Can You Use Miracle-Gro On Grass?

Suppose your lawns grass has a few unsightly bald patches and lacks the look of a healthy green yard. You probably have wondered if you could use Miracle-Gro to help your lawn regain its health and look its best? We've researched these questions and have found substantial research results to share with you!

Yes, Miracle-Gro is effective and safe for grasses. In fact, the Miracle-Gro company engineered products specifically for lawn care applications. 

Are you interested in learning more about using Miracle-Gro products to support your lawn's health? Or how often to use Miracle-Gro? We've researched these topics and have gathered quality research results to share with you!

- Gro All Purpose Plant Food, which contains four Garden Feeder Refill Packets, along with the Miracle - Can You Use Miracle-Gro On Grass?

Can You Use Miracle-Gro on Grass?

Miracle-Gro products are widely used for lawn care purposes to provide homeowners with an effective fertilizer to ensure the yard looks its best while supplying the lawn with necessary nutrients. 

Please note that All-Purpose Miracle-Gro will help facilitate grass to grow, but it isn't the most efficient way to fertilize your lawn. For the best results, choose Miracle-Gro's water-soluble Lawn Food to provide your yard with the necessary nutrients to become green, healthy, and lush! 

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What is Miracle Grow good for? 

Miracle-Gro products are fertilizers chemically engineered to increase the plants' growth via supplying vital nutrients and fertilizing the soil, which will substantially accelerate the plants' growth process.

Also, depending on the type of plant, using Miracle-Gro will encourage the plant to generate more blooms. Pro tip: All-purpose Miracle-Gro is the best go-to for house plants, trees, shrubs, and vegetables. 

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Does Miracle-Gro harm grass?

A thick unmowed grass growing on the back of a home lot

No, Miracle-Gro does not harm grass when used correctly. Using Miracle-Gro lawn fertilizers will provide nutrients that will help the grasses to grow thicker and greener. However, if over-used and mismeasured, the build-up of extra Miracle-Gro could burn the grass and other plants. 

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Can you use Miracle-Gro on any plant?

Yes, the all-purpose water-soluble Miracle-gro formula is safe for all plants when used correctly. Miracle Grow will nourish the trees, shrubs, and vegetable plants with life-supporting fertilizers to increase the plant's beauty and growth. 

Please note that using more than the directed amount will burn the plants because Miracle-Gro is guaranteed not to cause fertilizer burn when used as directed. Use the product as directed every two weeks for the best results.

Can you use too much Miracle-Gro? 

Three containers full of Miracle Gro plant food

Using too much Miracle-Gro will burn the plants, which will cause root damage and the plants to die prematurely. Please measure and use the directed amount to prevent killing your lawns or plants. Also, you will save your hard-earned dollar by measuring and not overusing your lawn care products. 

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How often should you use miracle-Gro for lawns?

According to the manufacturer, apply the Miracle-Gro lawn fertilizer every two to three weeks during any season that your lawn is green and growing.

Lawns in poor health 

Use one gallon per ten square feet of lawn area every two to three weeks. 

Established lawns

Apply one gallon per 15 square feet of lawn area every two to three weeks. 

Newly seeded lawns

Use one gallon per 30 square feet of lawn area every two weeks.

Use one gallon per every 30 square feet of the lawn every two to three weeks. Strive to maintain your fertilizers schedule for the best results because staying on a consistent schedule will keep your lawn aesthetically appealing and nourished.

Consider creating a reminder in your Google calendar to fertilize the lawns and add it to your to-do list ASAP when the reminder pops up on your screen. 

Can you spray Miracle-Gro on lawns?

Yes, spraying the lawn with Miracle-Gro with a hose-end sprayer is considered the most effective and efficient way to fertilize lawns. Pro tip: spray the yard when the wind is still or relatively low because the wind will affect how the fertilizer is dispersed. 

Can you use Miracle-Gro every time you water the lawn?

No, only use Miracle-Gro every two to three weeks as directed.

Healthy grass growing on the backyard of a spacious home

How to use Miracle-Gro on lawns? 

Using Miracle-Gro is simple, and there are two recommended methods for applying Miracle-Gro's water-soluble lawn food. 

The hose-end sprayer method

Measure and add the fertilizer to the end sprayer and water the lawn.  

The watering can method

Measure one tablespoon of Miracle-Gro per gallon of water and sprinkle the grass evenly to avoid undergrowth and overgrowth patches in your yard. This method is only recommended for small yards or spot-treating lawns.

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Can you over-fertilize the lawn with Miracle-Gro?

Huge two story house and a spacious backyard with healthy grass

Yes, over-fertilizing is possible with any fertilizer product, not just Miracle-Gro. Over-fertilizing the lawn will cause the grass to stop growing, and you will notice that your lawn has balding spots with brown and yellow patches of grass.

This issue is called "fertilizer burn" because plant fertilizers are comprised of mineral salts. When the fertilizers build up and dry on the soil, the salts dry out the grass and cause extensive damage to the turf and the root systems. 

What to do if you over-fertilize the lawn

If you use too much fertilizer when caring for your lawn, remove any visible fertilizer and water the grass to flush the excess out of the grasses roots. 

Moreover, avoiding over-fertilizing related issues is simple. Do not use more Miracle-Gro than recommended, and do not fertilize more than every two to three weeks. 

Safety precautions for using Miracle-Gro plant fertilizers

According to the National Library of Medicine, plant fertilizers are minorly poisonous when swallowed, and touching fertilizer directly could cause minor to severe burns. Also, fertilizers are very toxic to children, do not allow them to play in an area recently sprayed with fertilizers.  

  • Avoid inhaling particles while using the product
  • Always keep containers closed when not in use
  • Do not store near food for animal or human consumption
  • Store in a cool and dry area 
  • Do not leave children unattended with any plant fertilizers 
  • Wear gloves while mixing and applying fertilizers
  • Keep children and pets away from the fertilized area until fully dry
  • Only use on living grass or plants
  • Never use while pregnant or near pregnant people 
  • If you are dust sensitive or have respiratory issues, consider wearing a mask when spraying

If fertilizers have caused a burn or have been accidentally ingested. Please contact Poison Control or your medical provider for further assistance and instructions. 

In closing

Three containers of Miracle Gro plant food

Today, we learned how using Miracle-Gro will undoubtedly improve the aesthetics of your lawn and help your property look its best! Also, a few application methods and a brief safety precaution review! All of us at Garden Tabs hope you have found this article helpful. Please visit soon for more quality content and inspiration!

Learning about lawns and how to care for them is an excellent way to reconnect with nature and improve your property's appearance. Please be sure to check out some of our other posts before you go to help further your lawn care knowledge base.

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