21 Cat-Shaped Planters And Pots That Will Make You Purr!

21 Cat-Shaped Planters and Pots That Will Make You Purr!If there is one thing that animal lovers can agree on, it is that cats are awesome! They are fun, colorful, and full of energy, and you can transform these wonderful attributes into a lovely planter for your home or garden. There are many different cat-shaped planters available for purchase, from those that hang to others that make great desk decorations.

We have compiled a list of the 21 most adorable and functional cat-shaped planters on the market. These will look great anywhere around your house, and they also make wonderful gifts for the other cat lovers in your life.

These are all available on Amazon and ready to ship. Try to pick just one!

1. VanEnjoy Handmade Cartoon Cat Planter

These adorable mini planters from VanEnjoy are ideal for indoor succulents when they are at their youngest stages, and it fits great on any windowsill or as an office decoration.

They are made of high-quality clay, and their colorful details will last the test of time. It is ideal for slow-growing succulents and small lithops.

You can learn more about this planter here.

2. Streamline Cat Flower Planter Pot

If you love black cats, then this ceramic planter will be a great addition to your office, living room, or outdoor patio. As a larger planter, it has room for succulents, mini flowers, cacti, and bonsai plants.

You can learn more about this planter here.


3. Koolkatkoo Cute Cat Planter Pots with Saucers

This trio of cat-shaped planters from Koolkatkoo are simple in design but great for those looking to grow small succulents, cactus plants, and herbs. At under three inches long, they fit great on a desk or windowsill.

The planters have drainage holes on the bottom and come with detachable saucers so excess water can be drained and removed easily. These planters can be used inside or outdoors.

You can learn more about this planter here.

4. Gemseek Cute Cat Succulent Planter

Cat lovers with a specific amount of space can get a lot of use out of this high-quality ceramic cat planter made of high-quality resin. It is ideal for small flowers and air plants, and it fits nicely in offices and on kitchen countertops. People who bought this planter really liked the removable saucer for easy draining.

You can learn more about this planter here.

5. Youfui Cute Cat Planter

This truly unique cat planter from Youfui is a small but very attractive planter for small items such as succulents, air plants, and even candles. At just over 10 centimeters, it is cute enough for a desk or home office.

Customers really enjoy the ornate craftsmanship of these planters and they appreciate the air holes on the bottom that allow the plant to breathe while providing better drainage.

You can learn more about this planter here.

6. COOLTOP Miniature Cat Fairy Garden Planter

This fantastical cat planter is actually a set of six that comes complete with the planter and several cat figurines that you can assemble as desired. Space for planting is limited, so it is ideal for small plants and moss variations.

The planter has a dependable resin construction making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use in addition to use in terrariums. It's a nice addition to smaller gardens.

You can learn more about this planter here.

7. Koolkatkoo Cute Cat Hanging Succulent Planter

Gardeners working on a hanging or vertical garden can make good use out of these elevated cat-shaped planters. They are made out of ceramic and come with sturdy rope so they can hang anywhere.

These planters are ideal for smaller plants, and they do not come with drainage holes so that you can hang aquatic plants as well. They are great for home, office or hanging outside.

You can learn more about this planter here.

8. CoCoMe Cat-Shaped Planter

For a whimsical look to your home or office, this cat and mouse planter from CoCoMe is just right. It is ideal for succulents or small flowers and it has drainage holes on the bottom, keeping your plant healthy.

It is made out of a solid resin material, so it is built to last, though it is intended for indoor use.

You can learn more about this planter here.

9. SweetLifeIdea Kitty Cat Flower Planter

Fans of cats and ceramics will get a kick out of this sleek cat shaped planter which comes in vibrant pink or classy white. This planter allows space for succulents and Bonsai plants. It comes complete with drainage holes so water can easily penetrate the soil and help your plants thrive.

You can learn more about this planter here.

10. Red Carpet Cat Planter

This colorful cat-shaped planter from Red Carpet gives you a totally different way to stage your plants. Made from a strong fiber clay, this planter can be used inside and out and can even be placed in a garden.

You can use the planter for flowers, herbs, or succulents, and it comes equipped with drainage holes for healthy planting.

You can learn more about this planter here.

11. Ornerx Ceramic Cat Shaped Plant

This ceramic beauty is a lovely outline of a cute cat with space to plant small succulents. Its glory is in its minimalist approach. The planter is 4.3"x3.5," and it has drainage holes to prevent water build-up.

You can learn more about this planter here.

12. Cartoon Cat-Shaped Planter

Add a bit of whimsy to your office, kitchen, or outdoor garden with this adorable cartoon cat that also acts as a planter for flowers and succulents. This is also a great starter planter for a kids room. This model has a drainage hole on the bottom as well.

You can learn more about this planter here.

13. Stray Tiger Cat Planter

This abstract planter from Georgetown Home and Garden is as much of a planter as it is a work of art! At almost a foot tall, this planter will take a dominant place in your home or out at the garden.

This fixture has metal construction and has a weather resistant finish that will help it stand through the seasons, and it is even wind resistant. The planting space allows plenty of room for larger flowers and ferns.

You can learn more about this planter here.

14. NW Wholesaler Cat-Shaped Planter

This is a well-constructed cat shaped planter that will look great and last a long time. It consists of the planter and a cat decoration made of strong metal construction. This item can last inside or outside of your home, and because of the larger pot, you can plant more robust flowers, cacti, and potted plants.

You can learn more about this planter here.

15. Panacea Cat Planter

This fun planter from Panacea is a nice addition to an outside patio or a kid’s room as it offers a lot of personality and the chance to grow bigger plants. It is built with a durable coco fiber liner and a lovely yet rustic rust powder coated finish.

You can learn more about this planter here.

16. Classic Home and Garden Cat Planter

Known for the durability, style, and innovation of their products, Classic Home and Garden has always made high-quality planters and this cozy cat is no exception. This is a heavyweight cement planter that will sit in place. It has a UV coated finish that is weather resistant, and it will not fade over time.

The bottom of the planter has a removable drainage plug for water release, allowing you to plant your succulents anywhere indoors or outdoors.

You can learn more about this planter here.

17. Mini Tabby Planter

This bright and colorful planter from Kathy’s Show Tack is best suited as an accent for a desk or fireplace. It has a small pot suitable only for small succulents or air plants. Previous owners of the tabby planter enjoyed its sturdy construction and cheery appearance.

You can learn more about this planter here.

18. Georgetown Home & Garden Winston Cat Planter

This is one of the most unique cat-shaped planters that you are bound to see, and with its durable polyresin, it is bound to last. This is a relatively lightweight planter, but it has room for a fair amount of succulents, and it comes equipped with a drainage hole.

You can learn more about this planter here.

19. ChezMax Cat Cactus Planter

Elevate the look of your kitchen, office, or living room with this gorgeous cat planter made of high-quality ceramic. This is an ideal carrier for smaller plants such as succulents, cactus, flowers and more. It’s a cute addition to any space.

You can learn more about this planter here.

20. Talavera Cat Planter

This fun planter has a lovely exterior that has been painted with care and offers a taste of Mexico to blend in with your indoor or outdoor plants, though it is intended for smaller succulents. The best part is that each of these planters is hand painted so yours will be truly unique.

You can learn more about this planter here.

21. YOURNELO Cat Planter

This highly-rated cat planter is a ceramic beauty that offers exquisite detail and design for the succulent or fern of your choice. It’s a planter that can be used indoors or outdoors, making a great impression in your garden or home office.

You can learn more about this planter here.

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