Do Geraniums Attract Bees?

Depending on your position, bees can be welcome guests or bothersome nuisances in your garden. Regardless of which opinion you have, you want to know which flowers will or will…

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How Do Plants Use Nitrogen

Gardening requires an understanding of the basic nutritional requirements of plants. One of these vital nutrients is nitrogen. Understanding what nitrogen is and how a plant uses this nutrient can…

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How to Grow Knucklehead Pumpkins

After 10 generations’ worth of genetic mutation, Roy Pearman laid claim to one of the most visually-iconic pumpkin species seen today: the Knucklehead pumpkin. The warts are not symptoms of…

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Do Plants Need UV Light?

When you’re striving for the perfect environment for growing plants, one of the top concerns is UV (ultraviolet) light. UV light occurs naturally in the sun’s light so all plants…

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