8 Awesome Cedar Planter Boxes [You Won’t Believe The Variety!]

Planter boxes made of wood, 8 Awesome Cedar Planter Boxes [You won't believe the variety!]If you've ever looked for an easy and mobile option for planting, you've probably come across planter boxes. These boxes come in a variety of materials, but they all are an excellent choice for planting in unconventional spaces. You can place them in your yard, on your patio, or your porch. If you live in an apartment building, you may even be able to put a few on the roof if you get permission from your building management.

There are a few different materials you can find for planter boxes. Metal, plastic, and wood are the big three. When choosing a planter box, a cedar box is likely your best bet. Cedar is naturally insect-repellant, so that you won't have as many pest issues. Cedar also resists rotting much better than other woods.

We've found a collection of cedar planter boxes that are excellent choices for any planting project. Keep reading to check out these excellent options!

Raised Planter Box

These cedar boxes are raised on aluminum legs to allow for easier planting and tending. The boxes themselves are 2ft by 4ft, so a good 8 square feet of space to grow flowers or vegetables. By keeping the boxes at only 4 feet at their widest, you can easily reach over the width of the box without having to walk around it. These boxes are designed only to hold container mix, so be mindful when purchasing your soil to buy the right kind.

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Greenes Fence Planter

This planter is made of thin boards of cedar and connected with cedar posts. The bottom of the planters is left open to allow plants to grow deep into the soil if needed while the tall walls allow you to fill it in with your choice of soil. These would work well in the yard to create raised beds. The wood is organic and unsanded to keep them safe for every type of garden. You can purchase this box in three sizes. The smallest it is available is a 24"x 96" x 10.5" while the largest is 48" x 96" x 10.5".

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Giantex Folding Planter

This lovely planter is made of 100% cedarwood and is on raised legs to prevent moisture from damaging the bottom of the box. This planter is a bit different than most because you can fold it up for storage. A gap is left between slats for plant ventilation while the removable bottom boards have holes drilled for drainage purposes. This planter is a nice size at 27.5" x 12" x 10".

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Best Choice Planter

This is another raised garden planter made from 100% cedar. The height of this planter reaches 30 inches to make it easier for gardeners that struggle to bend or kneel. At 48.5" x 24.5," it gives you a lot of planting space while allowing you to reach over it easily. A deep bed provides plenty of space for root growth, while ventilation is included for the plants. This box is also super easy to assemble and requires no tools.

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Cedar Green Square

For a different look, check out this square planter. At 16" x 16" x 16" it gives a good amount of growing space while being compact for small areas. The Eastern red cedar is a beautiful color for any spot in your home or yard. This planter comes partially pre-assembled and only needs the screws installed.

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Herb Garden Planter

Smooth, sanded cedar makes this lovely planter a great addition to any porch, patio, or yard. Designed to fit in a small space, this herb planter offers four 24" wide boxes with rope handles for easy movement. Each box has pre-drilled drainage holes for your plants. The entire planter stands at 34" tall and extends out 28" from the foldable legs. This planter would be perfect for herbs or as a small vegetable garden on an apartment balcony.

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Timber Valley Garden Planter

These planters are on the smaller side at only 10" x 16", but they're perfect for small plants. Use these cedar boxes on your windowsill or kitchen counter for small herbs or succulents. You can also place this outside on a porch or patio to display small flowering plants. If you do decide to use these for planting, make sure you drill some drainage holes as this set of 2 doesn't have them pre-drilled.

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Privacy Screen Planter

Plants and privacy combine with this lovely privacy screen. The three-panel screen is hinged to allow you to move the screen exactly how you want it. Wooden slats on the screens double for both privacy and for climbing plants to grow up. The planters on either side of the end panels allow the display to be free-standing. Use this unique planter to provide both aesthetic and functionality in your yard.

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A Planter For You

As you can see, just because you settle on a cedar planter doesn't mean you're stuck with a plain wooden box. These planter boxes come in a variety of sizes and designs with unique features available. A cedar planter is guaranteed to last many years without rotting, and it will add a gorgeous look to your yard or patio while holding your plants.

If you do buy a cedar planter box and want to seal the wood for extra protection, check out our post on plant safe sealers. And if this post has caught your attention, check out our guide on other types of planters and pots. 

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