Can You Rent An Aerator From Lowes?

Are you looking to rent an aerator for your lawn and wonder if Lowes offers those for rental? Or if you should aerate the yard before applying lawn care Miracle-Gro? Please continue reading. The team at Garden Tabs has conducted the research and found the answers for you.

Lowe's offers a few different aerator models at the in-store rental centers. Please note that NOT every Lowes location has aerators for rent. Visit the website or call your local Lowes store to check the inventory and reserve the equipment. 

Are you interested in learning about aeration and using Miracle-Gro products to support your lawn's health? Or how often to use Miracle-Gro in the backyard? We've researched these topics and have gathered quality research results to share with you!

Can you rent an aerator from Lowes?

Yes. The Lowe's rental centers do offer aerators for lawn care purposes. However, NOT every Lowe's location will provide aerators for rent. You must visit the Lowes website to check your local Lowes to find out which aerators are available for rental purposes. 

Tips for renting an aerator

  • Research the type of aerator you need before reserving the equipment. 
  • Check your local weather channel and rent the aerator when you have a few days of sunshine in the forecast.
  • Calculate how long it will take to aerate your lawn and only rent it for a short time to reduce costs.
  • Have the yard ready when you arrive home with the aerator.
  • Return the aerator immediately after use to save on rental time. 

What does an aerator do?

Vector illustration of stages lawn aeration

The aerator's primary function is to puncture holes into the ground to stimulate the grass to grow. Also, in yards with heavy foot traffic or soil with high clay levels, aeration is recommended to decompress the ground to help the grass flourish.

Please note that there are two types of aerators, plug, and spike. The plug aerator is sometimes referred to as a core aerator; it functions by lifting plugs of grass and soil from the lawn.

Moreover, the spike aerator is equipped with solid spikes that poke into the earth and loosen the soil to facilitate the grass's growth by allowing nutrients, oxygen, and water to easily flow to the roots. 

When should I aerate my lawn?

Gardener with powerful gasoline lawn aerator job for controlling lawn thatch, and reducing soil compaction

It is best to aerate the lawn during the cool months of the growing season, mainly April or late August through September. If you aerate in September, make sure there are at least four weeks of the growing season for the grass to regrow after aeration. 

How often should I aerate my lawn?

Aeration is a highly effective lawn care practice that is only recommended for residential yards about once every other year. However, the optimal frequency for residential homes will differ from the standard due to the following factors, soil type, grass variety, and foot traffic in your yard.

For example, the backyard has high levels of clay and relatively high levels of foot traffic from the kids playing. You might need to aerate the backyard twice in one growing season to decompress the dirt and remove any thatching from foot traffic. 

Furthermore, aeration is recommended at least twice yearly in commercial settings like golf courses or outdoor public grassy areas with high foot traffic.  

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Should the lawn be watered before aerating?

Lawn sprinkler spaying water over green grass

It is advised to water your lawn for at least two or three days before aerating. For the best results, irrigate about an inch of water. The reason is that the yard will be softened, and the tines on the aerator will puncture the ground much easier if the soil is freshly watered and pliable from rainfall or a recent watering. 

Can you aerate before using Miracle-Gro on the lawn? 

Yes. Aeration before fertilizing or seeding the lawn is considered the ideal time frame. Also, the holes in the yard from the aeration process will allow the Miracle-Gro to penetrate the lawn more effectively. 

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Can you use Miracle-Gro every time you water the lawn?

No. Only use Miracle-Gro every two to three weeks or as the product directs. Do not hesitate to contact Miracle-Gro directly if your questions are not answered via the product instructions or the website.

Click here to visit the Miracle-Gro help center for further assistance.

How to apply Miracle-Gro on lawns? 

Yellow aerator on green grass, Can You Rent An Aerator From Lowes?

Applying Miracle-Gro is simple, and there are two recommended methods for using Miracle-Gro's water-soluble lawn foods. 

The hose-end sprayer method

Measure and add the fertilizer to the end sprayer, then water the lawn.  

The watering can method.

Measure one tablespoon of Miracle-Gro per gallon of water and sprinkle the grass evenly to avoid undergrowth and overgrowth patches in your yard. Please note this method is only recommended for small yards or spot-treating lawns.


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Can you over-fertilize the lawn with Miracle-Gro?

Miracle gro plant food is on display in the garden section of a retail store

Yes, over-fertilizing is possible with any fertilizer product, not just Miracle-Gro. Over-fertilizing the lawn will cause the grass to stop growing, and you will notice that your property has balding spots with brown and yellow patches of grass.

This issue is called "fertilizer burn" because the plant fertilizers are comprised of mineral salts. When the fertilizers build up and dry on the soil, the salts dry out the grass and cause extensive damage to the turf, and will kill the root systems. 

What to do if you over-fertilize the lawn

Suppose you used too much fertilizer when caring for your lawn. Remove any visible fertilizer and water the grass to flush the excess out of the roots. 

Moreover, avoiding over-fertilizing related issues is simple. Do not use more Miracle-Gro than the instructions recommended, and do not fertilize more than every two to three weeks.

To reduce errors, add your yard's fertilization schedule to your Google calendar to avoid losing track of your lawncare schedule. 

Safety precautions for using Miracle-Gro plant fertilizers

Containers of Miracle-Gro all purpose plant food on display at a local grocery store

Plant fertilizers are minorly poisonous when swallowed, and touching fertilizer directly could cause minor to severe burns to exposed skin. 

Please note that fertilizers are very toxic to children, do not allow them to play in an area recently sprayed with fertilizers.  

  • Avoid inhaling particles while using the product.
  • Always keep containers closed when not in use.
  • Do not store near food for animal or human consumption.
  • Store in a cool and dry area. 
  • Do not leave children unattended with any plant fertilizers. 
  • Wear gloves while mixing and applying fertilizers.
  • Keep children and pets away from the fertilized area until fully dry.
  • Only use on living grass or plants.
  • Never use while pregnant or near pregnant people.
  • If you are dust sensitive or have respiratory issues, consider wearing a mask when spraying.

Suppose fertilizers have caused a burn or have been accidentally ingested. Please contact Poison Control or your medical provider for further assistance and instructions. 

We are wrapping up!

Close up view of electric lawn aerator on green grass

The team at Garden Tabs would like to thank you for reading our article.

Today we covered what aeration does and how to determine how often you should plan to aerate your yard. Also, we discussed how to use Miracle-Glo in tandem with aeration to improve your property's appearance. 

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