oil capacity.

The hydrostatic transmission is weak

When the hydraulic is old or has low capacity, Cub Cadets with hydrostatic transmissions may encounter poor transmission.

When the tensioner pulley or drive belt is worn out or damaged, it may also appear weak.

The lawn mower is unable to move

A broken or damaged drive belt, a worn tensioner pulley, or a missing spindle spring could all cause a Cub Cadet mower to become inactive.

Your Cub Cadet hydrostatic mower might have incorrectly installed the drive release lever and transmission bypass rod.

Recommended Materials For Your Cub Cadet

These items can be necessary for your Cub Cadet at home:

Riding Lawn Mower Cover

For enhanced durability and long-lasting use, this lawn tractor cover has double-stitched seams and is made of 420D polyester oxford material. This cover slips on and comes off extremely quickly and easily.

See this Riding Lawn Mower Cover on Amazon.

Wadoy Mower Blade

It helps with cutting efficiency because of the extended cutting surface. The blade has tungsten carbide fused for a firm cutting surface, allowing sharpenings to be placed further apart.

It is simple to install and approximately 20 inches long.

View this Wadoy Mower Blade on Amazon.

Arnold MTD Front Bumper Kit

To help protect against damage from trees, shrubs, and other debris, this bumper wraps across the front of the riding mower.

The all-steel structure is resistant to corrosion for greater strength and durability. Installing it is quick and simple.

Is There A Safety Switch On The Cub Cadet?

The seat safety switch on Cub Cadet lawn tractors is to ensure that the operator is sitting in the seat when the tractor is switched on.

The operator releases the safety starter interlock by pushing down on the switch, which enables the engine to start.

On Cub Cadet lawn tractors, the seat safety switch's purpose is to guarantee that the operator is seated when the tractor is powered on.

The operator pressing the switch releases the safety starting interlock, allowing the engine to start.

Do Riding Lawn Mowers Feature Fuses?

a red tractor mower

Depending on the model and age of the lawnmower, the fuse block may be located in a different spot. However, it is often situated along the wiring harness between the battery and the key switch.

The fuse will be either beneath the steering dash panel or under the hood on the current design of the riding mower.

To Finish

a display of cub cadet tractor mower ready to go, Cub Cadet Blinking Hourglass - Why and What To Do?

Now you know why and what to do when your Cub Cadet shows a blinking hourglass. It signifies that the system is operating fine and there is nothing wrong with your mower.

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