Cub Cadet App Won’t Connect – Why And What To Do?

When it comes to lawn mower maintenance, having an app can be helpful. You may have tried the Cub  Connect maintenance app only to find that it does not seem to work for users anymore. Why won't the app connect, and what should you do about it? We researched this problem and will help you out in this post!

Cub Cadet has apparently discontinued the Cub Connect app. You can no longer access it or connect it to your lawn equipment and smartphone via Bluetooth. A couple of Cub Cadet apps appear to be available for users in Europe and owners of the company's robot mower. 

In this post, we will discuss why the app was discontinued, what steps you need to take, and other apps you can try. For more on Cub Cadet lawn equipment and the app, keep on reading!

Why Won't The Cub Connect App Connect To My Smartphone?

If you can't connect to Cub Cadet's Cub Connect app on your smartphone, this is not a unique issue. Cub Cadet users have reported issues with the app and received no support. Also, there have been no recent updates for the Cub Connect app. 

Cadet riding tractors on display

Cub Cadet apparently pulled the app out of different app stores starting in 2021. The brand has not made any announcements regarding this. It seems that the app is no longer being supported by the developers, so there is no way for you to use it.

One reason behind this could be that the app is old. Its foundation is best optimized for earlier smartphone models. With the rapid developments in smartphone technology, it might have become difficult for the app's developers to keep up.

Over the years, Cub Cadet improved its technology with a focus on tractors, mowers, and other equipment over the app. Because the app has been discontinued, users will have to resort to manual maintenance checks, if not upgrading their machines altogether.

When an app is no longer being supported, this means it has been removed from different app stores and will no longer receive updates. While your smartphone continues to update, the app does not, so it stops being compatible. This makes the app unusable.

What To Do

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to make the app work again. You could attempt restarting your phone and clearing the cache settings for the app, but this would erase all of your data. Your best course of action is to try another way of tracking your machine's maintenance.

In the next sections, we'll provide a little more insight into the Cub Cadet app and how it was meant to work. You will also find a section on how to maintain your Cub Cadet equipment without an app!

Why Does Cub Cadet Have Apps?

Cub Cadet riding lawn mower trademark and logo

With the rise of smartphone use in the 2010s, smart apps and devices also became popular. This boosted efficiency in all fields of work, including agriculture and horticulture. For a brand as prolific as Cub Cadet, developing a partner app was the perfect way to keep up with changing technology.

The brand launched Cub Connect, the partner app that helped users remotely interact with their Cub Cadet equipment. It tracked hours spent in use and provided oil, air filter, blade, and battery information. Each parameter depended on the type of equipment owned.

The app provided easy access to detailed information for users. Equipment maintenance became much easier as users could monitor each aspect of their equipment in real-time.

Connecting the app to Bluetooth also made it more accessible to a range of devices. While other partner apps often rely on Wi-Fi to connect wirelessly, this approach was not as useful for Cub Cadet equipment as users would not have reliable Wi-Fi access while outdoors.

How Cub Cadet Connected To Bluetooth

How cub cadet connected to bluetooth, Cub Cadet App Won't Connect - Why And What To Do?

During its peak, you could still access the Cub Connect app through Bluetooth. Here is how it was supposed to work, and the steps for connecting to the app:

  1. Install the app on your smartphone through the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  2. Once installed, launch the app and scroll through the welcoming screens.
  3. Meet the setup criteria as indicated on the "Let's Get Started" page.
  4. Connect your equipment.
  5. Select the Smart Hour Meter.
  6. Complete the one-time setup by entering the serial number and model number of your equipment or by scanning it.
  7. Name your Cub Cadet.

You can watch this video for more details:

While the app was still working, it provided up-to-date info on specific equipment. Users even had the option of connecting with other pieces of equipment. The app also provided alerts, user manuals, and one-tap maintenance contacts. Essentially, it was a one-stop shop for all things Cub Cadet.

Which Cub Cadet Apps Are Still Available?

Looking up Cub Cadet in the App Store and Playstore brings few results. However, a quick Google search does show traces of Cub Cadet apps:

  • Cub Cadet XR 3.0 on the App Store and Play Store (for robot mower)
  • Cub Cadet XR 2.0 on the App Store and Play Store (for robot mower)
  • Cub Connect app for iPhone and Android
  • Cub Cadet XR 3.0 for PC/Mac/Windows (for robot mower)

Despite being visible through a search engine, not all devices can install them. Additionally, these apps are geared toward European users and are not accessible to all regions. Because of this, some users are unable to log in or create an account.

Other Apps To Try 

Farmer uses a specialized app on a digital tablet

There are other apps out there that you can try to make use of with your lawn equipment. While they are not specialized for Cub Cadet products, they can still serve you once you find the right one. Here is a list of some apps for you to try:

  • TractorPal
  • TractorPlus 
  • MowerPlus 
  • Farm Service Manager

These apps are specifically for equipment maintenance. You can also try installing helpful farming tools that keep track of things such as farming seasons or building a community. 

Another popular brand, John Deere, also has app support. Their apps are only accessible to people who own John Deere equipment. You can access the apps through your smartphone or PC. Aside from tracking your outdoor equipment, the apps provide information on agricultural planning.

How To Maintain Your Lawn Tractor Without An App

Young man repairing ride on mower

Of course, you can still easily maintain your lawn equipment without the help of an app. While not as quick and efficient, you can manually check your equipment and perform regular maintenance.

The main thing you need to do is get acquainted with your product's owner manual. You have to know your equipment to effectively troubleshoot, inspect, and repair it.

You should perform routine checks on your equipment. This includes checking the following:

  • fluid levels
  • air pressure in tires
  • brakes
  • blades
  • filters
  • hoses
  • lights

Make sure to lubricate your equipment and keep it clean. Keep everything up to date and have the tools necessary for repair handy. If you need extra help, call a professional or take your equipment to the nearest service center.

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You should also protect your equipment from the elements and harsh weather through proper storage methods.

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Wrapping Things Up

Cub Connect, the Cub Cadet app, has been in decline for a while. It is no longer supported, and you can no longer use it to connect to your Cub Cadet equipment.

To remedy this issue, you can try using a different maintenance app. You can download one from your preferred app store or even fully replace your equipment for a brand that does have app support.

Finally, you can always resort to doing manual checks and maintenance on your equipment.

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